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  1. What questions are you hoping Rosengart asks Jamie in the deposition? Its absolutely NO coincidence that KFlop starts flapping his jaw about the CON (for the first time EVER) the same week Jamie Spears is due for his deposition. Friday, August 12, 2022 is Jamie's FINAL deadline to give a deposition. Is he going to show up or be a no show like the last 3 depo dates? If he skips the depo this time he could go to jail for contempt. If he DOES show, what questions do you want Rosengart to ask this POS scum?
  2. I haven't seen one posted yet, so I thought i'd share Petition · Stop itv interview with Kevin talking about britney spears · Change.org T.CO Britney spears has gone though hell for the last 13 years of been in a like of been in jail and with her ex Kevin talking about and the boys and he is saying bad things about britney spears Also, you can email them at viewerservices@itv.com
  3. K-Fed currently has 70% custody of the children and Britney 30% due to the episode with Jamie. If the judge decides to reestablish half of the custody, the monthly allowance Britney gives Kevin would halve to $ 10,000. This explains why Kevin decided to start this media campaign against her.
  4. Kevin Federline agreed to give a bombshell interview about ex-wife Britney Spears’ alleged estrangement from their sons because he and the boys are worried that the superstar’s mental health is going unchecked, sources told Page Six. “Kevin did the interview because he and the boys are upset. They worry that everyone is completely ignoring the fact that Britney is [battling mental issues], which is not a secret,” one source with knowledge of the Federline situation said. But a Spears source told Page Six that any claims of Federline doing the interview over fears for the singer are “pathetic and inexcusable.” He gave an interview to the Daily Mail, with clips also shown on ITV News, then posted to Instagram two video clips from four years ago of Spears, 40, arguing with her kids, prompting the singer’s attorney to berate Federline for “violating” the star’s privacy. A Federline source told Page Six that “posting the videos wasn’t about making her seem evil or mean, but more about reminding people that she legitimately has a mental illness and [Federline and the sons] worry it is going unchecked.” Meanwhile, one former boyfriend of Spears is furious at Federline’s behavior, and told Page Six that the ex-husband is in no place to talk. “Kevin’s a nice guy, but he’s a loser,” the ex-boyfriend said. “It was really hard for Britney and I to be out with them and Britney knew she was paying them all this money and they were free to live their lives and spend her money as they saw fit while she was under a conservatorship and a small allowance. “When the kids turn 18 the money is over and Kevin is up s–t creek.” The ex-boyfriend, who declined to be named, even speculate that Federline could be taking money from Spears’s dad, Jamie Spears, who was partly responsible for managing the harsh conservatorship that Spears lived under for 13 years. 🔴PAGESIX:
  5. It's just as we thought. Kevin does nothing, Britney is involved! I wish bigger media would pick up on this!
  6. Countdown Link (assumed release date and time) It feels like recent events completely overtook everyone’s activities. It’s literally just a week over until we get ours ears 👂 Current mood: I will update this OP with times for different time zones, when we can expect the release, shortly. In the meantime let’s discuss how are you preparing for the event 🥳 Would you listen if it leaked (I hope it won’t, they’ve done good so far!)
  7. Just got the notification that Eat, Pray, Britney dropped a new episode. their updates will be more sporadic because the reality of “needing money to live”…sounds reasonable, but I’ll miss y’all.
  8. So since next week Britney is dropping a new song and I've been messing with plugins I decided to kinda remaster Baby Boy, it's not perfect but I tried to do my best since this song is really misterious and special to me! Hope you guys enjoy it! /static/images/music-disk.png Britney_Spears_-_Baby_Boy.flac | ONLYFILES ONLYFILES.IO Onlyfiles.io is free file-sharing service.
  9. Apparently the boys are so badly mannered. Talk back when are being told and casually said “F you” to Brit in the video. By the way it goes, I think everybody in the family hates them. And I don’t know what happened behind closed doors but maybe that’s why Jamie is kicking Jayden doors. Bunch of brats calling you names is not the most polite thing to do. So it’s obvious that Kevin treat them like a king. But that’s because they are Kevin’s pay check. What worries me is what happened when Sean turned 18? Kevin’s patience would definitely runs out when these kids is not making him any more money. These kids are going to be in serious hell because they are socially crippled. And I’m not sure if they go to school anymore, might’ve been home schooled at this point. I just hope they won’t be in the streets addicted on drugs..
  10. “After having one of the most difficult weeks of her life, Britney is relieved that Jason was found guilty for what he did on her wedding day,” a source told us, referring to the fact that Britney was also forced to deal with her other ex-husband, Kevin Federline. However, the source told us that the “Toxic” singer does not feel that the time fits the crime. “Britney does not think that Jason’s sentence is long enough for what he did, but she and Sam believe that justice has been served,” the insider told HollywoodLife. “She feels safe knowing that Jason is behind bars for now and she believes that the three-year restraining order she was granted against him is sufficient.” According to the source, “Britney is so grateful to the law enforcement for handling it the way that they did that day.” But she was not so pleased with the fact that Jason — who she was married to for 55 hours in 2004 before getting it annulled — was able to get onto her property at all. The source told us, “Britney fired her security that was on duty that day and replaced them with top-notch security.” Following her wedding, Britney moved into a $12 million mansion in a gated community in Calabasas, Calif. — and who could blame her? “Her new home is so much safer as is because her community is heavily patrolled,” the source said. “And for Sam, who reassured her that he would never let anything happen to her. In hindsight, the entire situation was terrifying.” 🔴 Source: hollywoodlife
  11. The Card on the Right Represents How Britney Feels about Kylie. got the two of Pentacles: talks about multitasking The Card on the left represents how Kylie Feels about Britney: Got the Three of Cups: i read that as celebrations and friendships The Card in the middle Represents the energy between them. Got the Two of Wands in reverse: can mean going back and finishing what you started i do feel it's very possible these two are more close than people think. also the card in the middle. i got the word collab when i pulled it
  12. I know it’s hard but I’m pissed that kflop maybe is sabotaging and destroying this for britney, Elton and us we need focus again in britney music luo Taylor And Jamie
  13. Tik Toker and DJ @/mr.wiredup posted this yesterday and has already gone viral with almost a million views. Sounds incredible. According to his comment section on Tik Tok, the full version is on patreon.com/mrwiredup. Now this is what you a call a mashup.
  14. 2008 Tokyo Airport. She turns to who I assume is Edan to confirm. Correct me if I’m wrong, I always assumed Robin came in around 2009, but some lady appears to be pulling Britney away immediately after. This is so weird and the conservatorship was new at this point too, so I’m sure it was weird having to tour and not being able to naturally interact with fans as she used to. They dehumanized this woman
  15. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRyhjex5/
  16. I am #weird and #crazy and #enjoying a #mimosa and wanted to #share this idea with #BritneySpears since she wants to use her #natural #voice more and #remix her #greatest #hits. #Pleasehelpme! #BabyImNotOops WWW.TIKTOK.COM I am #weird and #crazy and #enjoying a #mimosa and wanted to #share this idea with...
  17. I had a notification pop up Britney posted a reel like 20 minutes ago but nothing was there, i've had two other notifications the past few days saying the same thing and nothing. Anyone else had the same thing? Unless instagram is tripping.
  18. Britney Spears's ex-husband Jason Alexander has been sentenced to 128 days in jail after crashing the singer's Los Angeles home on the day of her wedding to Sam Asghari. In June, after forcing entry into Spears's home, Alexander was charged with four misdemeanours, including two counts of misdemeanour battery, one count of misdemeanour vandalism and one count of misdemeanour trespassing following the incident, officials said. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, but a Ventura County judge ruled that there was substantial evidence against him to take the case to trial. On Thursday (11 August), US Weekly confirmed a judge found Alexander guilty of aggravated trespassing and battery. In addition to the 128-day jail sentence, a "no contact" protective order against him was granted to Spears and security guard Richard Eubeler. Alexander is Spears's first husband. The two were childhood friends and were married in 2004, but the nuptials were annulled 55 hours later. On 9 June, Alexander showed up at Spears's home to crash the private wedding. He apparently approached event security while going live on Instagram, telling them that the "Toxic" singer had invited him. He reportedly then said he was going to crash the wedding before what TMZ calls a "physical struggle" took place. "She's my first wife, my only wife," said Alexander to security. "I'm her first husband, I'm here to crash the wedding." He reportedly then made it inside Spears's home, where he continued to stream the event from his phone. He was eventually restrained. Despite the shocking interruption, Spears and Asghari were officially married later that day. Full article: Britney Spears’s ex sentenced 128 days in jail for aggravated trespassing and battery WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Jason Alexander crashed the star’s June wedding to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari
  19. My thoughts about the leaked videos. I don’t think she did anything wrong. I have seen nothing but positive comments about those videos and they are all over social media now. Everyone thinks she’s being a good mom and trashing Kevin! One thing that I noticed was that she was standing up for herself. You could hear the wanting of respect in her voice. I love that she stood up for herself behind the scenes and that the public is praising her for it. This absolutely backfired on Kevin and I’m not sure what he was thinking but she was just being a caring mom and these videos prove that I also noticed that even after the first argument, she didn’t even slam the door when she left the room. She’s not this awful and abusive mom they are apparently trying to make her out to being. My parents have yelled at me way more than that and more scary!!!! This was nothing. This was also during what we all now know that she was being trafficked. It really puts everything into perspective and she was still so sweet even when she was upset. Question! How far after this was she put into the facility? It makes me wonder if she started standing up for herself more to Team Con. I also thought the part where they were talking about the phones and she’s like “Ahhh ya I think your phone should be gone.. Ya… For a very long time “ I screamed When she said “I do care more than you know… My little body can’t handle all of that” it made me so sad for her
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