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Found 2 results

  1. Sam Ingham is Britney’s Court-appointed attorney. Sam Ingham is a conservatorship/trusts/estates attorney, NOT a mental health law/human rights attorney. His job is managing the money and finances of dead/nearly dead people. He is not in the business of challenging claims of incapacity. That is what Britney needs now. Britney has been found in a psyche/medical report, which her father would have commissioned on her behalf, to lack capacity to instruct Counsel. This medical report is over a decade old. If a medical report in 2007 said you had a broken arm, and this report was being relied upon to judge your ongoing arm strength in 2021, you would get a new report commissioned. I work in mental health law and human rights (not in California, sorry) and only saw Framing Britney Spears just now because it hasn’t aired in my country yet, and my first thought was: why the hell hasn’t she obtained a new medical/psyche report to challenge the incapacity issue? If she could exhibit this to the Court, then the Court would at least have to look at whether the conservatorship were still necessary (because it wouldn’t be). There are only two reasons I can think that this wouldn’t be looked at- and granted, I don’t practice in California so maybe I’m wrong. But they are either that (a) Britney is still suffering from some debilitating mental illness to this day which would be confirmed in a new psyche/medical report, or (b) that her attorney just isn’t challenging this aspect of the conservatorship. This is either because he’s inexperienced in doing this (challenging a conservatorship isn’t really something that he would normally/ever have to do), he doesn’t know how (which I wouldn’t blame him for because I definitely wouldn’t be able to manage someone’s trust or estate at first go) or he’s not being instructed by Britney to do this (how can any normal person be expected to come up with this). We should also keep in mind that it’s in Sam Ingham’s interests to keep Britney in a conservatorship because then he keeps her as a client and still gets paid. Big money. Britney didn’t appoint him as her Counsel. The Court did. California Probate Code says that conservatees have the right to be represented by Counsel they choose, but Britney does not have this right because of this old medical/psyche report. Sam Ingham said on August 31 that the conservatorship is voluntary and that, at any point, Britney could instruct him to file the paperwork to get rid of it. This hasn’t happened. Instead, they are just trying to get Jamie off it. This is really weird. Why would Britney need a conservatorship which comes with extremely expensive Court fees (for her own lawyers, her father’s lawyers, the Trust’s lawyers) when she could just get rid of the conservatorship and hire a business manager/accountancy firm to oversee her $? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and raises questions in my mind about the kind of advice she’s been getting for the past 13 years. Also, Britney has been placed under a probate conservatorship. This is really extreme and could easily be contested by a new medical/psyche report which would not indicate that she has a dementia-related illness in 2021. If Sam Ingham won’t do it, Jamie Lynn should get her attorneys to arrange one and try to use them to introduce it to proceedings and bring it to the attention of the Court. The question is: why are they not doing this?
  2. After a rather dramatic exit from Social Media (and Exhale) earlier this month, claiming they were "done with it all", and it was "time to move on" with their lives. Lawyers For Britney are Back! They posted on Twitter account a few days ago. Whatever the reason(s) for their change or mind (and/or heart), we should welcome their return And, even though the mainstream media (i.e NYT, Variety etc.) and the general public, are beginning to sit up and take notice (after all these years). It's not over until the fat lady sings! Lawyer's For Britney was - and can still be - a real asset to the movement going forward. @lawyersforbritney welcome back!
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