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  1. Check out this live medley fan-made concept! Forgive the audio being recorded because of copyright YouTube link: Britney Spears - Mood Ring + Swimming In The Stars (Live Medley at the Billboard Music Awards)
  2. On the July 24 chart, “Permission to Dance” debuted at No. 1 with 140,100 total sales, according to MRC Data, with “Butter” falling six spots to No. 7 and Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” holding at No. 2. But then, something highly unusual happened: The next week, “Butter” returned to No. 1 (leapfrogging Rodrigo and others) and switched places with “Permission,” which slipped to No. 7. ''Rodrigo’s fans claimed that it wasn’t a coincidence. @scrappyseal, noting the reversal, tweeted that BTS had “0 GP [general public] support. A real smash is sustained by the GP support.” Another fan of both Rodrigo and Lipa’s, @lipaanostalgia, described BTS as having “fraudulent ways” and its fans as “involved in chart manipulation” and “mass buying.” ARMY’s crowdfunding efforts are certainly near legendary at this point. As screen grabs of account balances and bulk purchase receipts on Twitter reviewed by Billboard show, BTS fans use PayPal to pool money from ARMY around the globe and make the purchases that will count toward U.S. sales. “ARMY WHERE ARE YOU??” @borakore52 asked in an Aug. 5 tweet. “I have enough for 448 sets of 16 PTD plus 24 Butter!! Even if you cannot buy until later, please get your requests in ASAP!!” Some ARMY organizers then offer to reimburse other fans for purchases. The source of those funds remains unclear, and some BTS fans have expressed concern about revealing more about their methods. “Feeling the need to be a bit more discreet on the timeline about what we do and how we do it,” @RafranzDavis wrote during a funding run in early August. “It’s annoying but thnx to everyone that just gets it.” (MRC Data has a standard process for examining any suspicious chart activity; Billboard would not allow sales funded by an act or its label/management to count toward chart performance.) These efforts have buoyed the group’s singles, as they have sailed to the top of the charts despite BTS’ weaker streaming numbers and radio airplay than some of its pop contemporaries. “It’s a fair question,” says RM of allegations that ARMY’s work amounts to chart manipulation. “But if there is a conversation inside Billboard about what being No. 1 should represent, then it’s up to them to change the rules and make streaming weigh more on the ranking. Slamming us or our fans for getting to No. 1 with physical sales and downloads, I don’t know if that’s right ... It just feels like we’re easy targets because we’re a boy band, a K-pop act, and we have this high fan loyalty.” When asked if HYBE itself organizes fans in any chart manipulation, Shin Young-Jae — president of BTS’ label, Big Hit Music (a HYBE subsidiary) — answers with a chuckle. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually had the ability to mastermind such a thing?” he says. “I get that there are market developments [related to BTS] that are head-scratchers for some people. But I don’t believe the U.S. market is one that can be handily topped by downloads alone. We think the songs’ impact was shown in many ways, and we are proud of that achievement.” https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9618967/bts-billboard-cover-story-2021-interview Those users mentioned in the article are currently getting death threats from extremists Army so bless you Billboard, such a moral move to doxx people. U're such an amazing chart. Always following the rules and morals F.R.A.U.D.S. -Allegedly
  3. I thought she was over, a one hit wonder, flash in the pan, how did she do this? https://www.billboard.com/charts/billboard-200 Her songs are also: Happier Than Ever: 11 NDA: 59 Getting Older: 69 Billie Bossa Nova: 70 Oxytocin: 72 I Didn't Change My Number: 80 Lost Cause: 84 Halley's Comet: 90 My Future: 91 The way the haters keep losing and Billie keeps winning
  4. I know this article is from *another time* (early January 2004) when sl**-shaming and the patriarchy were not widely discussed concepts, but oof...it reads as so bonkers today. Basically the article suggests that ***ual explicitness by female artists is one of the reasons for declining sales. Here's a screenshot of the article when it was in print. A condensed version can be read here. I just had to round up the most hilarious quotes: Why would Alicia Keys and Norah Jones be "vamping it up" when they were in different genres? Never mind that Britney and Xtina co-wrote/produced multiple tracks on ITZ and Stripped. Wasn't Slave 4 U during the time Clear Channel wasn't playing her songs? And yeah she would be more "wholesome" during BOMT because she was just 16 then.
  5. Now with touring a non factor in the list for the first time, the global music industry according to Billboard only made 250 Million then the usual Billion dollars annually. Taylor swift is the top money earner with 23.2 Million this year. 10.0 Million even comes from streaming 10.2 Million came from album sales, thanks to the many formats of Folklore, the 8 album covers, the indie signature version sold at independent Music store for 25.00 a CD, the cassette and target exclusive versions, was a big factor how Taylor dominated in sales compared to just streaming Music. Publishing she just made 3 Million.. Everybody else, made under 20 Million compared to Taylor swift as they focused on streaming numbers, than sales.. Congrats, Taylor swift.. @Jordan Miller @InTheZone4Life @Adriannn
  6. Billboard predicts Taylor swift to win album of the year a fourth time with "Evermore" and Fearless to be noninvasive as well and winning best country album.. They predict Billie to win record of the year a 3Rd time with Therefore I Am. But state both Sour and Fellow Grammy fav Billie Eilish could pull the upset on Taylor swift. They state Morgan wallen will not be nominated at all and is banned most likely. Olivia will win best new artist as well..
  7. MRC Data revealed their mid year charts, and No surprise Morgan Wallen is the top artist and Top album "Dangerous" has amassed 2.1 Units, despite the label drop, radio ban and lack of promotion from streaming platforms. The N Word controversial country star is actually having his biggest despite being banned by award shows and other forms of entertainment. The top 3 albums are. #1 Morgan Wallen "Dangerous" #2 Olivia Rodrigo Sour #3 Justin bieber Justice. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller
  8. "Butter" is the first song from a group to mark 5 consecutive weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart since 1996. On June 28 local time, Billboard announced that BTS’s “Butter” had taken No. 1 on the Hot 100, its weekly ranking of the most popular songs in the United States, for the fifth consecutive week. “Butter” also topped the list for top-selling songs of the week. BTS set the record for the longest-running No. 1 hit by any Asian act when it topped the Hot 100 for the fourth consecutive time last week. This week’s fifth consecutive No. 1 extends that record. Billboard’s Gary Trust writes, “Only one song by a group has topped the Hot 100 for more weeks from its debut than ‘Butter’: Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s ‘One Sweet Day,’ which spent its first 16 weeks on the chart at No. 1 in 1995-96.” Billboard shared that “Butter” garnered 12.4 million U.S. streams and 128,400 downloads (a 15 percent increase) for the week ending on June 24, as well as 27.6 million radio airplay audience impressions (a 6 percent increase) in the week ending on June 27. Billboard also stated that “Butter” had sold at least 100,000 downloads in each of its first five weeks, the first song to do so since “Despacito” in 2017. According to Billboard, “Butter” is just the 11th song out of the 54 songs that have debuted at No. 1 to spend its first five weeks at No. 1 in the history of the Hot 100. Of the 1,125 songs that have hit No. 1 in the history of the Hot 100, “Butter” is the 196th to spend at least five weeks at the top. The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated July 3, 2021) — billboard charts (@billboardcharts) June 28, 2021 https://www.soompi.com/article/1477041wpp/btss-butter-tops-billboard-hot-100-for-a-record-breaking-5th-consecutive-week https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9593954/bts-butter-number-one-fifth-week-hot-100
  9. I've just noticed that mostly Billboard charts are not available in its entirely unless you are a premium member. I don't know since when this has been happening. I remember until few years ago, you could scroll all the charts and see all but now it's not. To be a pro, you have to pursue a $10.99 monthly or $24.99 to include the magazine print issues. The only charts available for free are: Hot 100, Hot 200 and Global 200. https://www.billboard.com/charts/latin-songs
  10. Billboard staff ranked Britney's Hold It Against Me as the 42nd song with the best bridge from the 21st century. They further discuss the songs impact on dubstep : " [HIAM] became the first song to ride a dubstep drop to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 -- opening the floodgates for about two years' worth of subsequent pop hits to find similar success doing the same". Gaga's Shallow (#6) and Marry the Night (#50), Rihanna's Whats My Name (#18), Enrique's Bailando (#19) and Beyonce's Crazy In Love (#25), Dua's Levitating (#26), Christina's Beautiful (#33), and Miley's We Cant Stop (#44) also made the list. As for the Top 5: 1 - Outkast - Hey Ya 2 - the Killers - All These things That 've Done 3 - Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License 4 - Ke$ha - Praying 5 - Kelly Clackson - since U Been Gone Check out the full chart here! What are your favorites? Related:
  11. Go to wikipedia, type Billboard icon award and you will see in Red 2021 but It's expected to go to Madonna. Making this the worst kept secret, what's worse The cancelled 2020 BBMAS icon award went To Garth Brooks, an artist who pioneered The Bro country genre which is insanely popular today. I truly believe Billboard caved after Madonna got called out for saying everytime she goes to an "American" award show she is never honored the way she's used to in Virtually international award shows. The lambs called her out saying she made it about her, She didn't mention Mariah Carey, But this is the same woman that said the success of Mariah Carey was due to the dumbing of America.
  12. According to Billboard, Fearless opened with 291,000 units becoming the biggest selling album in a week in 2021. The album is also the first of its kind to debut at #1 (i.e. a re-recorded album), and the most streamed country album in one week ever by a female artist. It is Taylor's ninth number 1 album, and her third in less than a year. All three albums (Folklore, Evermore, and Fearless) rank in the top five biggest selling albums of 2021. One word: Queen.
  13. Hello everyone Olive Oildrigou is at it again, proving possibly that she might not end up as a one hit wonder as critics and the GP predicted her to be. Her new single from her upcoming debut studio "Sour", has blown into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 at a staggering #8. If hype for the song continues, it could possibly it become a Top 3 hit single. Here is the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 For This Week: Billboard Hot 100 #1 Leave The Door Open (+1) #2 MONTERO (-1) #3 Peaches (-1) #4 Up (=) #5 drivers licence (=) #6 Save Your Tears (=) #7 Levitating (=) #8 Deja Vu (NEW) #9 Blinding Lights (-1) #10 Astronaut The Ocean (+2) What do you guys think? Slayed? Shooketh? Triggered? Long Live Olive Oildrigou? Pressed? Lemme know
  14. The top 50 albums by women on billboard 200 are determined by how many week's it lasted on the Billboard 200. Technically one group Ace of Base is included but despite featuring two females as the vocalists there are men in the group, Buddha and of course Jonas who is the brother of the two Female singers Malin and Jenny. The top 50 are as follows: 1. Adele 21 2. Taylor swift Fearless 3 Alanis morissette Jagged little pill 4 carole king Tapestry 5. Taylor Swift 1989 6 Whitney Houston Whitney Houston 7 Lady gaga The Fame 8 Shania Twain Come on over 9 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift 10 Paula Abdul Forever your girl 11 Celine Dion Falling into you 12 Carrie Underwood Some hearts 13 Whitney Houston The bodyguard 14 Norah jones Come away with me 15 Evanscence Fallen 16 Britney Spears ... Baby one more time 17 Spice Girls Spice 18 Mariah Carey Mariah Carey 19 Mariah Carey The emancipation of Mimi 20 Avril Lavigne let go 21 No doubt Tragic kingdom 22 Adele 25 23 Miley Cyrus Hannah montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (TV soundtrack/Miley's debut studio Album) 24 Janet Jackson Control 25 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway 26 Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips 27 Mariah Carey Music Box 28 Ace of Base The Sign 29 Janet Jackson Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 30 Fergie The Dutchess 31 Alicia keys Songs in A minor 32 Heart Heart 33 Janet Jackson Janet. 34 Jewel Pieces of You 35 TLC Crazysexycool 36 Alicia keys As I Am 37 Taylor Swift RED 38 Rihanna ANTI 39 The Chicks Home 40 Amy Winehouse Back to Black 41 Enya A day without Rain 42 Natalie Cole Unforgettable.. with Natalie Cole 43 P!NK M!ssundaztood 44 Whitney Houston Whitney 45 Celine Dion Let's talk about love 46 Barbara Streisand Funny Girl (Soundtrack) 47 Diana Ross and the Supremes Diana Ross and The Supremes. 48 Madonna True Blue 49 Tina Turner Private Dancer 50 Stevie Nicks bella Donna The fact that the entire top five are all the album of the year from their respective Grammy telecast is iconicish.
  15. On December 04, 2001, the Billboard Music Awards took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Destiny's Child were the biggest winners of the night. Britney Spears performed I'm a Slave 4 U, the lead single off her third studio album Britney, on a platform placed in front of the Fountains of Bellagio.
  16. A cultural reset On December 05, 2000, the Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas. Britney was there wearing an iconic orange and purple outfit which consisted of coat, bra, tights, boots, choker and of course a fedora. She won the Album Artist of the Year award In 2011, in an interview for Harper's Bazaar, Britney remembered this moment as her biggest fashion mistake:
  17. Full article here ...Baby One More Time Womanizer Scream & Shout 3 Till the World Ends Circus I Wanna Go Hold It Against Me Toxic Oops!... I Did It Again Gimme More (You Drive Me) Crazy Everytime If U Seek Amy Piece of Me Sometimes Stronger From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Work ***** Lucky
  18. Billboard is truly infamous for it's glitches and such. Another great example is Levitating featuring da baby is under Madonna's billboard stats..for a hot minute. Once they realize the glitch. It's removed. But social media will always remind people how flawed their database actually is. Remember when they removed Nicki Minaj from Say so. That's how glitchy their data base. One day, you're credited the next day you're not.
  19. Every year, Billboard holds its annual Women in Music. The Women of the year isn't about the music – more so about charities and such. Artists from Selena Gomez, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and others have been honored. Last year's Woman of the Year was Billie Eilish. Taylor Swift was Woman of the Decade. This year, Cardi B is Billboard's Woman of the Year for 2020. JLo, Dua Lipa and Dolly Parton will also be honored. I'm sure this will be very controversial and a huge debate. But anyway... congrats Cardi B.
  20. The Billboard Music Awards went down today (October 14) at 5 pm PT FYI. Below are a few of the performances + the list of winners:
  21. The new weekly charts, the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. U.S., are based on worldwide streams and download sales and will give an accurate glimpse into the most popular songs on the planet. Launching today, the Billboard Global 200 is inclusive of worldwide songs while Billboard Global Excl. U.S. focuses on all territories outside the United States. Both collate sales and streaming data from more than 200 territories, with rankings based on a weighted formula incorporating official-only streams on both subscription and ad-supported tiers of leading digital platforms, and downloads from key online music retailers. Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9448370/billboard-launches-new-global-charts Yo, this is AMAZING for fans outside the United States! We will finally have a voice. No more payola and some careers will be over
  22. Folklore went to #5 after the six consecutive weeks on top. In its seventh week, the album sold 48,000 units (she's not a streaming force) to be honest. Several articles claim Taylor put her catalog online the day Witness came out simply to sabotage Katy Perry. Several saw this as a villain strategy. But now it's all love. Anyway, Taylor is no longer #1, but come Christmas season when she releases and ships physical units estimated in the US to be about 3,000,000 total of the vinyl pre orders, once all 8 covers with different bar codes (UPC) ship and scan she will be back on top. The only woman who could end her is Adele. And until Covid is over... reports from actual scientists with degrees suggest a huge and more deadly second wave is expected this holiday season and should last until February. I already plan on going to my grandparents and staying there til the second wave is over. Christmas will not be cancelled and we shouldn't separate ourselves from family Xmas traditions, cos serious depression from the holidays kick in cos loneliness is at a higher peek during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays cos we grew up with that one time of the year. The whole family came together under one roof to celebrate the holidays. Whether ski lodge and such. But business perspective Taylor knows Billboard doesn't count pre orders. She knows her fans have unlimited line of Platinum and Diamond credit, have all bills paid cause most of her fans are from loaded families or have trust funds they are set for life. Don't need to work, everything is paid for. So by having two different ship dates: one for CDs and cassette, the other with the vinyl and digital download with no clothes set for November... she made sure to top the charts during the holidays and stay there. Related:
  23. Billboard is doing the fan army battle of 2020 which is dubbed music March madness. Madonna beat Lil Nas X, a one hit wonder basically by 52.86% of the votes went to Madonna. However, billboard is getting called out by putting an established music legend against Normani who is struggling to get established. I did vote for my girl, But I was alarmed. Madonna had close to 89% of the votes. I actually called billboard out, I said that was uncalled for. You literally set up Normani to lose. My other friends are even saying Madonna is only winning cos Billboard is putting her against artists that have yet to establish themselves, or is still seen in the case of Lil' nas X a one hit wonder, even though he's not, He is still going to be viewed and put against the success of His debut single. The longest running #1 single ever.
  24. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9446514/katy-perry-smile-five-burning-questions?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook I found this article interesting. Points were made .. Never really over would be more popular this year thx to Dua and The weeknd Katy was a year too early for that track to be huge. Some suggest go back to her first Album and be the feisty girl who told a guy. You PMS like a bish, I should know. Remember in 2008 as a woman, It was refreshing to hear that from a woman who had the same problems with men like we did. Hot N Cold was everything we wanted to say, but couldn't muster the nerve to say it. Some also suggest move out of the state's and move to a country and find a sound that is untapped. Some also say that Con Calma was her most successful hit during the Witness era, so she could tap into that reggaeton market as well. But one comment shocked me. "Debuting at #5 is an honor, Katy would have peaked higher but not #1. But to be beaten by a Live album by Metal icons Metallica (the long awaited sequel to The Hugely successful 2000 album with the orchestra) has to hurt. Heavy metal is dead, but you lost to an iconic Heavy metal band that remains popular, that has to hurt"
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