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Found 4 results

  1. In, 2002 Jennifer Lopez was at the height of her pop star career, couldn't do wrong, so to keep public interest strong, epic records decided to do a remix album J to tha L-o: the remixes, it's in the world records as the first remix album to top the Billboard 200, commercially successful in the US, it's the best selling remix album to date with over 2 million copies sold, globally its the 4th best seller after the remix albums By Michael Jackson, Madonna and Linkin park, respectively. The reason for the massive success in the us was the ain't it funny remix by murder inc, unfortunately Billboard now created a rule as this was the second time a "remix" was more popular than the original version which was like the dance pop with euro elements of I'm real, bigger overseas.. However Billboard called out all parties about the murder remixes, of both I'm real and ain't ut funny dubbing them technically new songs that outside the title, lyrically has no relationship to the pop tracks, and epic was forced to add murder remix to charts, despite having the original lyrics, I'm gonna be alright had new jlo vocals for the trackmasters remix, while maintaining the original backgrounds vocals chorus (a popular trend in R&B goes way back to Mariah Carey to have the background singers sing the chorus while the main star of the track does adlibs, to enhances the recording.) First pressings had 50 cent, but since he was just starting and irv gotti hated him (beef that lasts forever), Tommy added NAS to maje sure commercial success was guaranteed in terms of sales.. This was gonna start a feud and see a friendship between NAS and 50 cent fade off, who 50 considered family, but the industry does this tricks, abd subsequent pressings removed 50 cent, and kept it a solo version. To get the NAS version you have to buy the rare compact disc maxi single or if you live outside the US, you can stream it as the NAS version is an international bonus track on "This is Me...Then". It's not accessible in the states, and neither is the maxi single which has club remixes by HQ2 (Hex hector and Mac Quayle) and club mixes of Alive by Chris Cox and Barry Harris aka Thunderpuss in both club and Tribe-A-Pella, enjoy the rare version that's hard to get outside the first pressings of the remix album..
  2. 50 Cent took to Instagram to share the incident that a cameraman in his new horror movie “Silk House” fainted because of the amount of gore and how real the scene played out. The full article is here: EW
  3. It all started with a series of risqué photos Madonna posted on Instagram. Madonna’s nips were exposed on some of the pictures and Instagram took down her pictures. Madonna reposted them (censoring the nip) and had a few words to say…. 50 Cent tried to ridicule Madame X and felt the need to roast her on his Instagram. He eventually took down the pics but here are the screenshots of the two pictures he posted: “ 👀 yo this is the funniest ****! LOL 😆 That's Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. she shot out, if she don't get her old *** up. LMFAO 😆😆😆😆🚦 GLG” But he did not stop there. He added two more comments that say, “SMH 👏👏😏and people say i’m ****ed up, no ya gotta look around. LOL,” and “BBL NOT DONE WELL, Bars fool BARS LOL,” he said referring to cosmetic surgery she’s reportedly had done on her rump. But don’t worry, Madonna dug up an old pic of them together, photoshop’d the hell out of it and clapped back at 50 Centz! Not one to stay quiet, 50 cent cowardly responds to Madonna (through Twitter) and quickly deletes his post. Madonna responds to 50’s half-assed “apology” and drags him for filth! is 50 Cent vs Madonna the most unexpected beef of 2021? Will 50 cent respond? Well… looks like 50 cent is fanning the flames. He went back to insta to drag Madonna once again. #LikeAVirgin63 Then he tried to jokingly call out Bow-Wow for liking a post about Madonna Dragging him. Bow Wow responded in the comments… both scum! 50 Cent has done it again! 50 cent had resumed his Madonna drags on Instagram… Related:
  4. I wish I could say I tried to **** 50 for a powerful hour, but not many has this under their belt. Unfortunately, this site praises low garbage music, ****ty albums and songs that no one has ever heard of and untalented old women who are long past their prime. Does your favorite artist has a Candy Shop or a In Da Club? No one was ever able to duplicate his bad boy and s** symbol appeal since. In fact, rap music has turned into a fiasco but till this day his songs stand out and are turned classic. He’s also so hawt Jesus Christ, as a kid growing up he made me feel fantasizing over big and black things. Watching a cassette with his music felt like watching ****. I said to pimp a butterfly and I meant it!
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