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Found 5 results

  1. So in 1974, Tobe Hooper took a folklore tale of a cannibalistic family in Texas with a mentally challenged person that ended up being the serial killer leatherface, forming an iconic horror franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It says based on a true story, but many people question if this really did happen as a huge FBI investigation would have happened. But the direct sequel to the 1974 classic same title following a trend we learned in the new Scream film (Mindy Meeks, resident horror geek like her late uncle Randy Meeks was in Both Scream (1996) and Scream 2). You can't reboot a franchise for a fresh start as that ****, isn't cool anymore, but you can go back to the original like Halloween did in 2018 retconning every sequel (minus the rob zombie films as most horror fans, says that's it's own franchise, not the same universe), Scream, and the Chucky tv series as well.. So leatherface another horror villain icon, is back with a direct sequel to the 1974 (48 years after the original), with the lone survivor from the original film making a small cameo aka her death scene.. This wasn't the only film that was a 70s controversial film to have a requel.. The 1978 original I spit on your grave had a 2019 sequel that involved the same actress, these films are very controversial in particularly among hetero***ual men, as the graphic violence aimed at the characters hit a little to close to home, that they cheer on the female getting killed. Most men can't watch it because of the violence aimed at their source of pride.. But here is the trailer for Netflix's direct requel to the 1974 Texas chainsaw massacre..
  2. 1984's Silent night, deadly night was only in theaters for 10 days, despite actually making 3,000,000 in the box office off a 34,000 budget, Tri star (Sony pictures) pulled it due to a PTA outrage. In the 80s, the US probably was at the height and the last era of conservative and religious reign and family values Those forces forced a new horror film, that tri star was hoping to make a franchise out of like Freddy Kreugar and Jason Voorhees and Michael myers. Unfortunately that didn't happen with 1984's Silent Night, Deadly night, despite 4 sequels (only one being a direct sequel to the original with 1987's Silent night, deadly night, pt. 2 where the infamous Garbage day meme comes from the characters killing spree) The film deals with the main characters trauma from witnessing his parents murder on Christmas eve, and a warning from his grandpa in a mental asylum that Santa is actually evil. If that wasn't enough trauma, he suffered more at the orphanage at the Helm of Mother Superior (despite a sympathetic sister, that actually believes he needs help in dealing with the trauma of witnessing his parents murder). He gets beat up after watching teens exploring their bodies (this is also trauma as his mom was also assaulted before she was murdered), and yes those teens get the belt with the mother yelling devil be gone, punish for your sins. The mother Superior tells William what they were doing was very naughty and when we are being naughty even in privacy, we are always caught. Punishment is good, punishment is neccessary and it's essential to a well balanced life. She punishes him with the belt, several times. It gets worse as an adult when he tells a co worker not to cuss, and to treat the woman with respect and not Garbage. His killer spree happens because eventually due to being sheltered and thinking things like making love, and drinking alcohol and cussing are all sins, William has a psychotic breakdown and basically starts offing those who need to be punished. The controversy was he was dressed in a Santa suit, and being that Christmas and Santa was a sign of childhood innocence, it was something that parents wasn't ready to see that image get stained. It did happen thanks to films like 2005's Santa slay and 2015's cult classic Krampus: a Christmas demon But in 1984, a 30 second trailer of a bloody axe taking a snowman's head off was enough to send people in an outrage. The film now is a cult classic and has a following and midnight showings during the holidays like the rocky horror picture show. They are doing a remake of the 1984 film and unlike the 2012 loose adaptation, they are doing the parents murder and catholic orphanage child abuse that willian endured.. The director said it shouldn't be a big deal now like it was almost 40 years ago when the original came out. @JayTawndre. The film is available to rent on prime video, vudu and Google play. The sequel can be streamed for free on tubi.
  3. Hold on to your weave sis because one of Horror's most beloved franchises will return January 2022 We are so excited tbh Scream will see the original cast members returning for one final showdown There are new cast members as well Thoughts Exhale?
  4. 1983 was the release of the cult classic Sleepaway Camp, it has a very iconic much talked about Plot twist on the Serial Killer. But in 2020, the ending wouldn't work with the serial killer as it turned out, Angela is a boy, and in today's culture that reveal is considered outdated and makes transgenders look badly, today.. The prequel wants to discuss about the Aunt and how she forced Peter to become Angela, I even said like that makes it better, highlight the forced grooming Cos the Aunt already has a son. Many articles are saying this film or prequel will not work in 2020. I'm saying let this one like 1984's Silent night, Deadly night stay in the 80s and have the audience that actually likes the film, which has a major gay Male fanbase as most slashers do. One of the slashers victims is usually the jock bully, Or the evil father which you know gay men at the time would embrace those victims..
  5. In 2016's Fender bender. A slasher flick paying tribute to the stalker/Car horror films of the 80's was the official acting debut of Spy kids icon Alexa PenaVega's Sister Mackenzie Vega. She was casted as Hilary, a girl who innocently got into a fender bender, but the killer intenationally set her up for what was to happen, by exchanging information. When her friends heard what she did, they acted like you don't give out physical addesses when you exchange insurance information. They all didn't realize the terror she walked in, when she got the call from the insurance claim representive she said the address you gave me, I don't know how to say this, she was found brutally, he cuts off the power to launch his terror. He killed everybody, but the groundbreaking plot twist, this Film broke the final girl, by killing her in the end. "Your life is meaningless, but your death will be legendary" Enjoy the groundbreaking final girl cliche death. @C0CKy
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