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  1. Hey Guys i just made this version with the rap of penelope i try to make the best with this acapella Explicit & Clean , i Hope You Guys Like It. 01. Me Against The Music Feat Penelope Magnet (Explicit Version) 02. Me Against The Music Feat Penelope Magnet (Clean Version)
  2. My dad has a playlist on Spotify where the songs are: Work B and i love rock and roll
  3. As far as I can see, Exhale is filled with users from all over the world, which is so beautiful - I live for a multicultural platform. So in that spirit, I would love to hear some of the best artists (according to you) from your own country, singing in your native language You can share more than one song if you wish. I'll start, here are two of my fave artists from Serbia: And since I'm motivated by @Roxxy , I could create a Spotify playlist of all the songs we've shared here so we can all bop
  4. I really like this song and i would love to hear it with Britney's vocals!! Also i would give my life to get the full version of Like I'm Fallin Thoughts?
  5. Imagine a world if Janet Jackson was on Me Against The Music instead of Madonna. How ****ing legendary that would be, and if they performed the song OMFG, I would've died for this cause of their stage presence and incredible dance abilities. Plus Janet would've fit the song better
  6. So let’s pray the #FreeBritney movement is successful and Britney becomes free of her current chains, if she decides she wants to continue making music - what would you want to see in her next era? Do you even want another era? What direction would you like to see Britney go in musically and image-wise? A new sound or look? What do you think would be a good album title? Any songwriters/producers you would like her to work with? Would you want her to address her struggles in her music? Music video inspirations or directors you would like her to work with? Would you want a world tour or another residency? I want to hear what YOU think!
  7. LETS ALL STREAM AND BUY TAMAR'S ALBUM ON ITUNES TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT! Get Tamar's Last Album Bluebird of Happiness to #1 on iTunes!
  8. Lately I've been curious about what people think about Galantis... A little background courtesy of Wikipedia: Galantis is a Swedish electronic dance music production, songwriting and DJ duo consisting of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw. Karlsson is also known as Bloodshy as part of two other musical groups, a duo (Bloodshy & Avant) and a trio (Miike Snow). Eklöw is known as Style of Eye. Christian Karlsson has worked with the producing team Bloodshy & Avant, and with the Swedish indie pop band Miike Snow.[2] Karlsson has co-written and co-produced tracks for artists such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Madonna. Specifically, Karlsson co-wrote the Britney Spears single "Toxic", which eventually earned an Ivor Novello award (for songwriting and composition) and a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.[2] Karlsson is also a founding member of Swedish artist collective and record label Ingrid. Style of Eye, Linus Eklöw's stage name, co-wrote and produced Icona Pop's song "I Love It" featuring Charli XCX. Style of Eye, a Stockholm-born and based DJ and producer, resides in the techno genre and comes from the underground scene. He explores a range of musical styles, from techno to house via distinct percussion and minimal, floating melodies. After growing up in a jazz and soul oriented family and playing a drumkit at age 10, Eklöw transitioned to electronic music after getting his first computer aged 15 and making "weird downtempo dubbeat and trip hop". DJing upbeat drum and bass followed at 16, and Linus moved into studio production with releases and remixes on such labels as Classic Recordings, Tiny Sticks and Rabid Records. Discography Pharmacy (2015) The Aviary (2017) Church (2020) Singles To Listen To Just curious about what some of the thoughts about them are AND...Britney worked with Bloodshy & Avant (Toxic, Do Somethin', etc.) Is it just me or could you hear Britney singing something like "Holy Water?" Britney X Galantis collab?
  9. I was scrolling around my Facebook, my friend shared an article where it said gaga won close to 500 awards, I go through the comments, and one just alarmed me. Lady gaga is 34, just remember 34. "LADY GAGA IS TO OLD, IT'S TIME FOR HER TO RETIRE, LET SOMEONE YOUNGER SHINE AND TAKE HER PLACE" Curious to know this posters age, turns out she is only 16. So it does seem that what I always said turned out true, if last Decade was about Madonna at 50+ was considered too old and retire, eventually the next generation will make 30 and older , where the ageism starts as well as the sexism, its July of 2020 and My prediction came true. Teens today think 30 and older are the retirement age. So It seems pop music is no longer about the longevity that spans decades after decades, But fast food it seems like, when they get bored with one artist, off to the next. That's the music industry of today in a nutshell, Nobody is safe from being quickly replaced.
  10. I think it would have fitted her voice. What do you guys think?
  11. *trigger warning sensitive topics below I dont get why she's not. She records music with ped******s, she's married to a convicted ****** and supported her child ****** of a brother. Jeffree Star is cancelled for his racist remarks and rightly so, but why does she seem to just get a free pass. I dont want any bull-ish that people change etc or he did his time for his crime. She may not have commited the crimes herself, i guess love is blind or whatever, but what's the excuse for 6ix9ine getting a free pass?
  12. My fave song is Crazy For You by Madonna. I just love how romantic and sweet it is; it's DEFINITELY a song to play on a date or when you're gonna have ***. 80's Madonna was the best! What about you guys? What's your fave song of all time?
  13. Hey everyone, i guess you cld say im a bit tardy for the party. Ive just started watching real housewives. Rhobh rhoa and rhony, my favourite being Atlanta so far KIM ZOLCIAK IS A MESS. What are some of your favourite songs from a housewife. I live for countess luann and kim. I can't find a studio version of the ring didn't mean a thing. Did this never get released? It makes me cringe so much, especially kim who just half ***** everything, but its like Donald Trump everytime he speaks, you can't help but stare in amazement at the stupidity unfolding in front of you.
  14. The idea a Third part of Mamma Mia could happen eventually is scary. the second one was so bad It ruined the First One . Even having the legendary Cher on it didnt help it .. There shud be a petition to stop this from happening. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8438389/BAZ-BAMIGBOYE-Judy-Craymer-dreams-making-Mamma-Mia-3-four-new-songs-Abba.html
  15. This is def who i want Britney to Collab with on a dance groovy club music song .. think Outrageous but more bass and thumping beat
  16. Ariana Grande registered seven new songs, presumably for her sixth studio album. My Hair Bad to Love Slide 32 (Interlude) Nasty Love Boy Skip We know she co-wrote "My Hair" with Victoria Monet, Tayla Parx, and Tommy Brown, all of whom worked on her fifth studio album Thank U, Next. I presume they also had a hand in the other six songs. The Weeknd is reportedly a co-writer of "Skip," so perhaps it's a collaboration. "Love Boy" is rumored to have Doja Cat on it. Are you excited for new music from Ariana? Or do you think she needs to go away for a while and come back when people miss her? Sound off.
  17. This girl is seriously good. Stunning voice, gorgeous, very good 80s instrumental and a wonderful music video. I know it ain't in English but for those of you who care about some amazing music above all, here you go, enjoy:
  18. Lip Sync Battle has given us some memorable performances and some... not so memorable. Which do you think were the best and worst performances? Kate Upton doing Baby One More Time is one of the most memorable.
  19. America believes in free speech, right to be ****** and provocative. However we have a huge hurdle in Asia as our art goes against their government, religious beliefs (it's illegal to have Intercourse before marriage in several Asia countries). A lot of the stuff we believe creates a huge culture clash that believes in censorship, controlling people what they can and cannot listen to. In china. The government has to listen to all the music. Approving what gets out to the public. Gaga was once banned. Got unbanned only to get banned again when she associated herself with China's Greatest enemy. The Dalai Lama. You guys should be grateful you don't have governments telling you. Who you can see in concert or what songs you're allowed to listen to. @Roxxy @JordanMiller FYI. China perfers your two kids be boys. Girls aren't government approved at all to be born.
  20. Both have similar style in music billie is a bit more pop ( though she hates that ) and Lorde is more indie pop. Which do u prefer ?
  21. Ur suggestion for workout songs, not playlists. Post youtube links to chk them out. Something upbeat progressive beat not monotonous .. keep in mind jogging squats and HIIT WORKOUTS ...
  22. Why was Madonna's Madame X so underrated and not a commercial success? The way the album was received reminded me of American Life which was one of her best albums and ahead of its time with its message and topics it dealt with. Madame X was as well one of Madonna most ambitious albums music wise , creativity wise and even the music videos. "Dark Ballet" reminded me of the "Like A Prayer" video and song. So why was Madame X overlooked? Does Madonna's age have to do with it? Is she expected to fail and go away and never do music again?
  23. A lighthearted thread, just relax and post your current faves
  24. Hello everyone, did this a while ago just for fun, honoring the queen. Hope everyone enjoys it. Britney will always be my goddess and inspiration. https://www.byqueiroz.com/animation-9
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