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  1. That surprise witness is dropping a new video Saturday 10/30 for Lou Taylor’s birthday! She will be exposing Lou and many of us have been waiting for this tea!!!
  2. For some reasons I feel like she will be perfect to do a sequel of Bad Teacher or May be play a bond girl
  3. Yesterday I saw a post on Britney’s Instagram (now I can’t seem to find it) where in the caption she stated she’ll be serving pie at 6 PM. The surprise witness expose on Lucifer Taylor is also being released at 6 PM today… Do we think there’s a connection and do we think that Britney possibly contributed in any way to this expose will be seeing this evening? tell is what you think! whose excited to the surprise witness video and what do we think will be uncovered? Surprise Witness exposes Lou’s Taylor
  4. Who will be the last person standing once they all turn on each other? Hmmm…this one hurts my head. It will be a legal/criminal (allegedly) blood bath. The winner stays out of jail and gets to keep all the money they stole (ALLEGEDLY). I need to stop binging Netflix as a way to deal with my terrible anxiety about November 12. #FREEGRAPES
  5. On October 21, 2018, Britney Spears performed the last show of her Piece of Me Tour at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas as one of the two performers of the Grand Prix (the other one being Bruno Mars). The tour brought a watered down version of her Las Vegas residency to several cities of United States and Europe. This last show was isolated from the two previous legs, and it happened after the new residency Domination, set to kick off in 2019, had already been announced. Domination was ultimately cancelled in early 2019 and she's been on a hiatus ever since, so this show marks her last performance of the 2010's decade, and her latest performance so far.
  6. There's like 16 personality types, right? ESTJ, ENTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, INTJ, INFJ, ESTP, ESFP, ENTP, ENFP, ISTP, ISFP, INTP & INFP What types of personality do you think team con have? You probably have to be a sociopath to put a human through something so disgusting and disturbing. I'm just curious about psychology behind their actions, any thoughts?
  7. His longest serving job has been officially living off of Brit. What could possibly be next in his illustrious career? Suggestions welcome. Brit is going to be free and Mr. Matt is going to finally tell us your role in all of this. Shame shame shame. #FREEGRAPES
  8. This is obviously old but still. Here he is with Pigrez If you still really want the house have him offer you a super low deal
  9. The artist may or may not be me Hope y'all like it https://songwhip.com/pasco/baby-one-more-time
  10. “Actually, the line “You better work *****” hit me different in unimaginable ways. It was like God telling me to work my arse off, and I sure did.”
  11. Lou we know the best way to communicate with you is through Biblical text (ALLEGEDLY). Could you confirm if below is part of your conservatorship hybid business plan? Ephesians 6:5 5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Brit will no longer be a Slave 4 U. #FREEGRAPES
  12. Despite not releasing music for 5 years, Britney has surpassed 1B streams according to the predictions she will be seeing 1.5-1.7B streams this year. Her song "My only wish this year" is a huge song in Europe during holiday. As Britney 98% catalog is solo she only has 0.5M streams as features. Despite having a playlist reach go only 167M on Spotify this is a huge achievement as she haven't paid to Spotify for expanding her reach - meaning all people are listening to her willingly. As compared to her peers, Beyonce being the most playlist reached artist - 670M reach hence having more streams is natural for her. She is now the only pre 2000s artist alongside Shakira to cross this mark with less monthly listeners compared to Shakira! Kindly do not underestimate her and say she's irrelevant or old which I've been reading on this forum a lot, she's always winning and some of you will deal
  13. This is Britney's 12th single to do it in the UK, now Britney has all of her singles at least gold eligibility above. Next : Scream and shout 2x platinum in a month and then Gimme more early 2022. Watch the video to celebrate : @PokemonSpears
  14. https://dropbay.net/38a19606e067161e/Selena_gomez_matches_demo_for_britney_spears.wav https://dropbay.net/a591d368bbcbecba/Selena_gomez_matches_demo_for_Britney_spears_snippet_2.wav
  15. “We are proud of our work on behalf of Jamie Spears and stand by his and our actions. We continue to have a good relationship, and are pleased that we have been able to help Jamie find new counsel. I am confident that Jamie’s new counsel will continue to prove that he has always acted in Britney’s best interests every step of the way.” Related:
  16. what the hell? found this on twitter, this look so legit. but could be a imitator or something if is true im happy shes doing it and i love you britney you are the best for ever and ever
  17. So many depositions that need to be taken but which 5 are you interested in first and why? Allegedly? 1. Jamie - Interested in how his colon is doing and exactly what type of abuse (ALLEGEDLY) (mental, physical and/or emotional - ALLEGEDLY) best keeps a conservatee in line? 2. Robin - Is she sponsored by Monster Energy drink and what are her best tips for wiretapping at work? (Allegedly) 3. Lou - Could she point out which part of the Bible best describes Jesus’s position on the conservatorship of healthy adults and which off shore tax haven provides the best privacy for money that does not really belong to you (ALLEGEDLY)? 4. Larry - Tips on how to get hired by the same boss who already TWICE FIRED you and could you elaborate on why women find you so creepy (ALLEGEDLY)? Plus, I love @notedyourhonor and they need answers to a lot of fabulous questions. 5. Either sibling - Bryan once said ‘I have a favorite sister but I won’t tell you which one’ so which one is it - the one whose money you stole (ALLEGEDLY) or the one you spend the stolen money with (ALLEGEDLY). JL do you believe it was God’s plan (ALLEGEDLY) for you to perform financial gymnastics with your sister’s money and do ‘God’ knows what with it? We love you Matthew dear (NOT ALLEGEDLY) Everything in this post is alleged and for entertainment purposes (#PROBABLY) #FREEGRAPES
  18. I wish we had this picture. I see Britneys smile,eyes and eyebrows here. I guess we know where Britney got her good looks from. Also now that Spears creepy past had been revealed. I wonder if Britney looking so much like his mother,I wonder if that was a trigger for Jamie.
  19. I’ve been wondering about this a little bit lately. You can tell even from the really early videos of Britney performing BOMT at shopping malls that she had star quality, but there are also a lot of talented performers who just fizzle out at that level. What do you think was the smartest thing Britney and/or her team did to push her into the next level of stardom? Was it the iconic Oops video, or was it even earlier when she rejected the “power rangers” BOMT video in favour of the schoolgirl outfit? What do you all think?
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