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  1. Kelly Clarkson has announced her new Christmas album titled “When Christmas Comes Around” featuring classic covers and new originals! The album will include duets with Ariana Grande, Brett Eldridge, and Chris Stapleton! See the track list below: She also released the brand new lead single from the album, a nod to her ex-husband, titled “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You).” Check out the animated music video below!
  2. The 21st season of the show will premiere September 20 on NBC. Thoughts?
  3. Kelly Clarkson has to pay ex husband Brandon Blackstock 195K a month. 150K in spousal support 45K in child support, which ET questions why does he get child support when she has Primary physical custody and he only had them one weekend a month, in LA which he has to travel to LA from Nashville for his weekend. ET also learned, he is no longer involved in her talk show which in fall of 2022, will replace Ellen after her upcoming 19th and final season airs in the 2021-2022 season. Do you agree with this outcome, many speculate the reason why it's actually big, proves she was the breadwinner in this marriage and he was in reality not a money maker as he was painted out to be by the media due to him being at one point the former stepson of Country legend Reba. But people in Nashville pointed out that Brandon and extra marital affairs are nothing new, as this was why his first marriage ended up in divorce just like the same fate his marriage with Kelly Clarkson ended, he thought he could have his cake and eat it to, which both women didn't sign up for open marriages.
  4. Furious for her. Via The Blast: Kelly Clarkson has been ordered to pay ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, $200,000 per month in spousal and child support. Imagine having to give your ex $200K a month
  5. Just came across Kelly Clarkson’s cover of No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” and the lyrics screamed “BRITNEY!” to me. What do you think?? Here’s the full song with lyrics. Imagine Britney singing/screaming this song to pass the time...between takes of her filming dance videos for Instagram. At least it could probably relieve some frustration regarding her current situation! I’ve loved this song for years, but it wasn’t until just now watching Kelly’s cover that the lyrics really jumped out at me and made me think of Britney. I’d love to hear Britney cover this song similar to the version Kelly did! Very haunting...beautiful!
  6. Kelly Clarkson covered Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" on her daytime talk show and nailed it. Her vocals are everything. I can't wait for her next album! Thoughts on Kelly's cover, Exhale? Sound off.
  7. In this latest Kellyoke, Kelly and her band performed a powerful cover of "Misery" by Gwen Stefani. Check it out. Gwen took to Twitter to thank Kelly.
  8. The very first American Idol, and one of the shows biggest successes, is in the midst of a messy lawsuit with her ex husband and ex father in law over money. The court's ruled in her favor over their two children - she was awarded sole physical custody. He has visitation rights, but they stay with her in a permanent basis. However, he's asking for $436K a month in child and spousal support payments. They'll visit him for the occasional holidays or weekends, depending on her discretion as that's out of his control. "Brandon's been equally unreasonable in his requests for child and spousal support, as well as attorney fees," a source tells People. "Kelly's offered to pay for all the kids' expenses, but Brandon seems to think he is entitled to and needs $301K in spousal support and $135K in child support per month." That's $5.2 million per year. "Additionally, he's already asked for $2M for attorney fees when he's the one driving up the cost of the divorce with seven attorneys just representing him alone," the source adds. It's also noted she signed a pre-nup (most marriages of celebs don't), so she isn't losing anything that way, but the courts know she makes more money than he does through her recording contract with Atlantic. She's in talks with both Sony and 19 Recordings about securing the masters to the idol contract (which she shaded as an arranged marriage). So kudo's to Kelly. Seems the courts in your hand. After this is over, I'll switch managers and business associate's.. FYI her ex father in law was married to Reba McEntire. If you read the comments... most of them are saying this is the pattern of like father and son. Marry a successful woman, only to divorce and ask the court for money, which obviously looks like it's not working at all here. They see right through him.
  9. Kelly Clarkson covered "All I Want For Christmas is You," but it's not the version you're thinking of. She covered Vince Vance & the Valiants' version. It's actually super smart of her to release this. She's essentially giving herself a huge fighting chance at getting tons of extra streams when people inevitably start searching for Mariah's iconic Christmas classic (which shares an identical title). Think of it this way... you came into this thread with near-certainty it was Kelly singing a Mariah cover. That's kind of what I expect to happen when people stumble upon Kelly's version in search of Mariah's. Marketing queen! But for good measure, Kelly says it's something she has been singing since forever. AKA, no mention of the SEO tactics (lol). “I have been singing Vince Vance & the Valiants’ song ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ since I was a little kid,” she explains. “I always loved that it’s a ballad but the woman always sounded so rock n’ roll with her raspy tone on the big notes. It has an old school vibe and is a little pop, country, and rock n’ roll.” Enjoy!
  10. According to Variety, Kelly's long-time management company Starstruck Management Group, run by Narvel Blackstock (her recently divorced husband's dad) filed a lawsuit against her in Los Angeles Supreme Court, claiming she owed them $1.4 million in unpaid commissions. 'The company has represented Clarkson for the last 13 years, and was paid a 15% commission on her gross earnings. The suit states that Clarkson has paid the firm $1.9 million this year, but owes another $1.4 million.' It says she will owe at least $5.4 million by the end of this year because she allegedly hasn't paid full commission for her work on The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show. However, they don't appear to have a written agreement, so it's all verbally negotiated in a phone call, and they claimed the terms were agreed by Clarkson in a phone call. '“Over the course of approximately 13 years, Starstruck developed Clarkson into a mega superstar,” the complaint states. “By way of example only, Starstruck was instrumental in helping Clarkson achieve success in terms of numerous hit albums, multiple Grammy wins and nominations, her role on popular television shows like ‘The Voice’ and her own talk show. Despite Starstruck’s hard work and dedication, Clarkson has decided she is going to stop paying Starstruck for what is contractually owed.”' 'The suit alleges a breach of oral contract, and seeks declaratory relief and an accounting. ' Just 3 minutes before this news broke, Kelly had this to say on her Twitter. It's interesting timing considering Kelly Clarkson just filed for divorce from the man's son 3 months ago amid multiple cheating rumors, and that Kelly is working on a new album about heartbreak. Earlier when she addressed the divorce, Kelly said,"We know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts," she added. "So I'm usually very open and I usually talk about everything but in this case, I will talk a little bit here and there about how it affects me personally, but probably won't go too far into it because I'm a mama bear and my kids come first." It is going to be difficult for that to happen now that her children's grandad is suing her.
  11. Kelly Clarkson covered Harry Styles' "Adore You" on her talk show. Her vocals seriously just get better and better! And "Adore You" is one of my top 10 songs this year. So well written. Fun to see someone with the singing chops nail this. BTW, the eye patch... “I’m sorry I look like a pirate,” Kelly said on her show. “I hurt my eye and I have to wear it. And, so, it’s ridiculous. You’re being interviewed by a pirate today.” Thoughts on the performance? Related:
  12. Kelly Clarkson is working on new music following her divorce, and the new tunes will reflect the pain she's grappling with. All I Ever Wanted, My December, Breakaway... those albums are so amazing because she channeled her anger, heartache and angst into the music. Not that I am happy Kelly is dealing with this mess, because heartbreak is literally the worst thing ever, but I do love Kelly's music when she's channeling those feelings. Meaning of Life, Piece by Piece & Stronger are pretty great, too, but nothing touches "Since You Been Gone" / "The Trouble With Love Is." Thoughts, Exhale? Are you looking forward to Kelly's new music? Especially considering it could be her most personal record to date?
  13. Welcome to @CrazyButItFeelsAllright's second edition to Songs That Deserved More Last post I wanted to limit myself to 10 artists, but for the remixed, reimagined, but still iconic edition I wanted to include 10 more in addition to the females in the first post. *I'm only including songs that were released as singles or promotional singles and didn't do as well on the Billboard Hot 100* 1) Britney Spears - Overprotected Peak: #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 (in Darkchild Remix form) Highest Peak: #1 in Poland Fun Fact: Grammy Nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance 2. Christina Aguilera - Dirrty Peak #48 Highest Peak #1 Croatia, Ireland, Scotland & UK Fun Fact: The video is credited as the origin of the "slutdrop" 3. Dua Lipa - Physical Peak #60 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Lebanon, Poland Fun Fact: song made Dua Lipa the first female to have 3 songs in the top 10 simultaneously in the UK since 1952 4. Taylor Swift - Wonderland Peak #51 Highest Peak #51 USA Fun Fact: Based on Alice in Wonderland and rumored to be another song about Harry Styles 5. Lady Gaga - Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Peak #(not released as a US Single) Highest Peak #2 Sweden Fun Fact: Although not released in the US it was certified gold 6. Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap Peak #48 Highest Peak #7 US Billboard Hot Rap Songs & US Rap Airplay Fun Fact: Complex named it as #9 best song of 2012 7. Ariana Grande - Be Alright Peak #43 Highest Peak #8 New Zealand Heatseekers Fun Fact: Demo with Migos leaked in 2018 8. Beyoncé - Countdown Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 German Urban Charts & US Hot Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker accused Beyoncé of using concepts from two of her pieces, Rosas danst Rosas (1983) and Achterlund (1990). 9. Hilary Duff - All About You Peak #119 Highest Peak #20 Australia Fun Fact: Savan Kotecha co-wrote the song. He's also credited for writing I Wanna Go, Up 'N Down and If U Seek Amy for Britney Spears 10. Marina (and the Diamonds) - How To Be a Heartbreaker Peak #42 US Pop Digital Charts Highest Peak #3 Poland Fun Fact: Certified gold in the United States even though it didn't peak on the main charts 11. Carly Rae Jepsen - Now That I Found You Peak #25 US Pop Digital Songs Highest Peak #6 Japan Hot Overseas Fun Fact: Billboard named it #43 of the best 100 songs of 2019 12. Tinashe - All Hands On Deck Peak #101 Highest Peak #8 Belgium Fun Fact: Tinashe and Iggy Azalea teamed up for the first time on a remix for this track. They now have a new collaboration released this year 13. Kelly Clarkson - I Dare You Peak #86 Highest Peak #3 Israel Fun Fact: Song was recorded in six different language versions 14. Iggy Azalea - Started Peak #120 Highest Peak #10 Greece Digital Songs Fun Fact: music influenced by Anna Nicole Smith and features Trixie Mattel and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo 15. Selena Gomez - Boyfriend Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fact: Song was created after Selena sent Julia Michaels a text saying "I want a boyfriend" 16. Madonna - Celebration Peak #71 Highest Peak #1 Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Russia Airplay, Scotland, Sweden, UK Dance, and US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Became Madonna's 40th number one song on US Dance Club Songs (the most for any artist) 17. P!nk - Trouble Peak #68 Highest Peak #1 Belgium Fun Fact: Tim Armstrong wrote the song for his band Rancid's album but offered it to P!nk after it didn't make the final cut 18. Rihanna - Man Down Peak #59 Highest Peak #1 France and Switzerland Fun Fact: One of the songs written during a writing camp where Def Jam rented almost every recording studio in LA to write as many songs possible for the album 19. Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii Peak #110 Highest Peak # 1 New Zealand Hot Singles Fun Fat: Included this for you Katy Clowns and although I don't like her anymore this song should've been what NRO is 20. Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart Peak #DIDN'T CHART Highest Peak #2 Belgium Fun Fact: The Parents Television Council criticized the video for its ****** elements
  14. Queen! Kelly Clarkson's daytime talk show, appropriately titled The Kelly Clarkson Show, won Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host at the Daytime Emmys today. Yes, award shows are still a thing in 2020, and two decades into her career, Kelly reigns supreme. Her talkshow also won two awards: Lighting direction Art direction / set decoration / scene design Congrats, Kelly!
  15. She doesn't need to release a statement, as this video says it all! Who else is excited for My December 2.0?!
  16. Unfortunately for Kelly Clarkson, she and Brandon Blackstock have called it quits. I can't imagine breaking up with someone whom you were married to and had children with, but I do know what heartache feels like. It sucks. One of the ways I got over my few heartbreaks was through music. I played a LOT of Kelly songs because tbh she makes the absolute best, most fiery breakup tracks. I created a collaborative playlist on Spotify dedicated to Kelly's best breakup / heartbreak songs. It's collaborative in that anyone can add to it, not just me. I'd love to have Exhale's participation, so if any of us go through what Kelly is going through, we have this to cling onto. Add the mad mad, angry, sad songs Kelly wrote about one of the worst (and most profound) human emotions. Related:
  17. Following the news of her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson posted a video of her covering U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." Just goes to show you have no idea what goes on behind-closed-doors. Related:
  18. Kelly Clarkson is one of few singers who's music I really enjoy entirely. Share your top 3 favorite songs and tell me why you love them. She has eight albums so there's plenty to choose from. I'll start with In The Blue from her album Piece by Piece, this is my #1 all time favorite Kelly song. This song makes me feel very euphoric. It makes me feel like I'm flying in the air, dancing in the sky along with the people who are no longer here with me, it's a happy/sad feeling and that's why I love this song. My second favorite Kelly song is Honestly from her album Stronger. I love this song because it's so real and straight forward. This song is about wanting the truth and being strong enough to handle it even if it's hurtful. My third favorite Kelly song is Don't Let Me Stop You from her album All I Ever Wanted. I just love the rocker sound, the honesty in this song is so refreshing. I've dedicated this song to some of the jerks I've meet in the past. Related:
  19. Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock after almost seven years of marriage. This is obviously super upsetting, but the next album is about to be littttt.
  20. Kelly Clarkson's third studio album, My December, was released over 13 years ago and has not charted on iTunes in many, many years. The album was entirely co-penned by Kelly and did not receive promotional support from RCA Records during its release. It has since gone on to become a fan-favorite record. Inspired by many recent #JusticeFor... campaigns, Kelly's fans have begun pushing My December up the iTunes charts. It currently sits at #20 on iTunes Pop and #186 iTunes overall and is continuing to climb.
  21. My cover of I dare you for the contest that cover nation's hosting with Kelly Clarkson! If you could please give it a watch and maybe a like if you enjoy it! It doesn't impact the decision but I'd really appreciate it It was a challenge to learn some pronunciations but all in all I'm pretty proud of the result! Thanks and have a nice day
  22. Kelly Godson annoucned a new project titled I Dare You - out April 16. It's a compilation of duets in multiple languages with different artists. 1. "I Dare You" 2. "I Dare You (Appelle Ton Amour)" feat. Zaz 3. "I Dare You (كنتحداك)" feat. Faouzia 4. "I Dare You (Te Reto A Amar)" feat. Blas Cantó 5. "I Dare You (Trau Dich)" feat. Glasperlenspiel 6. "I Dare You (בוא נראה)" feat. Maya Buskila She recently described it as “one of my favorite songs I’ll probably ever do in my career.” “It’s a beautifully written song and one of my favorite writers in the world wrote it. It’s kind of all of these worlds colliding and ... the whole experience has been amazing and hopefully our whole idea for the song pans out,” she said. “I’ve never done anything like this in my career. All of what I’m saying isn’t making sense until you actually know what’s happening, so I’m sorry for the weirdness. But you’ll know by the time it comes out, like, ‘OK, she’s not weird. It does make sense.’ It’s a new way. I’ve never really done anything like it.” There's also a covers project in the works. Do you love it?! I'm a HUGE Kelly fans so she'll get all my streams.
  23. Kelly Clarkson's new Las Vegas residency was scheduled to kick off on April 1st, but she's delaying it until 2021 because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The world of music, and Vegas as a whole, are really feeling the effects of this pandemic.
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