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  1. Femme Fatale is losing to Katy’s Teenage Dream.
  2. So now that JLo and Shakira are doing the superbowl together. Do you think that Britney and Christina could do the same in the future. Both Queens of the 90's. I think would be amazing. What do you think?
  3. So, as you may have noticed, this poll is actually made by me instead of @ILikeChillinWithYou, but I won't really delve deeper into that. Anyway, here's another poll for the best Britney tracks. My picks would be: Track 13 The choice between "I Run Away" and "Outta This World" is really hard, but in the end, I chose "I Run Away". Now, don't get me wrong, "Outta This World" is a beautiful song, but I simply prefer "IRA". On the surface, it doesn't seem very special: it's a teen pop song about a break-up. Despite, this it somehow really is one of Britney's best songs and my favourite track on Britney. Maybe it's the stunning string section, maybe it's the fact that you can hear the sadness in Britney's voice so clearly, I don't know. Anyway, this song is absolutely amazing. Track 14 Track 14 has some amazing songs, like the runner-ups for this spot: "The Answer", and "What It's Like To Be Me", as well as some pretty OK, not very special songs. Still, the choice is very obvious here: "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)". It's one hell of a great slice of Latin pop and it works surprisingly well for Britney. When I first heard it, the verses were pretty good, but it's when the chorus hit that I really was floored by the tremendous quality of this song. I still can't believe that "Slumber Party" was chosen as the second single over this track. Track 15 Despite "Don't Hang Up" being one of the track 15s, Glory is the winner here again, with its powerful, opulent track "Liar". The beat here is great and the harmonica only enhances that. It mixes exceptionally well with the strings in the chorus. I find it kinda hard to explain why I like this track so much, but I just do! My favourite part of the song is the first half of the last chorus, it's just A•MA•ZING! Now, what are your picks for this poll? Express / exfoliate / exorcise / exsiccate yourself below!
  4. Hey guys Same rules as always. Shadow Trip To Your Heart, but i went with Shadow2003 I realize I’m not a big fan of Track 11 but I went with Brightest Morning Star because that’s the one I listen to the most among the options OH MY GOD NOOOOO! I can’t pick between When I Found God, EveryGod, Why Should I Be God, CrimiGod, and God On Tite I love Track 12!!! After hours of thought I went with Criminal although most of you’d pick Everytime. Sound off on ur picks below!
  5. I’m back with track 7, 8 and 9 Do You Wanna Come Over hands down Unusual You close second. Slumber Party Touch Of My Hand close second. Chillin’ With You Where Are You Now Sound off on ur picks below!
  6. Im back Same as the previous game, pick your favourite songs with respect to their track number. My picks: Honestly it’s so difficult Breathe On Me, Break The Ice, Not A Girl, Man On The Moon... all in the same poll I went with the classic Not A Girl because I love that ballad, but it was so difficult, Track 4 is iconic y’all. How I Roll I know it’s a weird choice but the song is so underrated! Just Luv Me close second. **** Track 6 has some of my favourite songs I went with Toxic but FTBOMBH, What U See, Get Naked all are honourable mentions! Sound off on ur picks below!
  7. I actually borrowed this idea from some Taylor Swift fans who’d rank the tracks from each album with respect to their order in the album. So for the first series I’d like to ask y’all what the best Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3 is These are my picks: Gimme More - Duh. Although Break The Ice would have made a good Track 1 with its opening line “It’s been a while, I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting...”, Gimme More’s iconic “It’s Britney *****” does the job too! Make Me... - The song is so pleasing and still sounds fresh to this day. I could hear it and never get bored. Would have been perfect if we got a better video too. Sometimes - quite difficult actually. Track 3s are all pretty good. I was gonna go for Inside Out first but oh well, Sometimes is a good happy Track. Too bad Britney doesn’t feel the same about it. Sound off on your picks below! I’ll be creating the threads for the other tracks soon enough
  8. If we go pre 2016, which other B album would deserve to be in her top 3? I'm not fussed on Blackout (I know I go on about it) but I can admit these 3 albums work well together but if we imagine life before Glory, which album deserves to stand alongside In The Zone and Blackout (effectively 4th place now)? And do you think anything will replace either of the 3 albums in the future? I think Glory is probably the easiest to replace seeing as ITZ and BO are just on another level really. Your thoughts?
  9. A random comparison of two songs from her career that performed below expectations on the charts (atleast in the US, I know MATM was bigger WW) Both has amazing videos and both are collaborations, one with the Queen of Pop and the other with Madonna So according to you, which song would you choose to hear and which video do you think is better?
  10. So which are your favorite songs? I was gonna add the Unreleased songs we've gotten this decade too, but I can't add more questions / options
  11. Of all the pop girls listed, who has the best voice? It's easy to say someone like Ariana or to say Britney can't sing but thinking about live performances, who really just makes you go "wow"? I know Brit/Selena lip sync but try and think of their live vocals. I can't include everyone but I'm torn between JoJo, Mariah and Xtina. I know people say Mariah's passed it but they can't deny she has an amazing voice. I absolutely love JoJo but I think my vote would go for Mariah. Her and Ari are very close to Mariah's level but Mimi is the original and the best. I'm not saying she's better than say Celine or Whitney but from this list, I think she'd win. I'm curious to see what you guys think and where Britney will place because we know she has a strong, deep voice but she can be pitchy. I'd still put her above SG, JLO, TS and Madonna (maybe Avril) but as much as I hate to say it, a lot of the modern singers, especially Miley are incredible singers and I think they'd beat Brit. I'm not trying to compare them as they're all different strands of pop and have different strengths/weaknesses but I am curious to see who you guys, being unbiased, think is the best. I like Mariah. She's not my fave but I recognise her talent. Madonna on the other hand...Again, I sort of like her but her voice is nothing special. I'm still trying to process the Eurovision disaster
  12. The last part of these polls are here We left off the last poll at the letter U. This time we'll be starting things off with W because V, X and Z are the only alphabets with no song by Britney Thankfully there were 2 from Y! My Picks: W - Womanizer OMG that was so f**king hard I didn't realise she had so many good songs with W... Y - (You Drive Me) Crazy You Got It All is probably the worst song from PrimeNey, there, I said it Thank you to everyone who participated through the course of these polls! A gift for them:
  13. Based off of the song's actual quality, which is the superior one? I'd be curious to know what other Exhalers think. Personally, I prefer the original and find the remix version to be rather annoying.
  14. Hey Part 6 is here with letters S, T and U. No letters have been omitted in this poll. Thankfully, to my surprise, there were 2 songs with the letter U. My picks: S - Slumber Party Very difficult pick, I was gonna go for Someday, Sometimes or Shadow but in the end SP will be that underrated bop, hit or not. T - Trip To Your Heart I don't know why but I love this song so much that I had to pick it over Toxic and TOMH. U - Up n' Down Simply because I prefer a happy dance track over a very sad ballad-mid tempo song. Share your picks!
  15. Part 2 is here My picks: D - Do You Wanna Come Over? One of my favourite Britney songs of all time, OF ALL TIME!!! E - Everytime Email My Heart close second F - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Underrated classic
  16. Here's Part 4 Btw for all those who are wondering why I didn't include the letter 'K', no I didn't forget it, I know the english alphabet. It's just that Britney only has one song with 'K' so there won't be two choices to vote for. I'll leave the task up to you guys to find which is that one song that starts with K Don't use the Internet, try to find out yourself and from your memory that One song My Picks: J - Just Luv Me Never found Just Like Me interesting, probably my least favourite of Glory because I don't like the production at the chorus, I feel like something's missing. K - L - Lucky That song is just a precious gem of Britney's discography. M - Mood Ring Close call with Make Me...
  17. Hey guys We left off last time at the letter M, but I've omitted the letter N and Q this time around because there's only one Britney song with those letters it seems so there cannot be choices, just like with K I'll leave the task to discover those two songs that start with N and Q respectively to you Remember, don't use the Internet, try to find them from your memory. My picks: N - O - Oops!... I Did It Again Kinda easy, although I love Outrageous very much too. P - Private Show Don't @ me *******. Close call with Piece Of Me and Pretty Girls to. Again, don't @ me. Q - R - Radar Because I don't like Rock Boy or Rock Me In
  18. Got the idea for this while I was battling my early-life crisis in the shower today morning. Thought this game would be fun Here are my picks: A - Alien Hate on BJ all you want but the song is beautiful and probably the best given the choices we have. B - ...Baby One More Time very difficult pick, didn't realize she had so many songs with B. C - Crazy by Kevin Federline ft. Britney Spears Criminal Been obsessed with FF lately and Criminal is my favourite from it. . Feel free to share your picks and await the other parts patiently
  19. Part III - letters G, H & I My picks: G - Gimme More Obviously H - Hold On Tight The beautiful and talented kid born into an ugly abusive family I - Invitation That was so difficult, close call between Slave, I'll Never Stop Loving You, INAGNYAW, Inside Out, If U Seek Amy and I Run Away FYI 'I' is the alphabet with which Brinni has the most number of songs
  20. Would you enjoy a whole acoustic album ? I think it could be great, and it could show Britney's voice talent to the GP. In a perfect world she would record again the old songs with new vocals but I guess they could also use old vocals but raw. It could be a nice concept for a Greatest Hits album, what do you think ?
  21. Two iconic lead singles both having almost similar views on YouTube- Oops has 227M while Womanizer has 235M. Which one is the better song and video in your opinion and more iconic to their respective eras? You know, Thought it'd be really cool and faded to compare them, you know? Very urban and um, very... cool, you know?
  22. Why do you think Britney does not perform as good as she used to in the past?
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