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  1. Madonna demands for the patriarch system to end, and just let it die. Love you queen, a true feminist.
  2. Madonna spread a conspiracy theory in light of Facebook/Instagram's updated privacy policy. “Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family,” she said. “Instagram’s new cyber surveillance policies allow Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family, steal your most intimate secrets and monitor your compliance with government mandates through all your devices – including your television – and sell your data to government and industry or punish you for disobedience,” Madonna said, adding: “This is some scary ****.” IG responded, telling Mashable: “The new terms are focused on clarifying how the app uses data to serve personalised ads; what data advertisers receive; and licensing and IP usage." “They did not change any of the language around the posting of ***ual or suggestive content.” Oh Madonna Related:
  3. They're are fans and then they are the ones that have to have everything of their favorite pop idol from all over the world.. A Madonna fan is interviewed on Australian television saying her 1984 appearance on Tops of the pops changed his life and he found his hero in The Detroit native saying nobody was liked her at that time. His collection spans the entire house he lives in.. In British pounds He spent 900K on Anything officially Madonna. But , In Australian currency that translates to 2,000,000 dollars, and I'm quite in US dollars that's 1.2 Million.. The fact that nobody collects like this anyone is proving it's a dying breed itself, the devoted stan who has to have everything of their favorite artist.
  4. In, 1990 Madonna released the controversial single "Justify my Love" as the first video single ever, thx to MTV declaring it too hot. Her Ex Boyfriend at the time openly Bi***ual Tony ward, Said MTV freaked out not because of the nudity, but the idea of two girls kissing and two guys going at it really hard in a make out session, was considered too hot.. It's still to this day considered the most popular banned video of all time.. Madonna herself, said sure lets celebrate two grown men killing each other with guns and violence, but lets condemn human nature..
  5. Using a drag queen filter and a vocoder filter, Madonna trolls the haters who are obsessed with her looks (she even posted a pic with the saying. "You hate me, but still watch my every move. BISH YOU ARE A FAN!!!!") Thanks the fans for being so patient, as good people should, and announces a Madame X special is coming.. Props to the queen for the clap back to her haters.
  6. In a throwback post. Howard stern and lenny Kravitz discuss, How Madonna gave lenny Kravitz his first number one as a songwriter and producer. But, lenny knew it wasn't meant for him, the song was made for Madonna. Howard stern revealed how come nobody mentions you with this song, Lenny said it best, the controversy of the video overshadowed everything plus a lawsuit by Ingrid Chavez which both of them have failed to mentioned..
  7. 1998, The year of Girl Power, Backstreet boys and Teen pop exploding in America, one woman Was successful and she was going to Turn 40, that August. Madonna released her 7th Studio album "Ray of Light", discussing Kabbalah, The world and life and death, and once again her favorite person besides herself, Her own mother. I did notice even on past recordings Madonna always said nice things about her mom, but never anything good about her father or her stepmom Joan. Ray of light is credited for introducing Electronic dance Music, not to the US but the world, and as most critics pointed it is dance Music but with emotion. It is also credited for south Asian influence in the US, particularly her Geisha look, which unlike Katy Perry in 2013, Madonna was never criticized but actually thanked by her Asian fans , for the appreciation, Madonna said the idea of the Geisha came from the book titled "Memoirs of a Geisha", she even told Rolling stone that alot of her looks come from movies or books, and people make way too much hoopla over the Reinvention. It also touches in the End, how 1992's Erotica was made for her Gay fans and to celebrate *******uality and their Lives in and out of the bedroom . Like the blogger said, Madonna will go down in history as the greatest Gay icon of our times, recieving awards that rarely get given out like her Gladd award for advocacy in 2019, she and Bill Clinton are the only LGBT icons given that award.
  8. Madonna's original day one fans might be happy for once. Pop justice learned her 15th studio album/ Biopic soundtrack has her reuniting with Patrick Leonard. He Produced a bulk of her biggest hits in the 80s with her.. Lice to tell, La Isla Bonita, Open your heart, Who's that Girl, Like a Prayer, Cherish (a song fan loves, but she hates as she called it The R word), The I'm breathless soundtrack and of course some on Ray of light including the majestic Frozen. For 23 years fans have been wanting him back, but he said, that she is a solo artist and were not a band, fans hated that statement, but told him as a producer you knew her better and made the music great. Their relationship goes back to being her musical director for the Virgin tour in 1985. He said No but after takking to her, he said yes and a great partner ship happened between them. The project is also to introduce a new underground club culture producer who will provide the music with M herself, the tracks that played in her club days at danceteria, so yes for an album of new material for a soundtrack instead of a catalog of hits.
  9. Madonna is heading to Netflix with an Upcoming Madame X tour special. Get ready for two hours of entertainment and story telling as only the greatest live female entertainer can do.
  10. Gotta love Madonna, she'll stop only if you actually kill her. Until then, I have many years left of my fav.
  11. In, 1985 Madonna set a brief phase in fashion trends where every girl wanted to look like her. The rubber bracelets, the crucifixes, torn leggings and belly shirts that was torn or holy.. To say that had no impact Is a lie. Macy's had Madonna wannabe contests sponsored by MTV, a section of the store called Madonna land at the height of the fashion craze, the reason why it was huge, it was actually affordable to dress like Madonna, which was hugely it's commercial appeal and is part of pop culture forever.. Few times it's been done Spice girls, Lady Gaga, but never as Imbeded as to culture as the initial Madonna look, which at Spirit has it's own costume and wings, titled the greatest 80s female pop star costume.. Well, according to Seattle times, it seems 5x Grammy award winner Billie eilish with baggy sweats and oversize t shirts might be the modern day Madonna wannabe era for Generation Z. Here's why they called it the biggest female fashion pop star statement since Madonna.. February 4, 2020 - From the Seattle Times. Are Billie Eilish's fans the New "Madonna Wanna Be's"? Is Billie Eilish Music’s biggest fashion role model to young women and girls since Madonna? "Thousands of girls and young women ranging in age from under 10 to their early 20s are smitten with @billieeilish, remodeling themselves in her image, posting makeovers on Instagram and other social platforms. Her style clout has grown alongside it, on infectious display on Instagram, where she has millions of followers. It recalls the kind of fashion fervor rarely seen since Madonna’s early 1980s videos incited throngs of very young fans to shimmy their frames into merry widows and pile on stacks of bangles and cataracts of chains." *No negative comments. Any left will be deleted. This is an opinion of a writer from a newspaper. Surely we can agree or disagree with them in a respectful way without being snippy or venomous about the writer or Billie.*❤ @Blackout2006 Billie is already iconic to be compared to the fashion trends madonna did.
  12. Ladles with an attitude Fellas that are in the mood. Don't just stand there. Let's get to it. Strike a pose. There's nothing to it Slow down and dance with me. Yeah, slow Skip a beat and move with my body Yeah. Slow.
  13. Directed by David Fincher who also directed vogue and would go on to be an arthouse cinematic director.. In a video, which can be described as a cautionary tale of when life gets out of hand, and not having a lack of trust, or good judgement. Pairing up with Madonna, is eccentric actor Christopher walken as the Angel of death. Bad girl begins with Madonna dead on her bed with her hosiery tied around her neck, Then you go back to the last 24 hours to see how it unfolded. She's working. going to the bar. always hooking up, and crying cos it's not what makes her happy to live this way, eventually Madonna talks to a guy who's probably more interested than just hooking up, but old habits die hard. Madonna sees a mysterious figure that catches her eyes, and leaves, but her Angel, knows something isn't right, for a moment he freezes time, kisses her, then the climatic ending shows, the guy intended on killing her, closing the window, and just tying the hosiery, plus a sinister look in his eyes let's the viewers know, he's not a good person. While her movie acting has been ripped to shreds, Minus 4 roles. Those are Desperately seeking Susan (one of the top 5 year end films in box office in 1985), **** Tracy, A league of their own and of Course, her Golden globe winning role in 1996's Evita, Madonna was more praised as an actor in her music videos and on her tours as she always recreated the videos for her stage shows. Enjoy.
  14. Britney Spears posted a video dancing to Madonna's "Justify My Love" wearing a red bikini top and black bottoms. It's part of an ongoing bikini series and another installment of "RED." Update: the video was deleted off her account. Related:
  15. Madonna's daughter Lourdes finally joined instagram, and she's wasting no time getting attention. She's literally dragging everyone for filth. Kinda iconic. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  16. Madonna shared the storyboard of her forthcoming biopic that she's co-directing alongside Academy Award winning screenplay writer Diablo Cody. If you take a close look at this video she posted, it shows everything they're planning. Check out some of these screen caps via Madonna Infinity. In them, you can clearly see what they're working on. A mess Diablo Cody is probably like I'm legit worried for this biopic though. Low-key feel it's going to be messy. Any scene in particular you're looking forward to, Exhale? Related:
  17. On January 24, 2004 the NRJ Music Awards took place in Cannes, France. Britney Spears was there to perform Toxic. She also presented Madonna an special award of honor.
  18. At the 46th Grammy awards, held one week after the controversial Super bowl halftime show, which saw Janet Jackson basically get canceled right before our eyes, Banned by MTV, a ban that basically lasted 4 years. Started a vendetta against her by disgraced CBS executive Les Moonves. It literally took her a good decade and basically denouncing ***uality in her music, to be forgiven by the public and mainstream media. Two critically acclaimed tracks All Nite (Don't Stop) and 2008's Feedback (which basically foreshadowed the Ekectronic Dance music trend a year prior to lady gaga taking full credit) wasn't huge hits due to a permanent blacklisting, Feedback however was her biggest hot 100 in 7 years, peaking at #19, her last really big hit was 2001's Someone to Call my lover which peaked at #3, from really her last album to have massive commercial success 2001's All for you. It was a huge water cooler topic, high school boys found it hot to have Free **** for a hot second. But Madonna was asked her thoughts. Here's what she said, basically putting it up to the parents and blaming the media for the backlash, calling it a double hypocrisy, saying you allow violence and other stuff, but beat up a woman, on something that became ***ualized, though most woman want their breasts and nipples to be the same as men, not ***ual, but normal.
  19. Thanks to huge LGBT themed movies in the late 90s In & Out and of course Rupert Everett's career making role in 1997's My Best friend's wedding. It was only a matter of time til a movie with LGBTQ characters and cast members would call upon the biggest icon of that era, Madonna to star in a film. On the Surface The Next best thing had a great premise, best friends make the best mistake. One drunken night Madonna's character gets pregnant thru her best friend Robert (portrayed by Rupert Everett) hint the next best thing as her character wanted a kid. Unfortunately many gays had said if they didn't involve the messy child custody and actually revealed Robert wasn't the father, but her ex boyfriend portrayed by early 00s hunky actor, Michael Varten, and they said that it also hinted trouble when Sam (their son) had to address the bullying he faced at school cos his father was gay, and that they slept in separate bedrooms.. Also Rupert has come out and said this film ruined his career and he blamed Madonna, as she, as usual made her character more like her real life identity. Jennifer the original character was a swimming instructor, and a Methodist.. But, Madonna made Jennifer into Abbie and Abbie became a yoga instructor and devoted to the kabbalah. He said once again, she made the character all about her, and that's why the movie flopped. Madonna playing Abbie, who's basically Madonna as Madonna. The soundtrack was a minor success containing two new Madonna tracks A dance cover of American Pie, which madonna shortened the song, made it more autobiographical in nature, The original artist Don Mcclean called it a gift from a goddess. Peaked at #29 on the hot 100, just by radio airplay alone, but was a huge dance floor hit thanx to remixes by Victor Calderone and Richard "Humpty" Vission. But the real gem here was the original composition "Time Stood still" Written by Madonna and willam orbit, the track is such a rare gem, nobody knows, what the Arizona republic described in the soundtrack reviews her best ballad since 1994's Take a Bow, and that they said, it would be a miracle if this hidden gem actually gets embraced. Here's the preview to the film.. And here's her ultimate hidden gem. THE ballad that got away, Time stood still.. A song that talks about how a friendship had to die, cos it's too good to be true. Also, it's also believed she might have written it about her friends that Died of AIDS as it reflects to a flame that burns inside her heart.
  20. In 2012 Madonna became the first female to headline the halftime show after the controversial Janet Jackson 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. After rock and men only from 2005 to 2010. Tje black eyed peas headlined in a very disappointing and critically trashed halftime show ever. No other show was viewed as the worst before fergie and the boys. NFL3knew they had to do damage control, and the only one who could set the bar from such travesty was Madonna.. However Football fans were angered that it went to the gays, and basically since then. Let's ne honest the halftime show really became cater to the gays. Funny thing beyonce couldn't top Madge in the ratings it wasn't until Katy Perry did a female broke her record.
  21. Queen of actually focusing on her own charity Raising Malawi. She built a pediatric center for Children named Mercy Children's hospital. Now she's building a school in honor of her children and in that school aimed for Elementary school children is a dance studio. That dance studio is Named Madame X Dance studio Putting one of her iconic lines Madame X is a dance instructor to good use. https://twitter.com/AllThingsMLVC/status/1347262451625160711?s=19 Kudos to the philanthropist herself. Mada
  22. For Some artists, the music is better seen visually than just in Audio, and this is what makes MTV stars important. The channel turns 40 this year, but in a shady meme, they remind you for a channel that was built only around music, The music television part only lasted 14 years. One of those artists was Madonna, while she gets praised for her music, she's more universally praised as A video performer and a stage performer more than the audio side. .. This is why she wins many fans via YouTube cos her videos actually helps the song sell, and they understand why in her room in the rock and roll hall of fame museum section she's dubbed the first multimedia musician. Case in point, Madonna is literally a youtube streaming giant, and she's winning fans over her visuals and epic tours and live performances. So, YouTube is actually helping her remain relevant as a visual artist.
  23. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Do you guys like the new do? First two pictures are a slay, then that third one is the angle she just loves. I have to stan though. Related:
  24. There's a rumor that Madonna and The Weeknd collaborated on a song together. And the buzz says they'll perform it together at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. That part sounds like fan-fiction to me, but IDK Madonna always keeps us on our toes so you never know. In November, Madonna was spotted in the recording studio with Amir “Cash” Esmailian, co-founder of XO and co-manager of The Weeknd (picture below). Exhale, you down for this?
  25. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1549828/madonnas-instagram-account-threatened-to-be-shut-down Thinking why Madonna on Instagram is so controversial. Her Twitter is much better, It made me think. Something must have pissed her off. I forgot the platform did just that. Promoting her book. That's was her early posts. Instagram threatened deletion. Meaning, Madonna hated the one thing she hates. Censorship. It all adds up, she is finding ways to be controversial just to piss them off by playing their own rules. Cos if you go to her Twitter. If you weren't on Instagram, you would have no idea at all. Cos both profiles ate very different. Bottom line dont tell the ultimate fighter in censorship, she has to be censored. It's all smoke and mirrors for having the balls to tell Madonna, no. Do you think she really believes the post. Hell. No they just pissed her off, and she's retaliating in classic m style. @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88
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