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Found 11,949 results

  1. This is based off a dream I had Even if she didn’t do a final performance I would still be happy and wish her nothing but the best in her life. I just think that would be the ultimate way to say goodbye to the music industry with all eyes on her I also know that this years Super Bowl halftime show has been selected already.
  2. So I recently heard it again after a while and oh my god I’m so obsessed with it. I can’t sleep because I love it so much. Gotta be honest. Became a fan of Britney in 2017 and I always wanted to experience a Britney era of promotion, singles and finally the album itself! I used to practically listen to Britney all the time. The order was: B B B B B B some other artist B B B B B B! Since the #FreeBritney movement started, I’ve kinda gotten into Britney’s music again! I always loved her and always cared for her (that never changed and never will) but I just listened to her music less. So happy being obsessed with Brit again!
  3. It's Henry again, hello I found a lot of threads like that here but they are all archived so I can't replay I am obsessed with Love Me Down instrumental Imo this sounds so good, fresh, chill and I love that summer vibe What about you?
  4. While SNL has very questionable episodes from back in the day, I can't help but notice just how talented Britney Spears was and is. She appeared on Sat Night Live in the 2000s where she was the host AND musical guest! Britney became the youngest person in SNL HISTORY to appear as both host and guest in the same episode. She was 18! And hilarious! We all know just how silly and goofy our girl is but her skits and the way she acted, the way she performed was so genuinely her - iconic yet relatable. You can't help but love her! 💖 THEN (as if she couldn't get anymore talented) she hosted SNL for the second time in 2002 as the host AND musical guest becoming the first -and so far the only- female to be a host and a musical guest TWICE for an SNL episode! If you're wanting to watch those tapes, there aren't many places that have it, but, I was able to find the episodes on Peacock; although for some reason they don't have her musical performances so I just went to YouTube for that. 😃 source: SNL wiki is where these facts are from as well as a full list of her appearances.
  5. I don't know if this kind of thread is okay here but well maybe I won't get suspended Britney obviously has loved to express her ***uality since day one, she's a very, very attractive woman (not only appearance) so it got me thinking (no matter your gander and ***ual orientation) have you ever questioned your ***uality because of her? Like ''Damnn she's so hot''. Not like dancing to her songs and ''Oh I'm gay'' ahahahahaahha My answer: I'm guilty My Prerogative, Boys, Make Me, Im a Slave 4 U and I Love Rock 'N' Roll music videos make me feel some type of way (I know, bi***uality exists, it's just a joke)
  6. Hiii guys, so I tried to remaster Britneys I Have Nothing cover and it doesn't sound spectacular but it is definitelly better than the leaked version. I hope you guys will like it! Tell me your opinon on it in the comments and please leave a like and a subscribe if you liked it!
  7. Hey Exhale, my friend Bill and I had a great chat together for his podcast, Hey Gurl! I've known Bill for many years, so this was pretty cool to collaborate together. We talk about Free Britney, Britney and of course BreatheHeavy. Because this is an hour+ interview, feel free to put it on while you're doing laundry, the dishes, making dinner or driving somewhere. When you hear something interesting, drop a line in the comments and I can get back to ya. Curious to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy! Or via Apple Music
  8. There is nothing to be said. The melody. The lyrics. Her vocals. Peak blackzoney. toxic what? gimme who? opps i flooped again this song makes radar sound like a bonus track (again)
  9. Should this be the next YouTube thumbnail for Baby One More Time? Remember how the bell had not rung yet, and the second hand was past the 12? This clock was not in sync with the bells. We've all been there. Ugh, RELATABLE! I feel this clock personifies the Baby One More Time video and what it means to be in school and it's time to let it be the thumbnail. What do you think?
  10. Hello everyone haha I see a lot of art related to the #FreeBritney movement. I think it's a good idea to make a whole thread about it because people are so talented and creative It's a good opportunity for some of you to share with us your or someone else's work/promote people or yourself. That'd be nice if someone featured this thread I'll start. I found this on Twitter and I have no idea who made this: I love it Anyone knows who made this?
  11. This is the story of how a girl from Kentwood, Louisiana, changed pop music forever. But first, a quiz. Can you name the five biggest-selling female artists of 1998? Of course you can. They're Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Janet Jackson, Paula Cole and Celine Dion. Now, here are the five biggest-selling female artists of 2003. That's Beyonce, Aaliyah (RIP), J-Lo, Christina Aguilera (Career RIP) and Avril Lavigne. Not necessarily better, of course - but different. So what happened in those five short years to inspire this seismic cultural shift? This happened. In October of 1998, Britney Spears released her debut single, ...Baby One More Time. The ellipsis replaced the words 'Hit Me', which were removed because of their potentially sado*******ic interpretation. "It doesn't mean physically hit me," she said later. "It means just give me a sign." Britney changed everything. Politically, she held a mirror to the rapidly-changing fin-de-siecle America. As the screenwriter and novelist Tom Perrotta wrote: "Britney and Cobain are fated to be forever linked in our national consciousness as the opposing bookends of the 1990s, poster children for a schizoid decade. There's Cobain on the left, mumbling, unshaven, representing a gloomy time of war and recession. And there's Britney on the right, the offical superstar of the late-90s boom, the chipper emblem of a fat, happy country bubbling over with irrational exuberance." Britney had her finger on the pulse of modern America. While pop icons of the past generally tried to disturb the established cultural order, Britney was perfectly happy the existing cultural order as it was, thank you very much. Musically, pop changed forever. Let's have a look at how those stars of '98 turned out. Shania Twain vamped herself up. LeAnn Rimes stripped herself down. Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. Celine Dion is currently going through her own mildlly saucy reinvention. Meanwhile, Paula Cole changed her name to Cheryl and enjoyed a string of popular hits. All products of the new, Britney-fied pop universe. As pop adapted, so did Britney. A lot. In so doing, she created some of the most enduring images of the decade. Even today's pop stars, from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga to Lana del Rey, have recognised their debt. Still not convinced of Britney's influence? Look at this graph, which plots Britney album sales against annual US GDP growth. The evidence is clear. When Britney sneezes, America catches a cold. The story of Britney is the story of America. So let's cut a long story short. Britney Spears is single-handedly responsible for the reinvention of popular music... ...recording some of the greatest songs of all time... ...redefining pop culture in the late 1990s and 2000s... ...continuing to influence the music of today... ...and surviving for 20 years in the world's most cut-throat industry. Oh, and she predicted the recession. THE END.
  12. Jamie Lynn previously announced she was donating a portion of the money she earns from her book to This Is My Brave. This is My Brave just announced on their Instagram that they will not accept her donation. “We heard you. We’re taking action,” they wrote on Instagram. “We are deeply sorry to anyone we offended. We are declining the donation from Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming book.”
  13. 3.0 All the reviews have been deleted. Only 4 (old ones) were left https://www.google.com/search?q=black+box+security+inc&source=hp&ei=yAx0Yb67DJCwqtsPgv6W8AE&iflsig=ALs-wAMAAAAAYXQa2A5pn5BRPiuWNiZrye4fnFULcEf9&ved=0ahUKEwi-v6fA0ODzAhUQmGoFHQK_BR4Q4dUDCAY&uact=5&oq=black+box+security+inc&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBAgAEBMyBAgAEBM6CAgAEIAEELEDOggILhCxAxCDAToRCC4QgAQQsQMQgwEQxwEQ0QM6CwgAEIAEELEDEIMBOg4ILhCABBCxAxDHARCjAjoRCC4QgAQQsQMQgwEQxwEQowI6EQguEIAEELEDEIMBEMcBEK8BOgUILhCABDoFCAAQgAQ6DggAEIAEELEDEIMBEMkDOgUIABCSAzoICC4QgAQQsQM6CwguEIAEELEDEIMBOggIABCxAxCDAToLCC4QgAQQxwEQrwE6CAguEIAEEJMCOgYIABAWEB46BQghEKABOgkIABDJAxAWEB46BggAEAoQEzoICAAQFhAeEBNQkRVYpk1g6U5oAXAAeACAAckBiAHbHJIBBjAuMjIuMZgBAKABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz#lrd=0x80c29eb79ebfbf67:0x705d96d19f0d2bb4,1,,,
  14. Hi Exhale! Taking over for @PokemonSpears today for a very special episode of This Day in Pop - is me, your Super Moderator, Roxxy! 💛💜 Our King is currently busy playing, you guessed it, Pokémon - and he'll be playing all night because there's an in game event or something. So i'm doing the show just for today, and i'm gonna give you THE SINGLE that started it all. The greatest debut single of all time. The most successful debut single of all time. The single that launched one of pop music's greatest entertainers. The single THAT MADE the undisputed Princess of Pop. The debut single that ENDED ALL DEBUT SINGLES and will be the standard for all future female pop debuts. The one and only. On October 23, 1998, Britney Spears released her debut single, the now iconic, ...Baby One More Time. It is the lead single of her debut album of the same name. It is written and produced by Max Martin, and Rami as co-producer. The track was originally written for the Backstreet Boys and TLC under the title "Hit Me Baby One More Time", but both groups rejected it. Jive Records also considered the boyband Five to record the song but they passed on it. When Britney heard the track, she instantly liked it and wanted it to be hers. The label eventually changed the title to "...Baby One More Time" as "Hit Me" in the title would raise concerns about domestic violence. POP's new Princess is born Upon it's release, the song topped the charts in atleast 22 countries around the world, including the US Billboard Hot 100 where it spent 2 weeks at #1 and is Spears's most successful single in the country, as well as the UK Singles Chart. The song also topped Billboard's Hot Singles Sales Chart for four weeks as well as Britney's home format, the Mainstream Top 40 chart, now, known as Billboard Pop Songs. It has so far sold over 10 million copies worldwide and is one of the best selling singles of all time. The song won Britney two MTV Europe Music Awards, for Best Pop and Best Song. She also won her very first surfboard at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Single. And a Billboard Music Award for Female Singles Artist of the Year. A COMMERCIAL & CRITICAL SUCCESS Rolling Stone Magazine ranked ...Baby One More Time at #1 on their 100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time list. Additionally, they also rank the song at #25 in the Greatest Pop Songs since 1963, a list compiled by Rolling Stone and MTV in 2000. Blender lists the song at #9 in The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born list. VH1 puts it the 2nd best song of the 1990s. They also placed it at #1 in 2003 on their list of 100 Best Songs of the Past 25 Years. About.com ranks it at #1 on the Top 40 Pop Songs Of All Time list. Finally... The song earned Britney her first Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2000. What are your memories when you first heard the song on the radio? Where were you when you first heard the song? STAY TUNED FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO's ANNIVERSARY! It's coming up in a few weeks. TEEHEE 💛💜 Roxxy
  15. When it was everywhere on YouTube I have already seen it, but Thursday the 28 of October it is in the Netherlands on net 5.
  16. Should this be the next YouTube thumbnail for Gimme More? As we all know, this iconic man was witnessed sitting in the club, or somewhere! Who can forget him? YouTube definitely likes to switch things up a bit with their thumbnails, I think it is time to let this icon shine! What do you think?
  17. Hey Exhale, I just added some new functionality that I want to try out. It's essentially like Instagram stories but on Exhale Try it out and see if you like it or not. (See it at the top of the page on any forum) https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/forum/36-britney-spears/
  18. Arguably 20 of Britney's worst, messiest and/or poorly structured officially released songs. Which one is the absolute worst? Feel free to vote multiple times btw
  19. That surprise witness is dropping a new video Saturday 10/30 for Lou Taylor’s birthday! She will be exposing Lou and many of us have been waiting for this tea!!!
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