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  1. So Selma Blair is working in a new movie. She's a multiple scleroris sufferer and has had chemotherapy to fight the illness. She's wearing a wig for her new role and decided to ( what many people think) mock Britney's weird IG rants: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/a29727184/selma-blair-blonde-wig-instagram-video-ms-recovery/ Here's the video uploaded to a random site (Selma deleted it): https://streamable.com/prmhu What do you think? is this cute? Or shade?
  2. we have all seen photos but i’m wondering if there has been a video of the incident.
  3. I'm just watching this most successful romantic comedy of the year 2000 "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt for the very first time, and in this bed scene Britney is mentioned (at 01:37): I so fangirled and repeated that moment for a few times I just wanna make a point how many times Britney was referenced and mentioned in early 2000s movies and TV shows it's crazy! If someone knows some movies or TV shows where she is mentioned pls write, I wanna know them all
  4. So it's a graphical list of Top11 (yeah, you would expect it's 10 but no) most selling artists from 1969 until today. Every year is divided in 4 quartals. Very entertaining to watch Britney also appears of course, already in 2nd quartal of 1999 I think. And reaches her peak in 3rd quartal of 2001. Well just take a look yourself and leave your opinions
  5. So Toxic video just got to 2 million likes and is Britney's first solo video with that accomplishment, and on her channel too. Scream & Shout has 3,1 million. BOMT is very close tho, with 1,914,208 likes at this moment. It's a matter of time when it will hit that 2m mark too.
  6. it was made by exhale user @Dream With In a dream
  7. -Paris Hilton dancing to "Baby One More Time. -Kylie Jenner singing "Piece Of Me" and dressing up as VMA 2003 Britney. Avril Lavigne and radio host Zach Sang dancing to "Baby One More Time". -Tinashe listening to "Showdown":
  8. Here’s my stab at a FREAKSHOW video! If anything this is a perfect example of how desperate I am for literally anything new and Britney related at all. idk how to embed an IGTV video, so here’s a link to it: Link to FREAKSHOW Video Enjoy & BOO!
  9. I made a megamix earlier this year. This is part 2, been working on it 4 months trying to make it perfect but I'm fed up with now so please enjoy it. X
  10. Meghan Trainor just did Teen Vogue's Playlist of My Life video and one of the songs she chose was Britney's 'Lucky'. This is actually the fourth time that one of Britney's songs has been chosen and the second time that someone has chosen Lucky. Chloe Grace Moretz picked Lucky a few weeks ago, Charli XCX picked Gimme More and Red Velvet picked Everytime. Time stamp - 3:37
  11. Hey guys, sorry if AP.. I just stumbled on this video This guy goes quite into detail about her mental health and c-ship, it's worth to watch.. he has like 50k subs, so I hope it gets at least a little viral. People in the comments seem to root for Brit, that's great, the whole world should root for her. Anyway, enjoy!
  12. Meghan Markle had a mini-lighter FTR moment in a candid interview on ITV, talking about the pressures about constantly being in the spotlight and her every move being watched, and all while juggling being a newlywed to a royal and being a good mom to her new born. Some people in the comments are pretty heartless, but I can see some similarities to what Britney went through when she was constantly in the spotlight, but probably not on the same level. She's trying to be a good person, but the pressures they have to go through is deteriorating to their mental well-being. It was so precious when she said "Thank you for asking, because not many people ask me if I'm ok, but it's a real thing to be going through behind the scenes"
  13. Today BOMT can legally drink Here is a video of Britney performing it and other songs in 99.
  14. She was awesome in this sketch with Jimmy Fallon. And the format is basically the same as on SNL, reading off cue-cards and stuff. Her comedic timing was perfect and she was relaxed and enjoying herself. And she SANG at 2:09 : And she looked freaking hot! I think Britney would do great in her SNL comeback. And she doesn't need anything in particular to promote-- she's frigging Britney Spears, she can host anytime! I'm sure Lorne Michals still loves her! And we all know Primeney was amazing back in the day doing comedy: Do you think Comedy-ney is ready for SNL?
  15. Britney was feeling "Do You Wanna Come Over" so hard! Just watch this video and you will see primeney slaying us Best part at: 3:20 Extra primeney with "Slave 4 U"! At: 1:35 & 2:20 & 2:35
  16. Chloë Grace Moretz did Teen Vogue’s ‘Playlist of My Life’ video and the second song she picked was Lucky. She talks about the songs meaning to her and then mentions a couple other Britney songs. I love that Chloë is a Britney Stan Time stamp: 0:40
  17. p.s. the "live vocals" are more noticeable after the intro.
  18. I'm honestly expecting at least 5 replies of y'all saying "Make Me/Pretty Girls/Perfume because it was so bad!" But really, what Britney music video shocked you the most when you first saw it and why?
  19. I feel like this is an empowering story, even tho it is kinda sad at parts. Would you be OK with Britney only releasing singles here and there from now on, and not performing anymore, if it meant she'd feel happier, more at peace and stable?
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