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Found 12 results

  1. I never wore any Britney’s fragrance before, but I really decided to give it a try so which is the best smelling one in your opinion? The @MidnightFantasy bottle it’s really cute and provocative.
  2. Despite Britney refusing to work until the conservatorships are dissolved, her image and likeness continue to generate sales for the brand's multi-billion (yes, billion with a B) dollar perfume line. There are two new 'Fantasy' fragrance editions on the way: Fantasy Electric and Fantasy Sheer. Electric, described as exhilarating, illuminating and sensual, popped up on Amazon France today with images of the bottle, packaging and a never-before-seen photo of Britney. The fragrance notes include pink pepper, jasmine petals and orange blossom, among other scents. Sheer is a hybrid blend of kiwi, sparkling citrus water, cupcake and creamy blond wood. A vibrant, oriental and floral fragrance Embrace the light that sets you apart Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Passion Fruit, Mandarin, Lychee Heart Notes: Jasmine Petals, Orange Blossom, Heliotrope, Peony Base Notes: Benzoin, Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Ambrox Source: Amazon Related:
  3. On September 15, 2005, Britney Spears released her second fragrance for Elizabeth Arden, Fantasy. It followed the successful of her previous perfume released in 2004, Curious, which sold more than $30M in its free three months on sale. Fantasy was created by Jim Krivda. Its notes are red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate, orchid, musk, orris root and woods. The Fuchsia bottle once featured real Swarovski crystals embedded into the glass and the plastic collar until 2008. The believed reasoning behind the omission is because the glue of the crystal top would melt in higher temperatures. Over the years, 18 flankers of Fantasy have been released, plus some especial editions of the original fragrance. Midnight Fantasy (2006) - "Magic begins at midnight" Hidden Fantasy (2009) - "What do you have to hide?" Circus Fantasy (2009) - "Where nothing is what it seems" Fantasy Twist (2012) - "Choose your fantasy" Island Fantasy (2013) - "A new fragrance" Fantasy: Anniversary Edition (2013) - "10 Hugs & 10 Kisses, xoxo - Britney" Fantasy: The Nice Remix (2014) - "Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice." Fantasy: The Naughty Remix (2014) - "Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice." Fantasy: Stage Edition (2014) - "Everybody has One." Rocker Femme Fantasy (2014) - "Unlock your rock'n'roll side" Fantasy Renner Edition (2015) - "Everybody has one" Fantasy Intimate Edition (2015) - "Everybody has an intimate fantasy" Maui Fantasy (2016) - "Aloha from Hawaii" Fantasy in Bloom (2017) Sunset Fantasy (2018) - "Summer in a bottle" Rainbow Fantasy (2019) - "What color is your fantasy?" Glitter Fantasy (2020) - "Dare to shine" Festive Fantasy (2020) - "Life is a fantasy" Fantasy Intense (2021) - "The new intense fragrance" Fantasy Sheer (2021) Electric Fantasy (2021) - "Exhilarating. Illuminating. Sensual" In addition to all of those, a Fantasy Pride Edition was released in 2018 during her Piece of Me Tour in Europe And in 2020, a 15 anniversary edition was also released Some of the different Fantasy fragrances have appeared on her music videos over the years
  4. Hello, I'm from france, I bought this perfume in 2014 on the claire's website, it was priced 10€ (12$). I would have liked to know if anyone had ever seen a Fantasy "Eau de toilette", I always found that strange. It smelled exactly like Fantasy eau de parfum. Is this an edition that we had in france ? I couldn't find any information on it. Thank you
  5. Did anyone know or hear about this? I sure didn't.
  6. So January has been the month were several of her perfumes were announced: January 07, 2014 - Fantasy the Naughty Remix and Fantasy the Nice Remix January 12, 2017 - Fantasy in Bloom January 08, 2018 - Sunset Fantasy January 21, 2019 - Rainbow Fantasy January 11, 2020 - Glitter Fantasy what new Fantasy will we get this year?
  7. Hello everyone ❤️ How beautiful is it in this commercial? My favorite look is the black one. 😍https://youtu.be/zN9rm-CTCa8 What's yours? 😘
  8. Does anyone have pictures from inside of the fantasy 10th anniversary box? I want to see if my name is there because I remember to see it but I want to make sure before buying the perfume. If someone could take pictures and send me I would really appreciate. Thank you 🙏
  9. 1:21 0:42 Does anyone know if any other famous person mentioned her perfumes as well? Im just curious (no pun intended)
  10. So the world exhibition TFWA apparently took place in Cannes and Revlon (holding the Elizabeth Arden and thus the Britney Spears Fragrances brands) was present to introduce Rainbow Fantasy. Link: https://www.fragrantica.com/news/The-Magical-Colors-of-Rainbow-Fantasy-by-Britney-Spears-11811.html Fragrantica just published an interview held with Britney Spears but provided by Revlon Here's the interview: What is the inspiration behind Rainbow Fantasy? I wanted to create a scent that makes people think of moments full of bright colors and amazing experiences that inspire everyone to dream big. Rainbow fantasy makes everyone feel like they can overcome any challenge. How would you describe Rainbow Fantasy and what are your favorite notes? Rainbow fantasy has mouthwatering, juicy top notes combined with oriental notes to make it extra addictive. I love the unique floral Show Girl Peony note and the Vibrant Woods. Where is best place to apply Rainbow Fantasy? I like to spray this fragrance in my hair, so the Amber scent stays on me all day. How does Rainbow Fantasy make you feel when you’re wearing it? I feel like anything is possible! My goal is always to inspire my fans to dream big and this scent embodies that. What do you hope other wearers will experience when wearing Rainbow Fantasy? I want Rainbow Fantasy to be an escape for everyone who wears it. Tell us about the bottle design. How is it reflective of the scent? The colors of the bottle bring the idea of Rainbow Fantasy to life. The oranges, pinks and blues remind me of a dream. Funny enough, an interview was also held with the perfumer, Gil Clavien, and was also provided by Revlon... One of the questions is: This is the first iteration of Britney’s best-selling Fantasy fragrance that is for both women and men. What is it about the original scent that has been changed or adapted to make it appropriate for everyone, regardless of their gender? This fragrance iteration can change and adapt to each person, no matter the gender, because of its multi-faceted palette. It is like music, which has a universal language. Later on, Revlon on the bottle and box design: "The colors of the bottle bring the concept of Rainbow fantasy to life; gradations of iridescent oranges, pinks and blues evoke a wonderland of visual delight. Delicate white daisies adorn the outer carton for a whimsically feminine touch." What is the truth ? Where does the interview comes from ? Is it marketed as unisex or not ? Is now her team also in charge of her fragrances communication (a confusing mess) ? Larry is that you ? (can't be, it didn't get scrapped) Don't take this topic too seriously, but I loved "hearing" from Britney through this "interview" that she definitely gave EDIT JANUARY 23, 2018: Here is another interview she held for Fantasy In Bloom sometime in early 2017, I'm not sure it has been published in here before: What is your inspiration for fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? (press release quote) I love flowers, and fantasy IN BLOOM gives me that fresh feeling of smelling agorgeous bouquet. It’s like a daydream in a bottle – a beautiful garden where the warm sun is on your skin and blooming flowers are all around. How is fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM different from your other fantasy fragrances? fantasy IN BLOOM features some of the elements of my fantasy fragrances like the bottle shape and fruity notes. This time I also incorporated a beautiful bouquet of floral scents. It smells just like my dream garden. When do you wear fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? fantasy IN BLOOM is perfect for day or night – the floral notes make the scent soft and fresh, but there’s a creamy quality too that makes it very sensual. Tell us about the bottle design. How is it reflective of the scent? The bottle design is so pretty and complements the scent in a really amazing way – it’s pink, which is my favorite color, and it’s soft and pretty, just like the fragrance. I also wanted white cherry blossoms in the design because it is one of the main notes in the fragrance. What do you think your fans will love most about fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS IN BLOOM? My fans are truly the best and so supportive, and with each fragrance I try to give them something new and exciting. I hope that with fantasy IN BLOOM, they feel the same happiness I get when I smell it – I want it to transport them to a gorgeous garden full of beautiful flowers. What makes this fragrance such a perfect scent for Valentine’s Day? fantasy IN BLOOM has a lot of delicate, floral notes, so it’s perfect for a Valentine’sdate night. The sweet and sensual scent makes me feel beautiful and ****. It inspires confidence and owning who you are, and I believe loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing. This one seems a little more natural, what do y'all think ? 
  11. LOL cant believe (Midnight) Fantasy even has its own ripoff now (wasnt even aware they do sth like that with perfumes - only know it with karaoke songs - in the style of...). Where is my far superior Curious ripoff?!? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DXLDZHR/ref=sspa_dk_detail_3?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07DXLDZHR&pd_rd_w=g7RiP&pf_rd_p=21517efd-b385-405b-a405-9a37af61b5b4&pd_rd_wg=5p981&pf_rd_r=6NGZBTX9EF0JDV9DPGYT&pd_rd_r=07ed2aba-156e-11e9-8585-ebc516039c37 Mysterious fanciful har har
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