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  1. Here you can find the other two posts regarding the previous albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums
  2. Here you can find the other posts regarding the albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums.
  3. Here you can find the other posts regarding the albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums.
  4. BREAKING NEWS🔔🚨 John Zabel has been provided with the temporary letters to serve as a Conservator of Britney's Estate till the termination! As per FreeBritneySalford: ADVERTISING Skip Ads by ×
  5. Not shared before! Mathew Rosengart is addressing Britney's post that thanked him for changing her life and Mathew and Lisa McCurdy celebrate last week's victory! So Freebritneysalford just posted: How cute and awesome!💕
  6. BreatheHeavy will be featured in the BBC Two's new Britney documentary, 'The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship,' out on Saturday (May 1st) via BBC iPlayer. A BBC Two broadcast willow follow on Wednesday, May 5th at 9pm BST. There are plans for an American release around May 10th on BBC Select. It's directed by BAFTA award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar. I'll be talking about the #FreeBritney movement and that one time Britney's dad, um, well... threatened to destroy me. 😅 Here's a synopsis of the one-hour long doc: "After setting out on his journey in the autumn of 2020, 'The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship' will follow Mobeen as he journeys from Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to Los Angeles, and delves into one of the most passionate fan bases in modern celebrity. Along the way he attends a court hearing, finding himself in the midst of the ongoing battle between Britney's conservatorship team and the passionate fans behind the #FreeBritney movement. He speaks to those fighting to free Britney and discovers what that means to them, and meets the people closest to Britney herself to learn more about the person behind the headlines." Other interviewees include Billy B, choreographer Brian Friedman, Perez Hilton and lawyer Lisa MacCarley. Hope I make y'all proud. Shout-out to @PlayboiMommy for being the original creator of this topic.
  7. Here you can find the other posts regarding the albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums.
  8. Sooo much going on, such GREAT NEWS from yesterday's court meeting! Britney's father was finally SUSPENDED as conservator of her estate, after 13 years!! And the conservatorship will hopefully be terminated by November 12. #FreeBy40! <3 And she's in a good relationship now. But my question is... How are you all FEELING? How have you managed all the news from the past years? How do you handle the bad news on her case, or how much does it change your day to hear good news? Were you able to watch it all with interest but emotional distance, or have you been too emotionally invested in it, or in a healthy middle? I know the easiest thing to say is that we don't really know Britney personally, so we shouldn't be that invested in her, but sometimes that's not the case... I've read all sorts of comments here on Exhale about her, from simple but heartfelt to absolutely ecstatic or devastated. I know that apparently it's not the best or most liked one so far (I disagree), but the Netflix documentary was particularly moving for me: To me, it was a good summary of all the basics across the years, but it also had important voices like Fe's or even Jordan's. And I watched every single picture and video with a personal memory attached to that exact time in my own life, so it was all pretty intense... And then I realized that if I felt so intensely about it all, then most of you must be going through your own experiences as well. I personally kind of intentionally tried to emotionally detach myself at her most difficult times (2007 was sooo hard for me... I was actually scared for her life, and whoever was a fan back then will understand what I'm saying), so by the time the conservatorship was placed in her life, I was kind of watching everything from a distance already, and just enjoying the new albums and whatever she put out. But then I started seeing all these changes in her personality and mood and overall attitude and performances on stage and began to understand that something wrong was really going on because that was not the Britney I "knew". So I kind of started investing myself more in her at a personal level... And here we are now! I guess what I'm trying to say is that mental health is important, and maybe openly talking about it could help some of us with it. Sharing such a personal thing is difficult, but it would be nice to have that space here as well.
  9. With a performance! We all know she's an excellent singer, a performer. Once Judge Penny announces the conservatorship is over, Lynne should take the stage! Imagine Daddy Rosengart dancing the conga with Judge Penny
  10. After the release of Framing and Controlling, could we expect Freeing Britney Spears as the third and final chapter of the New York Times series? Now that Jamie is being suspended this could be the film where we see Britney herself sharing her story on camera as she reunites with old friends and colleagues. When do you think we'll see this and how do you think Britney will tell her story? Also who would you want to appear in the film Let us know your "really cool, interesting and different" thoughts below Freeing Britney Spears (Fan-Made Poster)
  11. Right kids, how do we get Stronger to number 1? How do these things work in 2021?
  12. So yesterday it was mentioned in the court that CONservatorship will finish by stipulation. Here it is explained by FreeBritneySalford: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUcnWsZMTGP/?utm_medium=copy_link Hope it helps !💕
  13. So La Toya sends her congratulations! https://twitter.com/latoyajackson/status/1443351457185468416?s=19
  14. So Thomas Messerue was MJ's lawyer during 2005 trial and even later he kept giving amazing interviews fighting for MJ and bringing justice for him. He basically was a man that helped Michael to save him. And now Mathew Rosengart can save Britney and became an advocate for a justice. Thomas Messerue is so much loved among MJ'S fans and even till this day he gives interviews and is celebrated. It seems Mathew is on the path to become for Britney and her fans what Thomas Messerue became for MJ and his fans.
  15. Tonight Can we all have a moment of silence for Britney and even if you aren’t religious or whatever… we should all just pray for her tonight. Tomorrow is judgement day. She deserves to live her OWN LIFE! viva la Britney! #freebritney
  16. So there is a new Blind Item about Britney and the real reason why she tried to burn her gym down. Apparently,she knew she was being recorded. Blind Item #13 It is not just audio recordings of the "singer" that were made. Unlike the audio, she knew about most of the video. One of the cameras in her gym was the reason she tried to burn it down. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2021/09/blind-item-13_0290930261.html?m=1
  17. So on Friday Vivien filed a new document on Jamie's behalf. Skip Ads by × Basically,they want to focus on termination instead of removal/suspension. And ask court to order all parties to meditate regarding accountings matters that should be resolved before CONservatorship ends in their opinion. And they drug Jodi as well 😅🤠😅
  18. Let's be real, Britney secretly started working on the Glory follow-up in early 2017 but then stopped around 2019 due to the conservatorship and her refusing to work until her dad is out of creative control and control in general. Several producers confirmed they sent tracks at Britney's request Danja, Darkchild, Oak, Pharrell and Rock Mafia. I'm curious as to what songs she was inspired for B10 when she started recording. And what vibe she would want for her tenth record which is a huge deal. I do say though if she comes back, (she is, once freed) that she could make this next album era be the final retirement to music. Now when she releases B10 what are some album theme, ideas, titles that some of you have that would be interesting enough for Britney to use? I see Britney doing a personal intimate super fun record with a Pop sound mixed with some R&B/Hip-Hop. Like if Glory and In the Zone had a baby. My album title is "Phoenix Rising" due to her being post conservatorship. Thoughts and Ideas?
  19. Here you can find the other posts regarding the albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums.
  20. So today I noticed that Tweet: And this week That Suprise Witness had a very interesting live on her YouTube channel with a lawyer Christopher Melcher that filed a petition to have an online access to be able to listen to Britney's Hearing. He as well is Kanye West's lawyer . And they touched a topic of 'media matters"expenses. And Christopher that has long time experience explained that sometime and he heard about something like that crisis management decides to open social media accounts to push certain agenda in the GP/movement. That being said. I think we all remember pushing "Kingham"agenda. Pushing that CONservatorship is good and Britney's is not abusive one. That all that needs to happen is to have Jamie gone and that Jodi and Bessemer Trust are great. That CONservatorship should go on with them as it is what Britney wants. Additionally,it was discovered that Sam Ingham was following them on Twitter. So it's VERY interesting that now they are gone completely. Although,for a long time they were not that important in the movement. And once Ingham was gone they got shocked.
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