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Found 10 results

  1. DaBaby's concert is not moving forward. The 30-year-old rapper, who faced much backlash after going on a homophobic rant last year, was set to perform on Friday (September 2) at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, La. The event has since been canceled, and it has to do with low ticket sales, via NOLA.com. According to the New Orleans outlet, hardly any advance tickets had been sold, even when priced as low as $35. The number of tickets sold appeared to be fewer than 500. The arena has a concert capacity of approximately 14,000. The show's promoter seemingly decided to cancel the show entirely, as the page was deactivated on Ticketmaster.
  2. Earlier: DaBaby was one of the performers at Rolling Loud Miami, and during his performance he made a highly questionable statement: Source: Billboard.com He then tried to clarify by going on a rant on Instagram: In short: What he said at the show should only concern those who were there. It's easy to misconstrue what he said based on short clips on the internet. He has gay fans, so there's nothing wrong with his statement. One of his friends (?) was in the audience wearing a crop top and living his best life, so there's once again nothing wrong with his statement. His gay fans aren't like those nasty gays that f--k in the parking lot and have AIDS. What a f--king clown. Moreover, T.I., the rapper who's most known for his feature on Myah Marie and Britney Spears' smash hit Tik Tik Boom, decided to show support for DaBaby via an Instagram comment: Yes, because some straight a-shat saying offensive s--t about gay people is totally the same as a queer artist living his truth via his craft. #Equality He also posted an entire five-minute rant on Instagram, but I'm not gonna post it because it's too mind-numbing and long. Dua has responded: We love to see it. DaBaby has apologized: Another "sorry that people got offended" apology. Clown s--t...
  3. Question for the somewhat girls of Exhale As a gay - I don’t get why we don’t give DaBaby a second chance when everyone gave Justin Bieber one for using the N word in the tune of one of his songs and vile racist jokes. (Trigger warning, video of what I’m talking about but the N word is censored) It seems kind of pick-y and choose-y to me. Especially since people are accusing of Dababy not writing his apology while at the same time Usher did all the apologies for Justin. I hate what Dababy said but like everyone I think he should be given a 2nd chance. If he does it again then see ya later what are your thoughts?
  4. For every action, there's consequences and ripple effects to everybody involved, innocent or not innocent. Unfortunately for Dua Lipa, Dababy might have costed Dua some serious Grammy nods for the remix of Levitating as the album version wasn't issued as a single, but remixed twice. #1) While critically acclaimed its universally hated by the fans of Dua and only appreciated by the fans of Madonna only aka The blessed Madonna remix (Featuring Music legends Madonna and Missy Elliott) why is it hated well it's basically a club remix and it's main promotion was the club future Nostalgia remix album that nobody asked for, and everybody is begging Dua to find another main supporting act than her friend and collaborator the blessed Madonna when she hits the road for future Nostalgia. #2 the universally acclaimed and fan raved remix of Levitating set to the original composition with Dua lipa, sadly the song has been canceled, playlists has removed this version, dua herself has been asked by fans to delete i.e. like gaga had to with the original do what u want with disgraced r&b former legend R. Kelly. Unfortunately for Dua, DaBaby's actions have probably hurt her chances of any Grammy nods, since that's the only track that was gonna be submitted.. Billboard noted despite having the top album of 2021, Morgan wallen himself, is also unlikely to see any Grammy submissions given his label stopped supporting him and promoting him, the results of his label's move, actually did him more good, than damage as fans supported that album none the less. Should be noted republic hasn't issued Morgan's album to RIAA for certification but MRC data does admit it's over 3 million units, which makes Dangerous: The double album, the top album of 2021, without RIAA certifications, which is a separate organization from Billboard and MRC data. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller
  5. DaBaby, is officially cancelled, his comments on HIV/AIDS in particular to gay men (at the height of that pandemic, gay men had to deal with The Reagan administration, who did nothing but let people die, cos of what was considered a sinful lifestyle. It was dubbed Gay Cancer, etc,).. DaBaby's comments adds more fuel towards the astigmatism of Gay men And AIDS, in the era of PREP which has allowed Bareback to come back into mainstream popularity without pulling out in the gay community, these comments actually hurts us still.. Miley unfollowed him, Dua Lipa is working to remove the remix of Levitating with Dababy, Elton and Demi condemned and shared facts about the disease.. As for Dababy, he apologized to his straight fans, but as we see he didn't apologize to his gay fans, saying you're gonna do what you're gonna do.
  6. Tory Lanez comes back with ‘SKAT’, the first big release after the incident that happened between him and Megan Thee Stallion. This release caused some controversy because: The project features Megan’s long time collaborator, DaBaby. Megan waisted no time and she unfollowed DaBaby in a minute. Folks on the NET are saying Tory deserves to be blackballed, yet he’s trending no #1 on US. The music video is inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic and legendary Thriller. Tory asks Nicki to hop on the remix because he thinks she’s realer than most of the rappers nowadays and calls her the queen. What do you guys think about it? Was Megan right unfollowing DaBaby? Would Nicki get backlash if she decides to hop on the remix?
  7. I... I'm not feeling the song... The video is cool, though (I just hate that screaming guy in drag, though... Is that the "cry baby"?) Also, I feel like this is a DaBaby song feat. Megan: She should be more prominent, and he should rap in the middle/end, but we can't expect much to happen in a less than 3 minutes song... Dropping this the same week as Cardi's new single was a weird decision, but it already has lots of views so it's up to a good start. Megan is someone to watch, she's unique and talented.
  8. Dua Lipa's releasing a remix of "Levitating" featuring rapper DaBaby. It'll be good for streaming figures, but I'm low-key tired of Future Nostalgia remixes Thoughts, Exhale?
  9. Did you hear DaBaby’s remix for his already hit Rockstar? This is currently my favorite song out there right now, alongside TROLLZ. Rockstar and TROLLZ are fighting neck to neck for the top spot in Billboard next week. To be honest, I’m happy with whoever take it. I’m shook. DaBaby has one of the best flows in rap nowadays and the first verse to this remix SLAPS.
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