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  1. I wonder what they could be? Her album 'Disco' is out on November 6th!
  2. Kylie Minogue's new single is titled "Magic" and is out now. It's another disco-tinged banger. I love her vocals on it! The world needs these sugary sweet pop gems. There's also a sparkly video out as well. Disco coming to snatch all the Grammys. Thoughts on the new tune, Exhale?! Do you believe in Magic? Related:
  3. In her first of several US promo spots for her upcoming 15th studio album Disco, Kylie lip-synced (much to her fans disappointment) her new song "Say Something," complete with a throwback 70s Disco-y visual effects. Kylie's return to her trademark dance floor sound with new album Disco (after not so great fan reception for both 2015's Kylie Christmas and 2018's countryfied Golden) kicks off on November 6th. Watch the performance below:
  4. UK do love their chart battles, as a big tradition advertised weekly by the OCC. For a While, it was a safe bet Kylie was going to go #1 with Disco and extend her record as the only act to have a #1 Album in five consecutive decades. All was fine until today. The lovers had their confidence a little shaken, as Little Mix announced Their highly anticipated Sixth studio album "Confetti" out the same day. The Kylie fan base remind themselves they had a huge lead in pre orders since June, but they are worried as Kylie doesn't have streaming numbers like little Mix does. They also know The girls gets a bigger push as their talent show looking for the opening act for their forthcoming stadium tour airs this fall on BBC one. Plus Kylie is starting her US Promo month Tonight. They want Kylie to push Up disco or delay it a few weeks til she can focus on the UK. As that is what led Golden to be a huge success in that market. She focused on the UK leading up to it's release. It's Pop legend Kylie vs. Little mix In the UK. Place your BET's. Who you think is going in at #1 for the release week of November 6.
  5. Kylie Minogue stopped by Radio Andy to promote her forthcoming album Disco. Andy said Kylie's been compared to Madonna her entire career and asked if the two ever met. They did! At the 2013 Met Gala. Kylie tried talking to Madonna, but Madonna's ex Braham Zaibat actually blocked them from interacting. It's understandable why both fan bases were upset. The one time for a real photo op and an in-person conversation and it was completely sabotaged. When asked if she would love to make music with her, Kylie said absolutely. Madonna was and still is this cool rocker chick. Like, how can anybody growing up as a teen in the 80s not consider her an important influence in their artistry? You'd be lying.
  6. In, 2015, Kylie Jenner tried unsuccessfully to trademark Kylie with the US patent agency, only to be stopped by Kylie Minogue. The file to request denial to Miss Jenner was actually very shady. Minogue has said, I had nothing to do with that paper and horrible accusations of accusing her of using black men as pawns, and mocking wheel chair people. That was my lawyers doing. When word got to me what was said, I was moritfied and vilified in America by her fanbase. I only told them to prove that I have the internet domain Rights to Kylie.com and all the other patents, not shade her for being a white woman who likes to date black men, and such. Needless to say Minogue actually won victory. Five years later. Jenner is acting she's above the law.
  7. Kylie Minogue's new music video for "Say Something" has officially trotted in. Kylie rides a golden stallion wit sparkles and sunshine surround her glowing aura? Ugh giving the gays everything we want. Did you love the "Say Something" video, Exhale? Related:
  8. The top five greatest hits by solo acts, Before playlists, artists and labels would package a best of their biggest artists. Sometimes the greatest Hits have clever titles. Like the best selling compilation by a solo act, Female in the US The immaculate collection by Madonna. Or in some cases like TLC Now and forever. One greatest hits act I will be excluding from this list is the original 1998 Mariah Carey #1's album. She opened the album with a letter saying this was out of her hands, and this isn't a greatest hits, it's too soon. Just a thank you to the fans, when the greatest Hits comes I'll include songs that didn't go #1 that are better than some that did Underneath the stars, Breakdown, the roof. Mariah thanked the fans, but also shaded the concept behind the album. My opinion for the best Britney Spears greatest Hits collection The 58 track (29 CDs in the rare and hard to get cool box set which housed a b side or a cool Remix) that celebrated her first decade in the music industry. While the 2004 set Greatest hits: My prerogative was praised, many felt it was way too soon for Britney to actually have a Hits collection, saying it speaks of her short brief imperial phase. But 2009's Box set was praised and achieved universal acclaim, the only Britney album to achieve this. Saying as a singles act, it doesn't get better than Britney Spears. This set goes hand to hand with the just released Madonna's celebration, and is a great reminder, that just like Madonna and Michael Jackson was the top pop stars of their era. Britney Spears proves this box set start as a teen pop 🌟 brilliantly across 29 CD singles goes from pop star to established club act. It's perhaps an indicator when Britney goes out of favor for radio stations and album sales, the princess of pop will join the ranks of Madonna and Kylie Minogue as relevant in the dance floor forever, who needs a billboard hot 100 #1 hit when you have 15 #1 dance hits. For the males there is only two men I Stan both I was raised on in my household Prince the Hits. This release was right before the final Official album to bear his name under the moniker Prince 1958-1993, but this release he allowed to happen, but refused to promote given the battle he was taking on the music industry. While Taylor Swift got praised. Prince did it to, was ridiculed and made fun of. This is the only commercial he authorized for his first greatest hits set. Kylie Minogue step back in time deluxe 3 CD set Originally a 2 CD set, many fans felt jipped on kiss me once exclusion. Kylie obliged and released the expanded reissue of her Gold certified #1 Album. 10 more hits, plus a 40 minute megamix. TLC now and forever:The Hits represents the best American girl group compilation Like T Boz said, we're the only girl group to have funk, soul, rap. It wasn't done before, and never happened since them. https://youtu.be/NOOhqDpL5-k Michael Jackson History, past present and Future book 1.. Is perhaps the ultimate best of in make pop stars, 15 of his biggest Hits on one disc, the other is a complete studio album. Featuring Scream the only time Michael and Janet collaborated, plus it house's the very first single to debut at #1 on the Billboard hot 100 (which happened slot in the fall of 1995, but until the streaming era, it was way difficult to achieve that feat, it's easier now. Not so much back then) It's also to date his most controversial and personal album to date. Reason why it's controversial Michael was accused of anti seminite lyrics in they don't care about us, by the Jewish community. For the following lyrics. "Skinhead, dead head, everybody gone bad . Jew me, sue me, kick me, kik'e me Don't you black or white me." Let's just say Sony Music was extremely pissed that they had to pay an additional 2,000,000 for Michael to reedit the song without the offending lyrics. Hint the special effects. It's only the original print that contains the unedited version. Celebration is the ultimate greatest Hits set by Madonna.
  9. In 2003, Kylie Minogue released Body Language, An American R&B and hip hop album, This podcast duscuss outside the singles it failed to connect to Her European audience, to follow up the electro disco ball of Fever, It wasn't the follow up they wanted. They blame the American record label for shoving this idea down her throat..
  10. Could This Song Have been Meant For Blackout, Also Take Note That This song Was Writen By Bloodshy And Avant
  11. Kylie Minogue is hard at work on her 15th(!!!) studio album, officially titled Disco. It drops November 6th. The first single is reportedly titled "Say Something" is officially out. It's a modern disco classic! Kylie describes the new music on Disco as “grown-up disco. [It's] difficult even for me to explain,” she tells GQ of her new music. “But even grown-ups need some pure pop fun.” Kylie recorded around 10 songs penned by songwriter Maegan Cottone. Cottone has co-created some pretty epic pop songs, including "Pretty Girls" by Britney Spears (FIGHT ME ), "Up" by Demi Lovato and Olly Murs and a bunch of Little Mix tracks. Cottone says in a recent podcast she and Kylie had a bunch of tracks done before the pandemic hit. Now that Kylie, like the rest of us, is quarantining she's working in her own home-studio and getting guidance from Cottone through Zoom sessions. Cottone isn't sure how many of her songs will make the final cut, but believes at least a few will. Kylie is also working with Madonna producer, Mirwais. Are YOU ready for Kylie? Sound off! Related:
  12. Chromatica is being accused of several club samples stealing. A problem gaga has seriously faced everytime she did dance music.. But now we can add Kylie's Juggernaut "Can't get you out of my head" to the rip off accusations. I won't lie. Even though the tempo is slowed down. It does sound similar to the intro. I knew gaga going back to dance music. All the accusations that she faced early on that almost made her want to retire in 2014. Was going to come back. And boy did it. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  13. If Kylie gets a #1 album this decade on the UK Charts, she will become the first artist to have a #1 album span 5 consecutive decades. Which is difficult to get, even for Madonna. Kylie's #1 albums are Kylie 1988 Enjoy yourself 1989 Greatest hits 1992 Fever 2001 Aphrodite 2010 Golden 2018 Step Back in time: Pop precision since 1987 Australian #1 albums Light Years 2000 Fever 2001 X 2007 Kiss me Once 2014 Golden 2018 Step back in time. Word on the street is her Australian label removed the expanded edition of step back in time with that sweet *** 49 Minute megamix @Roxxy @Jordan Miller @babyimmafreak90
  14. Upon seeing some love for the Australian Princess of Pop on here lately, I have decided to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of her fourth major greatest hits album, Step Back In Time: The Definitive Collection with this thread. On the 28th of June 2019, Kylie released this collection of bops, including one new song, New York City, originally recorded for during the “Golden” recording sessions and it. is. a. bop Obviously including all of her hits past and present, the album debuted at number 1 in Australia and the UK, staying in the top 5 of the latter for 3 weeks. This marks her 6th and 7th number 1 album in Australia and the UK respectively. Greatest Hits albums may be on the way out, but when you’ve got a career spanning 4 decades, it’s a great way for a new audience to discover you. And Kylie has bops for days. What do you guys think of Kylie? Have you heard her definitive collection? What are your favourite Kylie songs? I love In Your Eyes, Please Stay, 2 Hearts, Slow, In My Arms, Love Affair, Come Into My World, ugh too many to list tbh. Please discuss.
  15. Hi, everyone! My friend and I are thinking of starting a music blog, and I want to make sure something like this doesn't already exist first, so please let me know if it does in any form! I'm obviously a huge pop fan, and he's into more niche artists, so we want to take turns reviewing music the other person likes (and offer both of our perspectives on new releases). Examples of things I would have him react to include Britney's unreleased tracks/B-sides (Mona Lisa, the Rebellion snippet, etc.), the Spice Girls' solo music, and Kylie Minogue's music in general (we're in America, and she's not as well-known here). What are your thoughts? Does this sound like a blog you'd wanna follow? Any particular artists/bodies of work you'd like reviewed? Would anyone be interested in occasionally contributing to it? Lmk!
  16. 20 years ago Today, Parlophone records released Spinning Around by Kylie minogue. It took a couple of years to get to Kylie. The track was written by Paula Abdul, Kara Dioguardi, For Paula's unreleased 4th studio album. Paula signed a new recording deal with Mercury records in 1997 after Virgin dropped her, her 1995 Album head over heels wasn't the hit Virgin hoped it would be. However, Thx to American Idol, the album is in the cult status. Among the top 100 most underrated albums of all time. Sadly when the merger of Island def jam happened, several artists were dropped without releasing music. Paula was one of them. Parlophone signed Kylie in 1999, thx to a surprising duet with The Pet shop boys titled in denial. It was her biggest contract to date. A six album deal that was worth £98 Million. First order of business, Bring back pop Kylie.. The first single to launch this new and improved Kylie was Spinning around, the video has an infamous close up shot of her derriere in her trademark hot gold pants which according to William Baker cost only 50p to get it. Kara credits the video and Kylie's sexiness for making this song the hit it was, Her first UK #1 hit since 1990's Tears on my pillow. The song is a staple on her live shows, has been performed on every tour since 2001's on a night like this tour, with the exception of 2012's Anti tour, which was a setlist of b sides and rare tracks to celebrate her 25th anniversary in the music industry. Happy 20 years of the birth Of Camp kylie This is In denial, which led to Parlophone signing Kylie to their roster..
  17. 18 years ago a massive chart battle happened in the UK. In one corner The Princess of Pop (UK and Australia media gave her that title, Britney has every other market respectively) Kylie In the other corner The King of Rock and Roll himself Elvis Presley with a single to accommodate his 25th anniversary since his death. A remix by Junkie XL titled A little less conversation. Sadly Kylie lost to elvis. Peaking at #2. She came this close to having her 7th #1 single in the UK. But it's her 11th #2 single in the UK. Stream the remixes to Kylie's Grammy nominated best dance recording.
  18. This song deserves justice! The song starts pretty good but when the chorus hits This really should've been more than it was.
  19. The prayers have been answered, posting on Instagram. With a custom made Disco ball microphone, She's hinting. Get ready. Your disco needs you, even if it's a homemade self isolation disco If the single arrives later this month, this would go with the appropriate time for her Usual late October or early November release. Who's ready to put on their dancing shoes??? Our disco queen needs us and so does the dance floor she commands. Stream The goddess of pop's most recent Greatest hits and overall her 7th #1 album in the UK, and her sixth #1 album in her native Australia.
  20. If you play #Chromatica II then put Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" after it sounds so fierce. #Chromatica
  21. I take it back. Britney was nominated for Brits. But lost all of her nomination. This was her only nomination. She lost To Madonna. Madonna beat the likes of her musical daughters P!NK, Kylie and of Course Britney spears to win the award. She would win again in 2006. Beating Mariah Carey who just Like Britney lost her only Brit nomination to Madonna. But on a serious note. Y'all thank God Guy is gone. I didn't understand just how submissive he made her. That must have been a good lay in bed for the woman who wouldn't submit to no man ever. To allow this. And in 2006 Madonna beat Mariah Carey who was never nominated for a brit before or after this award..
  22. In 1999 Many British music critics and industry leaders written off Kylie minogue. Her 1997 Magnum Opus Impossible Princess made her at one point the most hated woman in the UK. She was panned by Critics for chasing the sounds Of Blur and others indie rock. You know stuff that pop stars aren't supposed to do. However Melanie C never was treated that way when Northern star came out and her radical image overhaul. She looked like a tomboy bottom version of The witness era by Katy Perry. But ironically while she failed to woo her native Australia with her chessy dance pop. Impossible princess was the first album that Australia enbraced from Kylie minogue. RESPONSE was so positive. Kylie literally did an exclusive tour of Australia. (It lost the exclusive title once word got out about a tour for the album forcing her to do a more limited engagement version in London) But if it wasnt for the success in impossible princess. I don't even think everybody knows that Mushroom was going to drop her. In 99 she collaborated with the pet shop boys on a track called In denial. The track is about a daughter who knows her father is gay. But he is denying it. And it's hurting them both.. This led to her signing to Parlophone in the UK. Who told her they don't have anyone like her on the roster. "Nor does anyone else" Their mission was to bring kylie the pop star in an updated form. The comeback trilogy of what is called Parlophone phase one. Really was inspired by retro genres and imagery. Light years was heavy on 70s disco references and Imagery. It also includes the gay staple Your disco needs you..ironically all the gayest song's on light years Love Boat, Koocachoo, Your disco needs you and of course a rock anthem for the gays. Kids were all written for kylie by the gayest straight man ever Robbie Williams of take that fame In 2001 Disco was traded in for futuristic imagery with a touch of 1980s club music. Again Fever housed iconic gay anthems Including what should have been issued as club singles "Give it to me" and "Burning up" The trilogy however came to a perfect conclusion with the underrated "Body language " 80s was the theme. But more like 80s R&B genres like freestyle and electro hip hop vibes. With influences from Prince and lisa lisa and the cult jam. Kylie was able to what All music guide basically described . Made a retro trilogy that was also modern. Abd it basically sealed her fate that she wasn't going anywhere but officially confirmed she's here to stay. Fan favorite Secret (take you home) incoprated elements of this Freestyle classic making the 80s R&B and club sounds from the 80s freestyle genre evident. Dannii did this to on 1991's Love and Kisses. But that was when the genre was still popular. Not forgotten when Body language dropped. So stream the underrated classic that brought the trilogy of retro music influence to a perfect close.
  23. Yes I love Kylie Ann Minogue She is the ultimate Showgirl (Dubbed Aphrodite for the Aphrodite tour which is fitting) Kylie's 2006 Homecoming tour was rge best tour that didn't come to the states. Filmed in Melbourne at the Rod Laver arena. Kylie staged the ultimate homecoming ever. You see she was supposed to bring the tour in 05. But Breast Cancer got in the way. All of this is also detailed in the best music documentary White Diamond. A personal portrait of Kylie minogue. She brought back Charlene from Neighbours. She's one of the few artists that always submits homoeroticism throughout her show.. This is why kylie is viewed as the ultimate gay icon in the UK and Australia. It's like her shows are made for the gays by a woman who knows she really has no straight male fans. She dediates the show to her fabulous gay husband William Baker. It still bothers me How the US keeps sleeping on an artist whose mic is always on and never gets overdubbed in the final product @JordanMiller @Roxxy @babyimmafreak90
  24. KYLIE MINOGUE is one of the few rare popstars that admits. It's because of the hits. It's what brought her here. Artists like Madonna and a few others hate the idea of Nostalgia and basically doing a hits tour. Cos that means she's a variety act. That's how the media describes acts who celebrate the past more than the present.
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