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  1. https://instagram.com/theestallion?igshid=nma3tulzh45n I didn’t think I could stan more . It’s in her story. DONT PLAY WITH HA
  2. So since the 2019 VMAs are drawing in, MTV made a countdown of The Top 10 Mic-Drop Performances Ever. And you ask me what’s wrong? At #2 is Britney’s Iconic 2001 I’m a Slave 4 U performance. An at #1 is Beyonce’s 2016 Lemonade Medley. Oops!... They Did It Again A normal 15 minute performance over a young Britney Spears slaying choreography and featuring live animals including her adorning a yellow albino Burmese python across her shoulders and swaying it around the stage First it was the 2011 VMA Vanguard Award acceptance speech Then the 2016 VMA Make Me performance overshadowing And now they’re shading their most iconic performance ever by putting a nothing extra special performance which no one remembers over it The Queen of the VMAs Britney made he show what it is today And this is how y’all repay her? MTV is Cancelled
  3. I mean, she was obviously in a good place. Doing all that promo and performances, going overseas and whatnot. Did this really flop though? Britney was such a good sport in this, she was sweet and articulate. She was dancing, she was laughing, she was touching him which showed comfort and openness. She interacted. Yes, she acted kinda shy and cringey at times, but didn't we find out afterwards that she didn't know that this was a ' thing', you know, where you're supposed to sing and showcase your live vocals? Larry and her flop team prolly told her she was going in for an interview in a car or something. That's why she seemed so unprepared for it. Besides, she is a survivor. It's the aftermath of the damages caused through so many years by the paparazzi and the media. But, whatever. What do you think, did she really flop in her own carpool karaoke? why?
  4. if you watched this show, "Winx Club" or "Totally Spies" as a kid, you're gay now.. thicc facts, y'all.. I used to love this show as a kid and today I discovered that all 3 seasons are on YouTube (and have been for a while but for some reason I never knew that).. the acting is horrible but it's still so ******* entertaining I'm already binging.. icosmic!!
  5. Rehearsal Video Captures https://xray.britspears.net/thumbnails.php?album=6140 This video is everything
  6. Thanks to d4niellr for posting link on Twitter for this. Have you see a better video on Britneys current situation? Did you cry watching?
  7. THE CRIMINAL OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO Actually let me rephrase it, this is not just any video, it's a whole Hollywood movie Something about the camera or the filter makes this video seem very different from anything in the FF era or anything she has done at all Also keep in mind that this is the first time Britney shot a video outside of the US This is also one of FFney's best looks overall, and we all know that era isn't fondly known for its looks Enjoy yourself with the assortment of Neys the video provided- Actressney: Sassney: NutKickerney: Sexmey: Badassney: Athleticney: Interludeney: Amd as for the finale, I provide you with probably the best cinematographic moment from Britneys career, or considering all music videos in general: That scene gives me chills paired with the last chorus of the song. The way all the trained policemen miss their shots while Britney and Jason kisses The sparks and fire and everything clouding the background This is just too good And I don't get why major publications and many fans list a very basic video like ...Baby One More Time in which actually nothing happens above this masterpiece in Britneys best videos ever. I mean I get the iconicity and stuff but in all aspects Criminal is a better video with an actual storyline (a rare case in Britney videos) than a video in which a student dances in the parking lot and doing nothing like wut? The song is very underrated too but I'm saving that for another thread as Exhale is slowly dying down and we need more topics to save it from doing so This is one of my favourite videos not just from Britney, but overall. What do you think?
  8. Omg this is so cute... she's totally fangirling over Britney. And the fact that she's beside 2 of Britney's biggest crushes (Brad & Leo) is even more precious
  9. OK guys... I know lot of you will say what is the best performance of this balad is the AMAs one. Let me convince you otherwise... Take a look and listen to this The 2:45 onwards... the only time she hit the high note Lets discuss this
  10. This flaw-free BOMT parody cover got me cackling because it's so relatable yet somehow slays it too... and she did the WHOLE song LOL
  11. Can someone post it or remember what it's from? Britney was talking to someone and Robin Greenhilll had the audacity to interrupt her.
  12. God bless whoever made this. I don't know if it's already been posted but this made my day and I wanted to share with you all
  13. Let's congratulate Britney anyways! Not only is Scream & Shout Certified, but so are 20 of her other videos, with 2 more (Stronger, If U Seek Amy) close behind! IDK if 21 videos is typical for other artists, but it's still a nice, high number! Her Certified videos are: Scream & Shout Baby One More Time Toxic Work ***** I Wanna Go Womanizer Oops I Did It Again Till The World Ends Pretty Girls Gimme More Circus Sometimes Hold It Against Me I'm A Slave 4 U Everytime Piece Of Me You Drive Me Crazy Ooh La La Criminal Lucky I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman Some of these, like OLL and Criminal were definitely out of left field.
  14. I don't think this topic ever existed, but I think it would be great to gather in this topic ALL live vocals performances of Britney's career so far. I've watched some the other day, and it so refreshing to hear her singing. There is not that many (...) so let's dig Youtube and let's bring some positivity (please no pre-recorded vocals or "best moments" compilation) I start with I think her best performance of this song : 2:33
  15. I never heard of Betty, but I now love her... she's so funny and relatible and a Britney stan:
  16. WAKE UP! If you’re to take anything away from Madonna’s new music video for “God Control,” off her No. 1 album, Madame X, it’s that gun violence is destroying countless lives unnecessarily, and that the American government has a responsibility to tighten gun control laws. Madame X is many things, and there’s two facets of her in the video. One is a journalist, writing the important lyrics of the song on a typewriter. Meanwhile, another Madame X is heading to a NYC club for a night of fun, but unfortunately she encounters two harrowing experiences: she’s robbed at gun point en route then later mowed down by an assailant inside the venue, who uses an AK47 to wreak havoc on party-goers. “Understand that this is what happens. Guns kill,” Madonna tells CNN. “A bullet rips through your body, knocks you to the floor and takes your life, and you bleed to death. I mean this is reality.” “We know that one way to change our culture of gun violence is to change culture,” she continued. “People who change culture are often influencers and creative people. They have this ability to reach and connect millions and to encourage them to get involved and to use their voices and their votes to end gun violence.” One of Madonna’s other new songs, “I Rise,” features a clip of Parkland, Florida student Emma Gonzalez, who survived the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “We live in a democracy. We can change laws, but it requires organization — and it requires consistency — and it requires people doing what they can do — at a grass roots level or on a larger scale,” Madonna said. “Which is what I’m trying to do.”It’s a cause she believes anyone can be involved in. “You can do it through your art, you can do it through activism in your own community,” she said. “There are so many levels and ways to do it. I’m trying to stoke the fires and keep people focused on this crisis through my art and through my own statements.” Watch the new eight-minute video below:
  17. So around the time 51:40 the main character from this netflix movie is confessing to a priest about what happened to him. The girl he likes wanted to bang him and he refused(lol) and in exchange she spread a rumor that he is gay. Afterwards during a blind confession in a church, the boy compares how he feels to : "it's like somebody is strangling my soul or making me listen to Britney Spears" and the priest responds "Yeah, it's horrible". This reference was mostly introduced just to get some laughs and exposure. "Oh, Ramona" is a romanian film and I think it's a pretty funny movie that revolves around the story of a 16 y.old trying to get laid.
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