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  1. Kylie's Number one British, Australian and Billboard dance album (her first official US Number one album on any Billboard chart) DISCO was well received by critics and fans and Kylie fans shaded Madonna saying, Kylie knows we want fun Music, most of us are conservatives, don't like having the finger pointed at us like we're the problem or the ones who earned your wrath of Anger. Miss a Thing was embraced by the fans since day one, from Kylie opening the track simply with Dance!, the very studio 54 track has Kylie telling a guy to forget his troubles, or his problems because he's making her miss everything on the dance floor, and it's upsetting her that he won't dance, but she reminds him life is too short to miss everything, so let's go out with a bang. Miss a Thing is gonna be extended to a 5 Minute 12" Version, As all 12 tracks from the standard edition are being extended in 12" extended mixes, but retain musically the elements of the album mixes, with longer instrumental breaks for dancing under a strobe light and disco balls. DISCO guest list edition comes out November 12 in 2 CD or limited edition 3 CD/DVD/Blu ray And DISCO extended mixes will be released December exclusively on purple vinyl..
  2. Kylie is collaborating with Years & Years ago on a new track titled "A Second To Midnight". The Disco re-issue is out November 12th.
  3. So word was going around of a massive disco repack. Thanks to a french website and actual ATRL insider info. It's legit. The Disco Guest pack will feature 3 new songs. All duets with gay icons Jessie Ware whis what's your pleasure album is considered the album that got overlooked in 2020, a new track with years and years and a song with original disco queen Gloria Gaynor who's Kylie quoted her song and an all around gay anthem "I will survive " throughout disco album.. Standard 2 CD set Deluxe edition 3 CD plus both a dvd and a blu Ray of her infinite disco live stream concert. Disc 1 the original 12 track album. Disc 2 the bonus tracks from the deluxe edition, the 3 new songs plus remixes including remixes of say something that was only available via her webstore super digital deluxe album (Basement Jaxx) or the Japanese edition F9 ( one half of the freemasons who did the epic club mix of the one from X which is the single version and how she performs it in the upbeat version when she tours). Plus the Dua lipa remix of real groove. The deluxe 3rd CD is the infinite disco in audio form. Plus deluxe has both a blu Ray or DVD of infinite disco.. Which is major considering fans were upset a blu Ray of her golden tour wasn't an option. Fans are complaining that she stayed in Melbourne for 8 months and couldn't do what steps did and make a brand new studio album as a continuation of the era. Some of us argued saying considering most of her family is in Australia, I'm pretty sure work was the least on her mind. I'm excited according to cultural, a french Music store. Disco Guest pack edition is expected to come out on November 12th Fans got shady considering little mix has an album out that day. But we all said for the UK, ABBA probably will have a second week at number one considering the strong numbers Universal Music said the pre orders of the album, plus it's ABBA and the UK is very ABBA obsessed as they never went out of style there. @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  4. On September 8, 2001, Kylie Minogue released Can't Get You Out of My Head, the lead single off her eighth studio album Fever, released a month later. The song was written and produced by Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis. The song went #1 in 40 countries, but it peaked at #7 in the US Billboard Hot 100, and it's sold over 5 million copies around the world as of 2018. The track had been originally offered to S Club 7 and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who passed on it, until Kylie's A&R heard it and booked it for her. An iconic music video was directed by Dawn Shadforth and choreographed by Michael Rooney, winning Best Choreography at the VMA's in 2002.
  5. On August 29, 1994, Kylie Minogue released Her lead single "Confide In Me", from her fifth studio album " Kylie Minogue ".. It was titled her full name as a way to distance herself from The cookie cutter PWL days, while many fans dismiss The Deconstruction era, commercially it wasn't as successful as The PWL or The future Parlophone era, but none the less this was very artistically needed as many PWL Acts actually didn't show growth like Kylie did and just became has been or Prode festivals acts such as Jason Donavan, Hazell Dean and countless others even Bananarama. Actually didn't get further like Kylie did. This album and Impossible princess is perhaps seen as neccessary and why she lasted at the forefront of the British and global pop industry. Confide in me, is trip hop and very classical music, to a friend of mine she said I thought I listened to Pink Floyd for a minute.. It's also noted for one of her best vocal tracks. And really her first time in full creative control of her Music and images Which was something she said PWL never allowed her to have any input. @Slayer
  6. The World pride has ended in Copenhagen, Denmark..in a glittery fashionable way. A phone call from the biggest gay icon from Australia, Kylie Ann Minogue, announcing that in 2023 Sydney will be home to the biggest pride event to date.. She has headlined Mardi Gras (unlike the Louisiana celebration, this one is literally Australian pride due to it being Summer in Australia (they're currently in Winter til September 1, when it becomes Spring). Let's hope Kylie becomes the Ambassador to Australia and joins the likes of Madonna, Danish Band Aqua and a few others as the ambassador and image of world Pride in their respective cities, Madonna ambassador was a big one as she was endorsed by Stonewall as it was the 50th anniversary in 2019 of the riots, which was in New York city and she performed a 30 Minute set which was a sneak peek of the Madame X tour.
  7. By 1991, it became so normal for Kylie minogue to be constantly compared to Madonna as she described by "Tabloid Media" who sells stories by being sensational and exaggerated, that's how they get the public to buy them. Alot of it has stem from her constant Reinvention, doing dance music and exploring her ***uality. 60 Minutes Australia in 93, tried it with Janet, who announced and declared she's a ***ual women with 1993's Janet,. Album, but she said there was a huge difference between her album and The Erotica album, both are dance Music but Janet does it with class, while Madonna talking about eating her out, being naked on highway, wasn't class, but when the Velvet rope came out MTV told Madonna, That Janet is exploring BDSM, which Kurt Loder reminded a 40 Year old Madonna, she did it first in her s** Book, and Better.. So, bottom line the media has always compared dance pop females who express their ***uality to Madonna, and I don't think that will ever stop, even Britney went thru it when she began. @Slayer @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller
  8. This is my first ever topic posted here. Why hasn’t Kylie Minogue said anything about Free Britney ?
  9. In 1998, Kylie minogue was dropped by deconstruction records, due to the low sales of 1997's Impossible Princess, which was retitled Kylie minogue '98 in the UK, to avoid any kind of controversy with the word Princess as the British public was still reeling with the death of Diana.. In, 1999, a free agent, Kylie minogue collaborated with the Pet shop boys on the track "In denial", playing the role of the daughter who knows her father is gay, and is very pathetic that he cant come out, even though she knows about his Rough trade boyfriends, Muscle Mary's and his likeness of queens and fairies..the track was universally acclaimed, and this led her to talk to Parlophone/EMI.. They signed her a six album deal, but told her that they never had anybody like Kylie minogue on their label, to which according to the Notes on "ultimate kylie", she replied with her trademark confidence. "Nor does anybody else". Due to the public backlash of indie Kylie, but now in the public eye and critics "Impossible princess" is actually a great album, and it's part of a trio of great trip hop album's Ray of Light By Madonna and Northern star by Melanie C share a link to that album by Kylie minogue, felt going back to her dance pop roots was actually the best step.. In comes Spinning around, a track written by Paula Abdul for her unreleased 4th studio album, which was supposed to be on a new contract she signed with mercury records after Virgin dropped her for the lackluster sales of 1995's Head over heels, but the island def jam merger and Polygram buying Universe as well, ended up seeing Paula getting dropped before any new Music was to be recorded.. Lyrically it does touch on that with the opening line. "Traded in my sorrows for some joy that I borrowed, from back in the day".. It would be appropriate for Kylie as well, given how she was literally starting over on her third record label.. The video is also iconic, besides the dress of Can't get you out of my head, Spinning around is known for the hot gold pants that actually gave a perfect up close shot of her bum, it was the video and the rebirth of Kylie the pop star with a modern disco pop twist that made the track her first #1 single in the UK in a decade, and a return to form for the UK's favorite pop princess..
  10. Lady Gaga tapped Kylie Minogue for a cover of "Marry The Night." It's to celebrate the Born This Way 10th anniversary. I'm slayed
  11. The queens lip sync to Kylie's campy disco anthem "Better the devil you know" the track has a legacy at the famous London G-A-Y Club every Saturday morning at 12:01, after dancing Friday night to midnight, this would always be the final song of the night, Being played in the 8 Minute extended Mad Hare March Mix. Lyrically it's a very dark pop song talking about how a guy keeps breaking up with a girl, only for her to take him back, if he won't leave her again, so subject wise the relationship is toxic anyway, but she thinks it can work out, cos Better the devil you know, nobody will ever love the way I do. No one will. It's a huge staple at her concerts every time she performs. It's a #2 hit in the UK and marked the birth of S/EX Kylie as dubbed by the British press and image was influenced to her relationship at the time with INXS Front man Michael Hutchence, who Delta Goodrem portrayed Kylie in the Australian biopic on INXS.
  12. Years & Years' Olly Alexander has confirmed that Kylie Minogue will feature on a new version of his latest single Starstruck. Olly announced the news on TikTok, sharing how he was first "starstruck" by Kylie when he supported her show in 2015, which led to the pair performing Better The Devil You Know together at Kylie's Christmas show at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2016. In 2019 Years & Years performed on Glastonbury's main stage immediately before Kylie's set, and it appears the pair have stayed in touch ever since. Starstruck is Olly's first single as a Years & Years solo project following the departure of Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen, and lead single from his third album. The track has so far reached Number 38 on the Official Singles Chart, marking Years & Years' ninth Top 40 singleso far. According to The Sun, Olly has returned the favour by writing a song for Kylie, which could appear on a deluxe reissue of her latest chart-topping album Disco alongside a collaboration with Jessie Ware.
  13. Hot off the heels of his critically praised performance with Elton John at the Brits. Olly Alexander the hottest gay performer in the UK has announced a remix of his electro pop banger "Starstruck" with none other than the most gayest and campiest of all gay icons, Miss Kylie herself. To celebrate the news, here is Kylie wearing a gliitery gold dress, and olly in his early days performing Kylie's gay staple "Better the devil you know" from Kylie's Christmas show of 2016.
  14. Here down under we seem to have quite a lot of successful female pop acts who get a few good songs on the Aussie charts but can never really breakout internationally. The exception being Kylie, Sia, Olivia Newton John and (Excluding the states) Tina Arena Does anyone follow any of our girls who didn’t break the states? The Veronicas, Delta Goodrem, Natalie Imbruglia Or Remember any forgotten gems? Kiss Kiss by Holly Valance will always be my 00s Anthem
  15. UK ALBUM SALES: Here are the female artists who have sold the most in the UK (Certified Albums - Updated to 2021) The #QueenofPop tops the chart, of course! 1 #Madonna: 17,060,000 2 #Adele: 11,100,000 3 #CelineDion: 9,640,000 4 #WhitneyHouston: 9,280,000 5 #KylieMinogue: 8,200,000 6 #Rihanna: 7,300,000 7 #P!nk: 7,200,000 8 #Dido: 6,020,000 9 #TinaTurner: 5,900,000 10 #AmyWinehouse: 5,760,000 11 #MariahCarey: 5,720,000 12 #SpiceGirls: 5,400,000 13 #ShaniaTwain: 5,220,000 14 #Beyoncé: 4,720,000 15 #DianaRoss: 4,720,000 16 #LadyGaga: 4,560,000 17 #BritneySpears: 4,400,000 18 #Cher: 3,940,000 19 #LeonaLewis: 3,760,000 20 #Anastacia: 3,360,000 21 #TaylorSwift: 3,200,000 22 #DestinysChild: 2,900,000 23 #LittleMix: 2,800,000 24 #ChristinaAguilera: 2,760,000 25 #KatyPerry: 2,460,000 26 #BelindaCarliste: 2,100,000 27 #EllieGoulding: 2,100,000. Congrats to Madonna for being announced with close to 18,000,000 certified pure sales, makes the queen of pop, the best selling female act of all time in the UK. Trailing behind her at #2 is none other than the best selling British female act of all time Adele with 11,000,000 sold, that's just 3 studio albums.. While on the vocal trinity end Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are respectively at #3 and #4 each. While the Princess of pop in the UK Music market Kylie Minogue rounds out the top 5. Spice girls is the best selling girl group in terms of album sales. Queen of Exhale Britney spears is at #17.. Mariah Carey came close to the top ten, what hurt her was going to her preferred genre Hip hop and R&B, which during her peak popularity wasn't embraced at all in the UK. Destiny's child is the best selling American girl group in the UK.. Congrats to all the ladies and hats off to Madonna for being the best seller in the British Music industry..
  16. Bruce Springsteen is nominated for best international male at 60 something. Foo fighters at 50 something is nominated for best international group. But, the absence of Kylie Minogue fir best international female, is pretty much proves for females 40 is the expiration date in the music industry, despite achieving her fifth consecutive number one for the consecutive decades, she really is the only 80s artist in the UK to still be relevant and loved, many believe she's the act that can surpass Madonna's 12 #1 albums in the UK, she has had 3 consecutive number one albums which has never happened to Kylie at all. The fact that Cardi B is nominated they're saying that's the one that Kylie should take. But it did shock them that at 35, Gaga was also snubbed and they even discussed that Ariana is nominated though her album did indeed flop and underperform to her standards. So, the Brits once again proved misogyny and ageism is real for females, but doesn't exist for men.
  17. Originally offered for inclusion on Femme fatale, Get outta my way is heard in the demo version with a Britney esque type singer. However, unlike Toxic, this is such a Kylie sassy kiss off, the video, and every performance, it was just made for Kylie, it went to the right artist, this time..
  18. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/we-should-be-so-lucky-kylie-minogue-returns-20210128-p56xma.html Welcome Home, Kylie. The CDC uses a hotel in Australia to quarantine whoever's visits the country, usually names are given. But, this time a spokesperson said due to an elite person, we can't reveal the names of any civilian. Many press wondered if it was their very own kylie, who mainly lives in the UK. while the rest of her family lives in Australia. Well it appears she was that elite person, that had to keep everybody confidential. It was due to the fact, the media would want to do in person interviews and mess up everybody else who's quarantining. No. Telling how long she's here, but I'm betting she's happy to be home to her family for a while at least. Let the Australian promo begin.
  19. Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa collaborated together on a remix of "Real Groove" off Kylie's most-recent album Disco. It drops December 31st. Exhale, you ready for this flawlessness?! Related:
  20. "Real Groove." Check out this stunning single cover
  21. The Guardian published a piece ranking the top 50 albums of 2020. They claim that Dua Lipa "out Gaga’d Gaga and out Kylie’d Kylie." I don't love the idea of pitting women against each other like this. All three had incredible albums. However, there is no denying that Dua had a pretty exceptional year (with no signs of slowing down rolling into 2021). What do you think? Did she out "Gaga" Gaga and out "Kylie" Kylie? Here's the excerpt:
  22. In 2011 Kylie Minogue embarked on her most epic and groundbreaking and game changing tour.. Aphrodite: Les folies. (Europe and Australia only) Aphrodite Live!!! 2011 (scaled down version for Asia, North America, Mexico and Africa) This tour was truly a world tour. But it was Europe and Australia that got her biggest tour. Featuring a water spectacle dubbed the splash Zone. Kylie and her former Creative director aka her Gay husband William Baker used Greek mythology and flipped it.. Several references for her female and Gay audiences, Kylie has an army of Roman soldiers at her service to dance for the audience, while she entertains the crowd. Look for I believe in you, which if paused right you can see some bare bottom of a guy, as he's playing the horse carrying kylie around the runways. Can't get you out of my head is a rock mix, slow is given a sensual jazz remix which evolves into the Chemical brothers remix. Closer sees kylie flying on top of a Greek angel above the Audience.. Her cover of Eurythmics There must be an angel (Playing with my heart) features kylie hitting some high notes that only she can. Plus a mashup of love at first sight with Cant beat the feeling and see her deliver the tours only ballad, the fan favorite "if you don't love me". Plus better the devil you know where kylie uses a guy's bum as you guessed her bongos. Kylie knows her audience and what they want. Enjoy two hours of stunning imagery and live singing, which actually did help improve her voice, and what limited voice she has, she found the strengths and makes it work to her charming feminine ways.
  23. Future Nostalgia feels like a Kylie album but w/o the spark When Kylie sings funk/disco/house influenced pop it feels very natural and real, it's like she has that natural vibe in her Listen to this track for example : But when Dua does it idk how to explain but she seems bored/emotionless, there's no real groove, it feels quite fabricated/manufactured. There's something missing. Her album is good but it could be better, so far it hasn't been anything spectacular or show-stopping. She is slightly overrated. I feel like the pop community has very low standards these days. Sophie Ellis Bextor (my queen), Kylie Minogue and Roisin Murphy are all better at delivering disco influenced pop music.
  24. Parlophone did Kylie dirty, this had a UK #1 hit over it.. But by issuing it December 6, A month after her Second "official" greatest hits album "Ultimate Kylie" but overall 9th. A lot of what Kylie called Cash it's happened a lot around this time due to her resurgence to the top of the British Music industry after a close to derailment thx to 94's Kylie Minogue and 1997's Impossible Princess. Oddly talking to my Australian Kylie friend's. If Impossible Princess actually bombed, Mushroom would have dropped her, the Success that album in Australia had (Due to its very Silver Chair and Rock influence) helped it become her most successful project in her native country. She, and everybody at Mushroom knew her doing pop music, was not cool in Australia and it was seen as a dirty word. But her returning to her trademark dance pop roots actually brought her back to prominece in the UK. And for the last 20 years actually was more successful than her PWL Era. Although one Album 2014's "Kiss me once" can be seen as both an artistic and commercial disaster, but most blame Roc Nation and Jay Z for not understanding Kylie and her artistry overall. Never the less, this peaked at #3, due to ultimate Kylie Being out for a month and already achieving double platinum status there. Another single that was a #1 potential would have a similar fate 2010's All the lovers". Single in cd format came out the same day as Aphrodite. So a lot of mistakes on Parlophone's parts was just beginning. This would be wrong lead singles in particular 2 Hearts, might have worked for Australia, but not the UK, in my arms should have been the UK lead single and 2 Hearts should have stayed an album track. Never the less, Kylie found a gay best friend, thx to frequent Collaborator Jake Shears of American band Scissor Sisters, even Stuart Price said those two working on Too Much, was fun, I mean fun, like they would write and just stop and be like girls behaving badly when they should be working, in order to get the track done cos of Calvin's deadline. We had to separate them, to get the track done. By that, Jake had to turn his portions of the songwriting from his house by E Mail. It peaked at #3 in the US Billboard dance club Charts. Nominated for a Grammy in the best dance recording but lost to the Chemical brothers who holds the record for the most wins in this category (12). Kylie herself is no longer eligible since the academy changed the rules, to DJS and dance bands only, not pop stars at their frivolous moment's which was the original vision of this category
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