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  1. So long hair has come to an end... what do you like the most?
  2. The controversy began when fans of the show assumed Connor, 18, was hetero***ual. Despite this, early on in the show's production, a producer had mentioned how proud they were to have an entirely LGBT main cast. However, fans began to suspect Connor was not LGBT after he was seen dating a girl, and accused him of queerbaiting due to his close friendships with some of his male cast members. By the way, this is not the definition of queerbaiting AT ALL. Queerbaiting is when you pretend to be LGBT or co-opt our culture for profit. See the MCU's constant homoerotic treatment of the Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes friendship, or Teen Wolf's Stiles and Derek for prime examples in fictional media, and Charlie Puth and Harry Styles for prime examples in the entertainment industry. A straight actor playing an LGBT role, or a straight man being an ally to the community and having LGBT friends is not queerbaiting. Due to the sustained scrutiny, the actor issued a statement on his Twitter declaring officially that he was bi***ual and denouncing the fans who made him feel forced to come out.
  3. I'm a.se.xual AF. No question about it. I'm too old to force myself to act like I can do this bs anymore. I look at men and think to myself- yeah they are cute. Some are extremely cute and I can fall in love with but I've never felt any physical reaction from men and women. So, I am romantic a---exual. I can fall in love but even a slightest thought of being physical in any sense- no. To me, it's gross and repulsive. It makes me gag. But still closeted. Balkan is a ****hole place. I can't come out, especially to my family. But my closest friends def. see something is off. Manosphere is spreading here like a plaque and I hate it. I want to be kept alone. I have no clue how to tell people to piss off and leave me alone because I will never, under any circumstances, be physically attracted to ANYONE. Sometimes it drives me butters. I can't do this bs and I have to because I live in a ****hole. If anyone wants to be a beard, tnx. I've had one for a few years but it felt apart. Balkan people start to ask questions too fast and that kills the lavender.
  4. Hi y'all! This Sunday we celebrate our 4th LGBTQ+ Pride... with local artists and feriantes. I'm kinda excited as for the hard work we've been through in order to do it every single year, is a hard job to talk with politics, try to do everything work, get things, talki to artists and feriantes, etc... I'm the one who started it all here in Salto, 4 years ago... since then I'm piloting everything in order to happen... cuz it's important, and even more for a small and conservative town like mine. So I was wondering, are here any kind of activists who wanted to share their stories?
  5. brymo

    How to be single?

    Being single sucks. I hate it. I've spent most of my life in a relationship, and being alone is painful (I feel like Britney is maybe the same - ). I had a really sad breakup earlier this week and now I'm realizing all the annoying things about dating and being alone. What's the best way to cope? I've already downloaded ALL OF THE APPS and drank way too much wine. #firstthread
  6. The title says it all Tbh I'm a closeted 20 something yo who is happy to be this way! A problem with this is I be attracted to Straight guys (I assume most guys are straight which is true). My modus operandi when. I have a crush is I write "love letters" and gift the guy candy like a lollipop or a chocolate. Right now I be working at a Wendy's and I have a friendly crush on this tall, handsome, white guy who I get along with (I helped him do the dishes and sashay around when I be cleaning the tables and seats even though afterwards they make me take out the trash Anywayzzz I did the same thing again and I was afraid I'd be smacked in the face with the grill if I attempted to give him a lollipop! I ain't tryna to look like the patties we flip! It took me back to what I did in highschool and the trauma that followed... won't let it happen again I promised, but I did. I broke down crying in my sister's arm after getting in her car. This ish I can't handle and make me feel very Mary and emotional. Good thing tomorrow I work at FedEx and I become straight again (I have 2 jobs lol)!!! Wish you all good things and hope you're all doing well! If you want share what your fatal attraction is!!!! Good day loves!!!😘
  7. It's the first time any country outside of Western Europe will be hosting Europride Belgrade has won against Barcelona, Dublin, and Lisbon. Since it's the biggest pride event in entire Europe, over 100k people are expected to come and a lot of manifestations are being prepared. It will be a week full of amazing parties and concerts with many popular artists (local and worlds) Belgrade is about to legalize gay marriage very soon too, followed up with legalisation of adoption right after that, slay. See ya around ******es
  8. GLAAD has released a statement in response to the comments that Candace Cameron Bure made about LGBTQ couples not having a place in GAC Family movies. Candace recently left the Hallmark Channel and signed a new deal with the channel GAC Family, where she will be serving as Chief Creative Officer. While opening up about the network's upcoming slate of Christmas movies, she confirmed there will be not same-s** couples featured in the movies. “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” Candace she told WSJ. Magazine. Several stars have already spoken out to slam her comments and her Full House co-star Jodie Sweetin is even letting her voice be heard. Now, the leading LGBTQ+ organization GLAAD has released a statement. GLAAD’s President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said: “It's irresponsible and hurtful for Candace Cameron Bure to use tradition as a guise for exclusion. I’d love to have a conversation with Bure about my wife, our kids, and our family’s traditions. Bure is out of sync with a growing majority of people of faith, including LGBTQ people of faith, who know that LGBTQ couples and families are deserving of love and visibility. As the company's Chief Creative Officer, her statement is harmful and insulting to LGBTQ employees, as well as employees with LGBTQ friends and family. If GAC Family’s plan is to intentionally exclude stories about LGBTQ couples, then actors, advertisers, cable and streaming platforms, and production companies should take note and seriously consider whether they want to be associated with a network that holds exclusion as one of its values.”
  9. OMG does anyone else remember this show that was on MTV? Literally so cringe and entertaining at the same time!!! This show is a dating show where someone goes through the rooms of three potential dates to decide on who to select for a first date… Would you ever be up to having this happen to you? Give it a watch
  10. In December 2013, Britney spoke with Pride Source about her LGBTQ+ fan base. “I get inspiration from them on almost all of my songs," "They're somewhat girls, so it's so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool 'in' stuff. Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them." "I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world. I completely adore them." https://www.huffpost.com/entry/britney-spears-gay-fans_n_4371744/amp
  11. Hello Exhale, I'm releasing a new track in French about harassment and abuse, and it's a pretty dark one overall. I wrote the lyrics by myself, and produced the original demo (mostly the bass, and added some string arrangements). I've also made the entire arrangement of the track. Pre-save the song and the EP over here.
  12. Scary discussion - she says h0mosaxyuality is punishable by death unless you medically transition. So scary. H0m0saxyual being censored by Google is also h0mophaubic.
  13. The King of Latin Pop graces the cover of People's second annual Pride Issue. He speaks about the things going on in his life, his new single dropping on June 10, his married life and his upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias. He also opened up about an interview he did for Barbara Walter back in 2000. The interview as many may recall where she questioned him about his s***** orientation. The event still haunts Ricky as he states. "Still, rumors persisted about his ***uality. Like a lot of LGBTQ people, an unspoken question — "Are you…?" — hovered in the air all the time, in every interaction. Sometimes anticipated, sometimes inferred, sometimes imagined, sometimes self-interrogated, it was just there — an invisible cinderblock teetering on the edge, ready to fall. Martin lived with the question until he was 29. Then, in 2000, Barbara Walters asked it on national television. This was a year after the radio dominance of "Livin' La Vida Loca" and 10 years before he came out publicly on his website. "You could stop these rumors," Walters implored. "You could say, 'Yes I am gay or no I'm not.'" Martin was visibly stunned. He finally retreated, answering with "I just don't feel like it." He says the moment still haunts him. "When she dropped the question, I felt violated because I was just not ready to come out. I was very afraid." Martin's entire body shifts. He clears his throat and takes a deep breath. "There's a little PTSD with that." What are your thoughts on this guys? I find this story to be very important especially since it is Pride Month. How was your experience growing up LGBTQ? Did you experience things like this?
  14. Not sure if there's already a thread about this topic, but it's been on my mind for a long time, because to me it's quite an issue where I live. Of course, every place is different (countries, cities, towns, even neighborhoods), and generalizations are tricky, but my question is... What can you say in general about gay guys in your area? (I'll personally keep lesbians out of this question because I feel like they are a whole new world, and I don't personally know other queer people besides non-binary) In my case, I live in Argentina, and oh my gawd... It's SO difficult to have queer friends. Gay guys are SO B1TCHY around here. Like, it's insane. I'm talking social events or gatherings in general, like birthday parties, a bar, university classes, the gym, whatever. They just won't acknowledge me or anyone around them, except their closest friends. Even if you're right next to them. Bish, for better or for worse, all LGBTQ+ people have gaydars, we know you know I know you know I'm gay, and you too. You're wearing a crop top and a single earring, do we need to say more? We don't have to vibe with everyone, or want to engage with people all the time, but it's gotten to the point where they blatantly ignore everyone around them, yet they are so flamboyant in the way they speak and act, like they are seeking for attention. I don't get it. This even happens to me here on Exhale. Here there are some gay guys from my country and I tried talking to them in threads because it's not common to find true Britney fans (the kind that follows her every move), and they would not reply or just react with a thumbs up or be like "ok" or, even one time, just tell me "I'm busy" when I sent them a short cute DM to say hi! At first I was like "maybe they are not in the mood today?" but then I've been reading comments in different threads in which people discover that users they've been interacting with for months are from their own countries and so they get all excited to the point of almost organizing a freaking meeting the following week! What..... By the way, I'm not Chris Evans but by no means I'm the Grinch, and I smell gorgeous all the time thank you very much.
  15. As far I do music for fun and give a message to whoever wants to listen to my songs, every year/pride month I give a song/video to celebrate pride or address a subject. So I wanted to share with y'all some of my work, Of course if you subscribe to my YouTube and Spotify Channels I thank you so much! 2022 - Bi***ual Gay: My lastest single where I speak about being a gender fluid person, loving to go from masc to fem and al in between manerisms, clothes and s3xual desire. 2021 - Marica: This video was recorded on the 3rd LGBTQ+ Pride Parade of my hometown (a little town with 40K ppl) where I (try to) run an organization called "Orgullo Salto" to fight and visibilize for our rights as a community. It's celebrated every december. This song empowers you to fight, to be queer, to show your queerness. 2020 - Bien Orgullosas - As y'all know 2020 was a sh1tty year cuz that fkng pandemia. Well, from home I recorded a video of one of my most liked songs, "Bien Orgullosas", where I talk about our strengh and power as fighters of life. Celebrating being proud of who we are. 2019 - Queer Powa - this video has te +18 restriction showing body and serving tea. 2018 - Bow Down - This live performance features my trans sis, Sheba Queer. Big round of applause, please ---- other pride related songs: Hope y'all have a happy pride, keep fighting for our rights and let's hug each other, if we're united no one can stop us from getting what we deserve: rights and freedom to be ---- My Spotify:
  16. Free Britney movement members and fans took the NYC streets for PRIDENEY parade celebrating britney’s freedom. Britney’s wardrobe designer Claudette attended. Were you there?
  17. Any advice on how to get a mans? Dating apps just aren't it. I've never dated anyone before. 😳
  18. There are many reasons why today, Father's Day, may be hard for some of us. I know that for me, during this Pride Month, it is extra complicated. My thoughts go out to all of you as well as to Britney. Although we have nothing to be ashamed of. We live the life we've been dealt and dare to be happy doing it
  19. kfitz421

    My Pride PSA

    Hello fellow queers This pride I ask us all to remember: Think not what the pop girlies have done for the LGBTQIA+ community, but instead think of what we have done for them. Happy Pride
  20. Hi, I just released my new single "10" and it would mean a lot if you could check it out, maybe save it and add it to your playlists if you like it but no pressure. The song is a really fun summer song Here's the link to stream it on your favorite streaming platform https://hypeddit.com/v685o7
  21. So brave and powerful to read 👑👏
  22. This is my first post here. I've been following Breathe Heavy for years. I've been a Britney fan forever, especially since Toxic, then solidified with Gimme More. One thing I wasn't always though was an "out" gay man. I was married to a woman (whom I loved at first) for 14 years and am the father of three beautiful children. A little less than a year ago I finally had the courage to admit to the world that I am gay. And though my life got turned upside down and my family structure was forever changed, I have never felt so free and optimistic about my future. So this year Britney and I were both freed and it was amazing
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