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  1. So, I was thinking about this. If and when Britney will do an interview once she’s free, what questions do you think are banned from asking her and do you think questions still need to be pre-approved? After the whole Swedish journalist fiasco I started wondering how things will be in the future once and if she’s ready to talk. Aside from maybe a big interview with Oprah or whoever she chooses to sit down with which will probably be more ‘directed’ I’m really curious what she/the new team will allow. What questions will be a big no no? And will Britney be more involved in approving questions and topics?
  2. On October 22, 1998 Britney appeared at the Opening Night party for the Broadway musical Footloose in New York. On October 22, 2000, she brought her Oops!... I Did It Again Tour to Barcelona, Spain. On October 22, 2003, she appeared on TRL Backstage pictures: She was also seen signing autographs outside Gotham Hall in New York I suppose this was the day she shot the ABC special, which aired later in November On October 22, 2008 she was at the recording studio On October 22, 2014, she was performing her POM show in Las Vegas On October 22, 2016 she was also performing the POM 2.0 version of the show And it was (one of) the day she had a wardrobe malfunction
  3. I was wondering if anyone has had dreams about Britney? My most recent one was back in April. In my dream I saw her and she was there with a guy, I was so happy and just said hi and asked if I could take a picture with her. She smiled and said yes, but asked me to walk with her outside. We took the picture outside and just chatted a little bit, but asked me to keep it a secret as she did not want her tram to find out and said there is a lot of changes coming. When I woke up I said this is a sign that she is going to be free. So its pretty rad to see how things have improved. Just a silly post 😊
  4. Why is this song is stuck in my head CONSTANTLY? I could literally be waking up, or showering, or in the middle of some random task and I will start singing (Drop Dead) Beautiful! Why is this? Right answers only!
  5. On October 25, 2007, Britney Spears released her fifth studio album Blackout. The dance-pop / electropop record was executive produced by Britney, and recorded between 2006 and 2007. Other collaborators of the album were Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Sean Garrett, Jim Beanz, Keri Hilson, The Neptunes, J. R. Rotem, among others. Blackout incorporates Euro disco and dubstep influences and its lyrical content revolves around fame, ***, clubbing and the media scrutiny she was subject of during the time of its recording. Though the album was scheduled for a November release, it had to be rushed released due to a leak of the tracks ahead of time. It was released on the 25 in Spain, and in the subsequent days it was released across other European countries and Australia. It was officially released in the US on October 30. In June Britney had posted on her website a poll for the fans to choose the title of the album. The options were: OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like What If the Joke Is on You Down Boy Integrity Dignity Ultimately, in October Jive Records announced that the album would come out in November and that it would be titled Blackout. According to Jive it “refers to blocking out negativity and embracing life fully.” The album peaked at #2 on the US BB200, becoming Britney's first album not to reach the top position on that list. It was also #2 in France, Mexico and UK, but it did reach #1 on the European Top 100 Albums charts, as well as the Australian, Canadian and Irish lists. Three singles were released off this album: Gimme More, Piece of Me and Break the Ice. Besides the VMA's 2007 performance, the album didn't receive more promotion except for phone interview with Ryan Seacrest for his radio show. No tour accompanied this album either, however, many of the Blackout tracks were performed during the Circus Tour in 2009, as well as subsequent shows of Britney. She mentioned Heaven on Earth as a highlight of the album. According to Ezekiel Lewis of The Clutch, Radar was also intended to be released as a single but was pushed back once she started recording new material (after being placed under the conservatorship). In 2017, The Fader did an article for its 10th anniversary, where Britney commented about the album Danja also shared his experience recording the album You can read more of it here. In an interview uploaded to Britney's official Youtube channel to promote Circus (released a year after Blackout), Britney is asked to compare both albums and describes Blackout as darker and edgier: In 2008, Blackout won Best Album award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and also International Album of the Year at the NRJ Awards. In 2012, the album was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's music library. You can listen to the album here:
  6. #BRITNEYisFREE Greatest Hits - The C-ship is over edition coming to you November 13 2021 I Wanna Go My Perogative Stronger Lonely What U See is What U Get What it’s Like to be Me Let Me Be Piece of Me Kill the Lights Scream & Shout The Beat Goes On Gimme More Bye to the Lou crew and everyone else! Anyone else have a POST-Cship play list?
  7. Britney and Sam toured a $16.5 million home in the Hidden Hills area this week. Cosmetics and YouTube guru Jeffree Star previously owned the multi-million dollar mansion. The home is made up of 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, spanning nearly 20,000 square feet. Britney's current home is 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms at 13,000 square feet. However, her current pad sits on 20 acres, where as this one sits on a modest 3-acre lot 😏 This potential new home includes two guesthouses, a 4,700-square-foot garage for 10 or more cars and a 3,700-square-foot barn accessed by a separate driveway and much more. The outdoor area includes a pool, a spa, a fire pit, two barbecue spaces and two covered patios. It was previously reported Britney and Sam want to start their life as a married couple together in a new place. Britney allegedly feels there are too many negative memories attached to her current residences - namely being stuck there throughout much of the conservatorship. It is also believed there were monitoring devices installed in Britney's current home and bedroom without her consent or knowledge. Thoughts on the potential new place?! Reporting by @Jordan Miller
  8. After numerous setbacks, loss of motivation, loss of files and more, I finally present my first remix album …Baby One More Time: Reloaded. Of course this is the debut album of the undisputed princess of pop, Britney Spears. This album features alternate mixes, brand new remixes and more. Thank you to everyone who has helped me in creating this album, especially a huge thank you to my incredible friend @Lonely2001for helping me with this album and pushing me on to complete it. Please give it a watch and maybe even a comment on YouTube, I hope you enjoy this album as much as I’ve enjoyed making it, even if it’s taken over a year - Oops!…😉
  9. So heartbreaking to see today. But girl loves her Mom , you can tell her mom was a huge rock for her
  10. It’s an Amazon Prime original movie and is about a woman who takes advantage of people by becoming their court approved legal guardian. Sounds familiar right? This woman would act in court as if she was for helping others but in reality she’s a shark who’s only looking for their money and control. Sounds familiar right? She then sells their homes, cars, places them in facilities, keeps their friends and families away from them, only allows approved visits and gives them medication to alter their personalities. Sounds familiar right? I won’t give away any spoilers but I couldn’t help but think about our queen and her story. I can’t believe this even happens and the sad reality is that Britney’s case is just proof of how much conservatorship abuse happens in the world. I would recommend watching it but don’t think you won’t connect the similarities to Britney’s situation and everything that’s happening in this movie! #endconservatorshipabuse
  11. Jamie Lynn Spears says her parents and management pushed adoption and abortion on her in 2007 after revealing she was pregnant at 16-years-old. New quotes from her forthcoming book, 'Things I Should Have Said,' appeared online. In one passage, JL says people in her inner circle "... came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea … 'It will kill your career. You are just too young. You don’t know what you’re doing. There are pills you can take. We can help you take care of this problem … I know a doctor,'" adding, "everyone around me just wanted to make this 'issue' disappear." She adds: "...everyone was certain that termination would be the best course of action." Jamie Lynn also admits her phone was taken away from her to stop her from speaking with anyone outside her immediate inner circle. One of her big regrets was not telling Britney herself she was pregnant. "I needed her more than ever and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time … To this day, the hurt of not being able to tell my sister myself still lingers.” She also says she and her dad Jamie got into a fight over her pregnancy, saying he was "slinging words and tossing insults." Eventually, Jamie Lynn's team made an agreement with OK! Magazine to break the pregnancy story. It appears Jamie Lynn and Britney have a fractured relationship with one another now. One passage in the book worth highlighting again is "I needed her more than ever and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time." I suspect Britney feels the same right about now. However, the wedge between them may dig deeper as Jamie Lynn shares her story in a public memoir. Reporting by @Jordan Miller
  12. I saw on Jamie Lynn’s Instagram that Austin Spears passed away. I’m assuming it is Jamie’s brother. Wonder if Britney is there with the family? Might be awkward if so 😬
  13. While showing a fashion show of Halloween on Access Hollywood, of course Britney is a trend. The girl screams #freebritney and Mario says she's free. There's something about his tone. I don't know guys. Reminded me of the video where he said he knew his dad and team and that they were good people or something. And also the misleading information. She's not free yet although we're almost there. What do you think?
  14. Hello guys! I tried to upload this one sooner but copyright just likes to mess around with me. I'd like to present you my third fan made album. It is called "Circus: The Rarities" and it contains 5 unreleased, 6 bonus tracks, 4 early mixes of the released tracks and 4 remixes (one for each single). All of the tracks were recorded in 2007/2008. I've also prepared a download link for the best quality of the tracks in mp3. I've increased the loudness of every track because some were not loud enough. The booklet of the album was done by myself and you can find it in the download link in the description of the video. YouTube video link: THE TRACKLIST: 1. Abroad 2. Dangerous 3. Everyday 4. Telephone 5. This Kiss 6. Rock Me In 7. Phonography 8. Amnesia 9. Rock Boy 10. Quicksand 11. Trouble 12. Mmm Papi (Early Mix) 13. Mannequin (Early Mix) 14. Amnesia (Early Mix) 15. Quicksand (Early Mix) 16. Womanizer (Jason Nevins Club Mix) 17. Circus (Diplo Circus Remix) 18. If U Seek Amy (Crookers Remix) 19. Radar (Tonal Radio Mix) THE FRONT ARTWORK: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/folder/Qcw22CBZ#99E98DBvrRnD3zDCx0Kmzw I hope u guys liked it and I wanted to ask you what album should I do next??
  15. It is no secret that TMZ was on the payroll and helped to keep up the fraudulent narrative around Britney, but now their tone has drastically changed since they recieve no checks. Harvey Levin looks scared and he was vouching for Britney to be evaluated. I hope Britney does
  16. I wonder if she will discuss this in the book Also don’t forget they changed the estate so it would include the entire family as beneficiaries not just Britney sons! alright continue scrolling just needed to vent saw some people on fb trying to say Jamie Lynn was abused too, and maybe she was but you can’t play the victim after taking huge steps to imprison, and extort your sister!
  17. If we compare both of the docs where Fe has made some heavy declarations, she was like censoring herself on the netflix one.. do you think she has like a conflict of interests of smth like that ? because so many of the general public just saw the Netflix one and it would be awesome to get those nice words from her on both of the docs. New york declarations: Netflix declarations:
  18. Series 3: Analyzing Britney's iconic producers (Danja). Danja is an American record producer and songwriter from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Starting off as a co-producer for Timbaland, he has since then created an extensive catalog of solo-produced singles. He has produced songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Usher, Keri Hilson, T.I., Nelly Furtado, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Timbaland, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Missy Elliott, M.I.A., Justin Timberlake, JoJo, Joe Jonas, Pink, Björk and Duran Duran. In 2007, Danja produced “Gimme More” for Britney Spears, as well as “Break The Ice” and five other tracks for her ‘Blackout’ album. The following year, he produced “Kill the Lights” and five other songs for Britney Spears' album ‘Circus’, but only three songs appeared on the album. He is still considered one of the best producers she has collaborated with... Songs: 1) “Gimme More” (2007) 2) “Break The Ice” (2007) 3) “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)” (2007) 4) “Hot as Ice” (2007) 5) “Perfect Lover” (2007) 6) “Get Back” (2007) 7) “Outta This World” (2007) – Bonus track 8) “Kill The Lights” (2008) 9) “Blur” (2008) 10) “Rock Boy” (2008) – Bonus track Should Britney go back to the studio with Danja for B10?!?
  19. So much have changed in my life looking back at 2016 yet no new Britney music to go with, insane. Changed two jobs, moved to another city, relationships. Got used to relate new Britney music for different steps of my life. Sigh.
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