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  1. It leaked! Edited by @breatheheavy: We have to remove the download links because of copyright. Sorry about that.
  2. So detailed and talkative... and obviously beautiful. We all change as we age, but now I finally understand the "clone" jokes.... Britney doesn’t even look or act half the woman she used to be, physically and mentally. Thank God (and maybe her family during the first years of the conservatorship?) she was able to bounce back from 2007 but she has never been the same since. Her confidence, energy and aura on stage are truly missed... She's an iconic, larger than life performer that deserves nothing but respect. May she come back some day...
  3. The reason I'm making this thread here is because you can't make new threads in the Britney section, but you can in the Random section! So, I recently made a thread about this on new Exhale. I don't feel like writing about this all over again, so I'll just copy-paste what I said there. hayu. is a YouTube channel which seems to mostly focus on reality TV-based content. I only encountered them today, after this video showed up on my front page. It’s a very short, 5-minute-long summary of Britney’s 2007 struggles. In case some of y’all are unable to or don’t have time to watch the video, here are some key points made in it: Fame can lead celebrities to bizarre, aggressive behaviour (examples provided include Björk, Roseanne Barr, and Shia LaBeouf) As Britney became more famous, her mental struggles became more apparent (relevant quotes: “In 2007, the pressures of fame lead Britney Spears to a breaking point”, “What we’ve gotta remember is, yes, the fame is intensifying things, but the issues were already there, it’s just now come to a boiling point and it explodes”) The reason for the previously-mentioned bizarre behaviour is often a result of mental illness, and Britney is no exception (in Britney’s case, it’s "severe bipolar disorder") The video presents a pro-conservatorship narrative (relevant quotes: “She is only alive today because she was put on a conservatorship that her father assumed”, “Fame may have lead Britney over the edge, but under her conservatorship, she bounced back”) Some problems that I have with this video are, first things first, the pro-conservatorship narrative. We already know very well that this c-ship is very shady and should be dissolved (I think there’s a thread about it on here and for those who come from old Exhale, I’m sure you remember the massive and iconic thread about it). Next up, when dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist talks about how Britney’s struggles were born out of bipolar disorder, a headline is presented on screen. This headline states “Britney Spears Appears in Los Angeles Court to Address Conservatorship”. Below that, “The singer was spotted exiting the proceedings barefoot”. The problem that I have with this is that it seems like this is presented as evidence that Britney is not doing well, but really? Someone walking outside barefoot is evidence? Finally, the biggest problem I have with this video is that after the quote I already mentioned (the one about how “She’s only alive because the c-ship exists”), a clip of Britney in what seems to be a 2013 interview plays. In it, she says that performing on stage allows her to become a different character and release all the angst she has. I’m assuming this is presented as a clip of Britney supporting the c-ship’s existence, but performing on stage is in no way related to that. She doesn’t need a c-ship to perform on stage. It’s not related to the video’s subject and, to me at least, seems like nothing more than an attempt at manipulating the audience. Anyway, what do you think of this video? New info: I like how there are many people in the comment section saying #FREEBRITNEY. Also, for those who have been around here back when I started or longer, there is one person in the comment section who you might recognize...
  4. Hi guys! I made a mashup of the 2010s using the Hold it against me instrumental! Hope you guys like it! If you do, it would really help if you could share it and or like the video :) https://youtu.be/frTPUmPU72w
  5. So MTV news channel uploaded this video, very fun to watch, I was surprised to see so many parts I've never seen before One for example, that interviewer asking her (few days before 2001 VMAs I assume) how on the Earth is she going to top last year's performance; little did he know... P. S. Happy Bday Britney!
  6. I love how so into it she is (P.S. who's that hot dancer in the blue shirt? hehe)
  7. The thumbnail alone screams Britney 'Make Me' lol. Ironically, the video was directed by Randee as well
  8. I don't remember seeing this full clip with the host joining in, but it's so nice to see her so excited and comfortable and LOL at her trying to help the host: I wish I can could a private lesson!
  9. THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL? For ages, a major sector of the energized One Direction fanbase have suspected that Harry Stylesand Louis Tomlinson were an item behind-the-scenes. Alas, Larries were born. Larries is a hybrid of the guys’ names, kinda like Brangelina, only with better hair. Once upon a time, BreatheHeavy wrote extensively about a conspiracy theory involving Louis Tomlinson. It’s a fascinating read that deserves your undivided attention. Despite Tomlinson denying any intimate involvement with Harry (even as recently as 2017, he said: “Obviously there’s no truth to it. Obviously.”), the term was revitalized on HBO’s Drake-produced hit series, Euphoria, which details teenage dramas and addiction. The latest episode features an animated *** scene between Harry and Louis. To give you a little better idea of how, what, and why… it’s based off a teenage girl’s fan-fiction story. It shows Harry giving Louis oral backstage on the Take Me Home Tour. I can’t make this stuff up, people. It’s worth mentioning Louis did not co-sign this. “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it,” he Tweeted regarding the scene. I know it shouldn’t, but this clip makes me…. feel things.
  10. So, her debut album was supposed to be self-titled aka Britney Spears, here is a video showing original promotional stickers from 1998 when single BOMT just came out. Short video, interesting to watch. In
  11. I've tried several websites and they have shitty quality... i am searching for her live and more dvd in HD and 2001 DWAD live from las vegas in 16:4 britneyspearsmedia.ru doesnt have them, if u have other sites please tell me. thank u so much
  12. I was watching old videos and wondered if the place she enters is where she lived back then
  13. She looked stunning in that vid... she was so happy when walking out of the mansion :D :
  14. Just came across this new compilation video of Britney's best moments from 2016 (some of these I'd never seen before!). She really was Primeney 2.0, plain and simple. So incredibly fit, charismatic, and herself
  15. We all remember that iconic Papa Jamie Spears impression she did in FTR, but I think a lot of us forgot the Mama Lynne impression she did on Good Morning America LOL:
  16. He doesn't see Britney's future , but appreciate her past.
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