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  1. What’s your favorite music video from OIDIA?
  2. Based on Britney previous past of being **** shame and fan base being hugely female and LBGTQ+ who also have been **** shame. Should Britney create a pop commercial club anthem against **** shaming? (Think of beyonce girls, katy roar, gagas born this way) Personally I feel like : 1)this would do great things for her fanbase 2) make fun of her past image 3)make her image of women and LBGTQ empowerment espcially in me too movement 4) have some controversy and media attention behind the song meaning 5) be praise by the critics for using her image and platform to empower others while creating a bop 6) be used in women rallys and powerment movements 7) be iconic what yall think?
  3. What’s your favorite video from BOMT?
  4. ok, everyone knows that britney has greeeeeeat sales, but we all know that the most come from 1999 to 2004 so how many albums-Lp-singles has she sold officially since 2005-2019? ...
  5. What is it? If you pick more than one you’re shot dead. Only choose one. I would choose Gimme More.
  6. Queen of scrapped videos. Which one do you most want to see?
  7. Hello everyone! Welcome to this thread! As some of you may already know, I made parts 1 and 2 before, but my stupid @ss just realized that you can add multiple questions, and as such, fit all the bonus songs in one thread. So, to everyone who already voted in the previous threads, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, in this poll, I compiled all bonus tracks from Britney's discography. Songs that can be found on only some editions of the album is what I consider a bonus track, which is why songs like "Deep In My Heart" are here (it's only on the European editions of ...BOMT) or songs like "Walk On By" (it's a B-side to "Stronger" but can also be found on downloads of Oops! labelled as the Australian edition, so, I don't know, it's here). IMPORTANT: In each question, you can vote for more than one song, so if you can't choose one favourite, vote for as many as you want! Enjoy! Edit: Since we already have a decent amount of votes, I'll also add a ranking that'll be updated once every day. Songs with the same percentage of votes are in the same place on the ranking. THE OFFICIAL BONUS TRACK RANKING: 1. "Mood Ring" 2. "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) 3. "Before The Goodbye" 4. "Liar" / "Better" 5. "He About To Lose Me" 6. "Don't Hang Up" 7. "Quicksand" 8. "Up N' Down" 9. "I Run Away" 10. "Get Back" / "Phonography" 11. "Over To You Now" / "Autumn Goodbye" 12. "Hold On Tight" / "Now That I Found You" 13. "Amnesia" / "Trouble" / "Selfish" 14. "Girl In The Mirror" 15. "Scary" 16. "When I Found You" 17. "Outta This World" 18. "Deep In My Heart" / "I'll Never Stop Loving You" / "You Got It All" / "Walk On By" / "The Answer" 19. "Brightest Morning Star" 20. "Everybody" 21. "I'm So Curious" 22. "Don't Keep Me Waiting" 23. "Coupure Électrique" 24. "Heart" / "Girls And Boys" 25. "Rock Me In" 26. "Rock Boy" / "If I'm Dancing"
  8. Ok, let's be honest, objective and realistic. What is the best show in Vegas? Each artist has his own stamp and his way of perfomance live through the years and his fans are already used to that. 1. Britney Spears: Piece Of Me. With 5 years of duration, the show started cold but it was on fire in 2016 with a show and a britney renewed and super energized, the reason for the change is still a mystery, his dance and his attitude changed, but the things started to decline by spending the 5 long years. Their anxiety increased and their discontent on the stage as well ,the outfits sometimes good and other times cheap and improvised were getting worse, the visuals were good, but they lacked creativity and sometimes did not fit with the theme of the song. the most impressive thing was the great toxic tree, it would have been perfect for a jungle theme on slave with classic moves, but in its place was put some lazy moves for toxic. In general the show remained in a constant change between regular-good-mediocre. 7/10 2. Gwen Stefani: Just a Girl. Gwen is not the typical pop artist and never pretended to be a great dancer because deep down she will always be a rock soul. those who followed her from No doubt to a solo artist will surely enjoy the whole show, she goes through her greatest hits very true to her style, sassy and rocker and obviously singing live. The show has good visuals on the back screens and she used original outfits where you can tell that gwen still knows of good fashion. No doubt she don't defraud! she's definitely a great perfomer. 9 /10 3. Jennifer Lopez: All I Have. Jlo has always been a great dancer and knows how to put a great show and in Las Vegas she definitely gives all she have! She is fierce and confident, at 49 years old has a great physical state, with solid choreos and though she has a very limited voice, she gives the best of herself and sings the most of the time live even she sing some ballads and that is appreciated. The show has great visuals that transport you to the era of each song, she used great outfits ranging from glamorous to urban, from Latin to casual in general is a great show. 10/10 4. Lady Gaga: Enigma. The mother moster has been very busy this year, acting and preparing her two residences for Las Vegas, yes two! Where does she get so much energy and motivation? but well let's talk about enigma. In general it is a great show, is conceptual, with great choreos, though we know that Gaga is interested in being more a great interpreter than a dancer, but both things she knows how to do very well, dance and sing at the same time! She is rude, naughty and rare as always, she interacts with the assistants. the outfits just as we are used to, following a strange but symbolic pattern according to the theme of the song. The show has great visuals on the back screens that perfectly set with the sessions in which the show is divided. 10/10 Well, the show is no longer available on YouTube, it's a really shame? by luck i download it ? Elton john, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Maria Carey, Bruno Mars, Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys sure they have good shows too for whoever likes them, they are important artists too, but I have not seen them so I can not judge them
  9. If this does well, I'll make a version with all of the notable/popular album tracks. And to clarify some of the choices I've made here: My Only Wish (This Year) is a Christmas single. (Obviously.) However, it was never a full single in that it got a music video and promotional performances, it was simply a radio single since it gets airplay every Christmas season. That's Where You Take Me was finally confirmed in 2015 (after over a DECADE of speculation) to have been a Philippines-only single, the last off of the Britney album, and peaked in said country at #3. Other country-specific singles are; Born To Make You Happy (released in all of Europe) and Anticipating (released exclusively in France), and And Then We Kiss and Unusual You (both released exclusively in New Zealand). (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun was released as a promotional single before the release of the My Prerogative album, and even has single artwork. When Britney did the infamous interview about Original Doll, she previewed Mona Lisa and said it was the likeliest choice to be the lead single, so even though OD was scrapped, Mona Lisa has been granted Honorary Single status for the purposes of this poll. Kill the Lights won a fan contest where it was given an official music video. In my mind, if you have a music video, you're a single. So like Mona Lisa, since Kill the Lights was never officially released, it's an Honorary Single. The only two singles not on this list are What's Going On and Hands, due to both being charity singles, and only featuring 20 seconds of Britney vocals combined. Criminal is listed as being from B in the Mix: Vol. 2 because the Single Mix was included on that album, which was released around the time Criminal was decided upon as the next single, and physical copies described it as being a single from said album.
  10. I know I do a lot of these "which song is better?" things but I genuinely love finding out why I seem to generally disagree with the most popular choice. I don't do it to be cool or anything like that but in regards to these 2 songs, I prefer Oops over Baby. I'm sure others will be like me and prefer this song but the majority seem to think Baby is better and I'm curious as to why you personally like that song more. I'm not looking for answers like "Baby changed the face of modern pop music and launched her career" etc because while I'm not denying its legacy and iconic impact, I'm more interested in the music itself, not the impact it had, if you get me. I know both songs are cheesy and to some, Oops is like a reject version of Baby, but I just prefer the sound of Oops. Of course Oops is iconic too and while people may say it is "over produced" and "the same as everything else that came out at the time", I believe it's a more interesting song. Same goes with the video. I absolutely don't hate Baby but of all the Britney songs in my playlist, it's one of the songs I listen to the least, whereas Oops is one I could listen to a couple of times a month and just have a blast singing along to. The instrumental of Oops stands out to me because it's not just the same sound on a loop throughout. I can actually sing along to it and have fun because the sounds are so fresh and unique. Back to the main version, I've never been one for inspecting lyrics too closely as I just prefer to sing to it if it's catchy and that's the thing; I think Oops is catchier than Baby. Maybe it's because I feel there's more of a story there and I can get into the song more easily, I don't know. It's so hard to explain. Another thing I like about it is that her voice sounds better than it does on Baby. YES, I know she uses her naturally deeper voice on Baby and Oops is probably more autotuned (I'm sure I'll get corrected), but it just fits the pop music thing so well. My favourite part in the whole song is from 2:49 when she elongates the "innocent". Random and weird I know but I love trying (and failing) to hit that note. I wish she'd do more of that because it literally is music to my ears. So there's my maybe inconsistent, unsure-sounding reasoning. What's yours?
  11. Hello and welcome to the second part of ranking Brit's bonus tracks! The final part will have song from Britney Jean and Glory. Once again, you can vote for multiple songs here, so if you can't choose one, vote for all! Enjoy! EDIT: THIS AND PT. 1 WILL BE RE-MADE IN A NEW THREAD THAT WILL COMPILE ALL BONUS TRACKS, AS MY STUPID SELF JUST REALIZED THAT YOU CAN PUT MULTIPLE QUESTIONS HERE. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE...
  12. She has so many songs which deserve to be on Just Dance. I know most of you are too cool for that game now but I'm curious to see what would win out of these songs. I haven't included Baby, Oops, Toxic etc as they're already in the series (even if they are awful cover versions). I absolutely love that JD is still using Britney songs but I wish they'd include more of her older hits as opposed to Slumber Party or Scream And Shout although credit where it's due, Work is amazing and the extreme version is certainly challenging. Just imagine trying to dance to Overprotected; that'd definitely be a challenge. I personally would go with that song and Stronger just because I think they have the right energy about them. I guess TTWE and MATM are more dancey but they're not as iconic. What are your thoughts?
  13. Alright, this is the first part of ranking Britney's bonus tracks. The next parts will contain bonus songs off of Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean and Glory. EDIT: THIS WILL BE MADE INTO A NEW THREAD BECAUSE MY STUPID SELF JUST REALIZED THAT YOU CAN ADD MULTIPLE QUESTIONS. MY APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.
  14. What is Britney’s #1 MOST iconic moment? Discuss.....
  15. What are you predicting with Domination? Discuss.....
  16. I was listening to Blackout today and wondering this. I feel like the song is kind of a 'meme' of sorts around here. Do we actually like it, or is it just a joke song to the fan base? Personally I like it, so there's that. It's not my favorite but I can bop to it sometimes. It's one of my GP friends favorite Britney songs too. So, what's the truth?
  17. They said hip hop, so would you like to see Britney do Sippin On for Domination? Let’s be real baby... This would be so fun and cute.
  18. There are songs that were better in the demo version And others that get bettter in their final version what do you think? I missed any other? GUILTY this is the 1 leak version but looks like a remix and not a official version. Some people say this is the final version (with samples of "Kiss" by Prince) WHEN I FOUND YOU (Demo) Final Version MATM (solo version) Final Version AND THEN WE KISS (junkie xl remix) Some people say this is the Final Version MONALISA (demo) Final Version SIPPIN' ON (solo version.) Final Version (Ft. A.C.) BREAK THE ICE (Demo) i love the bridge...? Final Version WE CAN DO IT (GET NAKED demo) with some extra vocals...Freakin amazing! Final Version COLD AS FIRE (Hot as Ice demo) Final version GOT ME HIGH (Perfect Lover Demo) [Changes in the bridge and the end] Final Version
  19. When Britney steps on a red carpet we never know what to expect, over the years we can realize when Brit enlist a professional team she can get big things and look flawless but when is she who chooses the dress and makeup, well.. everything changes, another thing we can notice, is that she never felt really comfortable on a red carpet, she never knew what to do with her hands... hahahaha let's see the best and worst looks of each year... 1999 The best The worst 2000 The Best the worst 2001 the best The Worst 2002 the best The worst 2003 the best The worst 2004 the best the worst 2006 The best } The worst 2007 The Best [Nothing ] The worst 2008 the best The Worst Iconic 2009 The Best [Nothing ] The Worst 2010 The Best [Nothing ] The worst 2011 the best the worst Follow... post your favorites...
  20. We know that FFney was really weird, the hair and make up sucks made her look even worse, but things started to change in 2012 on the X factor, though that was somethin intermittent, sometimes slay and sometimes flop, which is the best and the worst ? ... I likes this... I hate This...
  21. Yes, long, long time a go, britney used to doin' promo singing live She did't always kill the notes but she tried So which perfomance of each single she make it better? Baby one more time Sometimes: Born to make you happy From the bottom... Oops Don't let me be the last... Slave 4 U (over playback) I'm not a girl... Overprotected (Over playback) I love rock and roll (prerecored?) Everytime You oughta know (pre recored) Somethin to talk about
  22. We all agree that after the disaster of the 2007 VMA's, Britney deserved some kind of recognition from MTV in the 2008 VMA's , I completely agree with the best pop video, and best female video, but she reality deserved the video of the year? ...being coherent I think not... for me, more than a great award, it was a great humiliation for her, because we all knew that video was't so great as to win that category, that looked like... "ok we're going to give you these award just to reward the damage caused in the previous year" a little for pity, all the artists present that night even laughed sarcastically when she won (chris brown and others) in general the Vma's 2008, everything look so cheap (although Britney looked incredibly fabulous) and even weirder that the videos of that night have disappeared from the internet while the vma's 2007 there are so many. **** Mtv!
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