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  1. Go to wikipedia, type Billboard icon award and you will see in Red 2021 but It's expected to go to Madonna. Making this the worst kept secret, what's worse The cancelled 2020 BBMAS icon award went To Garth Brooks, an artist who pioneered The Bro country genre which is insanely popular today. I truly believe Billboard caved after Madonna got called out for saying everytime she goes to an "American" award show she is never honored the way she's used to in Virtually international award shows. The lambs called her out saying she made it about her, She didn't mention Mariah Carey, But this is the same woman that said the success of Mariah Carey was due to the dumbing of America.
  2. In a new interview on dance dish, A one time Madonna dancer for her first big brit awards show performance and the only time she performed Bedtime Story, her dancer discusses the frustration of at the time, the performance wasn't going to be seen in the states, except for just Britian, but thx to the internet, it lives on forever and he's constantly tagged. They also discussed how she was actually given a role in the 1995 film Showgirls, that film was harshly criticized and flopped all due to the NC-17 rating, which even still, no film studio wants that rating as it's strictly limited to just 17 and older, and its seen as a kiss of death in the box office, even the late Wes craven had to do 18 different edits of the 1996 Legendary horror flick "Scream" to get the desired R Rating. Wisely she went with the career defining "Evita" cos of what happened with the Erotica and s** book era. This would have looked bad for her anyway.
  3. One of Madonna’s most underrated singles “Nothing Really Matters” has been on my playlist for the last week or so and I’ve always been curious as to why it is seemingly swept under the rug of the rest of Madonna’s huge discography. The song was released as the fifth single from the “Ray of Light” album in March 1999. “Ray of Light” is well known and critically acclaimed to be one of Madonna’s best albums. Sonically, “Nothing Really Matters” fits in with the rest of the album and showcases some of Madonna’s best vocals. Madonna was inspired by “Memoirs of a Geisha” when she filmed the music video and wore a red kimono that has been noted as one of Madonna’s iconic looks during her career. The single was performed at the 1999 Grammy Awards and was noted as one of the best performances of the night. The single peaked at number 93 on the US Billboard Hot 100. After the “Ray of Light” album era came to an end, Madonna has not performed the song since (that I am aware of). Why do you think “Nothing Really Matters” has been nonexistent since? What are your thoughts on the song?
  4. French Dance group Justice actually sampled Me against the Music by Britney Spears and Madonna. While the lyrics are original. The way the kids sing it in the intro mirrors how Madonna basically provided the outro of the 2003 international hit "All my people in the crowd, let me see you dance. Come on Britney lose control, make the Music last. All my people round and round, party all night long.. Come on Britney lose control, watch you take it down". The song is legally credited due to how similar both verses are sung, and to avoid heavy lawsuit's. Justice went to everybody for legal clearances. Enjoy the mash up..
  5. She posted the slideshow along with the message wishing her man a happy birthday. She referred to lyrics from her 1994 hit "Bedtime Story" in the message and added the song. Stream "Bedtime Stories" Thoughts?
  6. Mexican singer and actress Laura León "La Tesorito", has been featured on Tropikal Forever's latest single En Materia de Amor, a Spanish cover of Madonna's Material Girl. The song was recorded a few years ago but it's getting a proper release only now. The music video premieres today: Laura León, 68, has already been featured on another Tropikal Forever track Lo Menea, in 2014, a tropical cover of 80's hit Maniac, mostly known from the Flashdance movie. Last year she also covered Karol G's Tusa in a collaboration with DJ León Leiden. I know she's not for everyone and you probably won't get it if you're outside of Mexico or some Latin countries that know her, but she was very popular for her tropical music in the 80's and 90's, her peculiar way of singing as well as her exaggerated acting in telenovelas. Her music is played at every party and wedding, especially her hits La Abusadora and Suavecito, Suavecito. She's very funny in interviews and is just very lovely in general, with her peers and fans alike. She always makes fun of herself, her singing style and even jokes about all the surgery she's had, she's very honest and non-pretentious.
  7. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "what it feels like for a girl" Madonna releases a digital maxi single with all the club remixes including the highly sought That Chris Caligua 2001 Club Mix which was only available via A two CD promotion called GHV2 Remixed 1992-2001 The best club anthems of a decade. It's extremely rare Amazon asks for 850.00 for the set which was only available via Promo to DJS. The controversial video is also in HD, the video was banned by MTV, but oxygen played the hell out of it. Both the song and the video is seen as a #Metoo anthem. Set to the Above and Beyond Video Mix, Madonna is seen getting ready, she leaves her hotel the 9 turns to 6 and forms 666, she hotwired the car. Front side of the license say *****, the back says Cat, she picks up her real Grandmother, at the ol Kuntz guest home, they go for a drive. The events are about to be bad for some men on this night out.. She sees guys wink at her at a stoplight, she does a U Turn, they watch in horror as she crashes them into the traffic.. She stops at a bank, u see tasers go up and sparks, cuts to Madonna taking a wad of cash and they guy is passed out.. They stop at a sonic, she orders fries for herself and a soda for her grandmother, she gives the waitress 2,000 in cash, cops think somethings not right, she drives by them, points a gun at them (apparently my friend says this is why they banned it), and shoots water in their eyes. They are pissed go after her, but thx to her instant stop to a kids playing hockey, she pushes their car into the innocent bystanders (Apparently guy begged her to stop this, as he was afraid this could hurt him badly) she stops the car, throws the fries in the bin and goes to a gas station where the biggest crime is about to happen. She gasses the car up, gets her grandma out, and goes to a red Thunderbird vintage! Takes the car while it's being gassed up, a man realizes his car is being stolen, tries to stop her, But Madonna sets the area on fire by lighting a lighter and dropping it..the scenes cut out faster to Madonna at the hotel, various ids, a tattoo that went to love and then loved to beloved to the car crashing at a traffic stop post, alluding to suicide murder as it just shows that. The video and the drowned world tour imagery according to biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli was based on vengeance against men, Particularly Male Authorities and fathers which is a common theme for Madonna. He also states one has to ask her own father, how he feels that he and Josn was always painted in a negative light compared to her own mother Madonna Fortin (Madonna was named after her beloved Mother) One also has to wonder how all her brothers feel about the anger that he had towards them. older sister Paula has said. It probably would have been best if she lived with a relative that could focus just on her and gave her the attentions she needed and craved. Joan several times felt like she was walking on egg shells cos Madonna viewed as the Bish that replaced Mom. Enjoy the video
  8. While it took 600 edits, and one final approval by the lady herself ( it takes time for a perfectionist to get the way they want their own work out for the public, their way) but alas it's here Madame X live in Portugal. Dressed in Gucci, Madonna announced via by renting a 500 theaters with only 12 people in attendance, cos queens have to social distance to avoid the virus. Madame X is coming soon! So it's not finished, but it's coming it takes 7 months, but not everybody gets their favs tours on a format to be seen. Madonna understood that market better than anybody ever did, fans want a way to relive the concert, and what better way than a home video release, sales get bigger cos people who didn't attend, gets to see the artist in action themselves. Despite the mixed reception of the album, everybody agreed, that the intention of the album, came across better on the stage show, as Madonna made the album to be performed. Even some critics agree, that only she can make the album, better appreciated via the tour. She knew what she did, but albums should never be made to be just for the tour to execute it, but visual artists, don't get that message when it comes to do studio music.
  9. The way Madonna ended her, when it came to her police brutality post. And the way she annihilated her by simply ending it with. "OF COURSE YOU'RE NAME IS KAREN". If anything I feel Karen is a name that is no longer cool or accepted but allowed to be mocked and ridiculed.
  10. The last time Madonna saw her favorite history teacher was in 1985 when Mrs. Fellows saw Madonna at the Virgin tour in Michigan, Madonna's first headlining tour and her first arena tour as many shows had to be moved to bigger venues to actually meet demand of the ticket sales, a move for female pop stars that's actually rarely happens on a first tour. And as you see in this clip no time has passed and Madonna was happy and granted for this surprise. And in a bonus clip, here's the note with the infamous senior pic of a Madonna that graduated a year and a half early and a full dance scholarship. The reasons why many teachers loved her, was she more disciplined and dedicated to her studies than her peers and with an IQ of 180, they knew she was destined to do something with herself than most of her other classmates and that's what hard word does.
  11. She looks incredible holy cow! Related:
  12. UK ALBUM SALES: Here are the female artists who have sold the most in the UK (Certified Albums - Updated to 2021) The #QueenofPop tops the chart, of course! 1 #Madonna: 17,060,000 2 #Adele: 11,100,000 3 #CelineDion: 9,640,000 4 #WhitneyHouston: 9,280,000 5 #KylieMinogue: 8,200,000 6 #Rihanna: 7,300,000 7 #P!nk: 7,200,000 8 #Dido: 6,020,000 9 #TinaTurner: 5,900,000 10 #AmyWinehouse: 5,760,000 11 #MariahCarey: 5,720,000 12 #SpiceGirls: 5,400,000 13 #ShaniaTwain: 5,220,000 14 #Beyoncé: 4,720,000 15 #DianaRoss: 4,720,000 16 #LadyGaga: 4,560,000 17 #BritneySpears: 4,400,000 18 #Cher: 3,940,000 19 #LeonaLewis: 3,760,000 20 #Anastacia: 3,360,000 21 #TaylorSwift: 3,200,000 22 #DestinysChild: 2,900,000 23 #LittleMix: 2,800,000 24 #ChristinaAguilera: 2,760,000 25 #KatyPerry: 2,460,000 26 #BelindaCarliste: 2,100,000 27 #EllieGoulding: 2,100,000. Congrats to Madonna for being announced with close to 18,000,000 certified pure sales, makes the queen of pop, the best selling female act of all time in the UK. Trailing behind her at #2 is none other than the best selling British female act of all time Adele with 11,000,000 sold, that's just 3 studio albums.. While on the vocal trinity end Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are respectively at #3 and #4 each. While the Princess of pop in the UK Music market Kylie Minogue rounds out the top 5. Spice girls is the best selling girl group in terms of album sales. Queen of Exhale Britney spears is at #17.. Mariah Carey came close to the top ten, what hurt her was going to her preferred genre Hip hop and R&B, which during her peak popularity wasn't embraced at all in the UK. Destiny's child is the best selling American girl group in the UK.. Congrats to all the ladies and hats off to Madonna for being the best seller in the British Music industry..
  13. https://www.insider.com/sharon-stone-madonna-letter-horribly-mediocre-2021-3 In her just released autobiography, Sharon Stone talks about how she was pitted against Madonna several times during the basic instinct era, and she also called out the industry for always pitting females against each other just for the entertainment of men, while admitting she herself played into this on occasion as she was never taught or mentored into saying no. She felt like she had to play their game in order to have a career, she even said in the 90s women were just pawns and replaceable unless we went along with their games, 30 years later that's not acceptable today.. And in 2017 when private letters were auctioned from Madonna's own past, where she called whitney mediocre (Kevin Costner revealed Madonna was his first choice to play Rachel in the bodyguard, unfortunately a scene in Madonna: Truth or dare ruined it when she slammed him for calling her show near behind his back) she did apologize in 2001, that role went to Whitney Houston and made her the bankable moviestar. Sharon on Instagram defended Madonna saying she indeed felt mediocre at times in her career, and said in the same post I have your back my friend.
  14. Featuring George Michael, R.E.M, Aerosmith, Madonna and Michael Jackson performances.
  15. In Pop Music there has been many women who come and go but few stay and leave a legacy. We have Madonna, Janet, Mariah, Britney, GaGa, but who is the next girl that deserves to have a track/ live performance with the Queen and the Princess (Madge and Brit Brit)? Vote and say why you think the one girl deserves it?
  16. On March 22 2017, The Huffington Post published an article titled, “Why Madonna’s Like A Prayer Is The Most Important Album Ever Made By A Female Artist.” Here are some of the highlights from the article: 28 years ago this week, Madonna released what is not only her best album to date, but also what could be the most important release ever by a female artist. That’s not to say that Like a Prayer is the best album ever by a female artist, but it’s pretty close. After six years of being considered pop fluff and a disco dolly, Madonna was finally taken seriously by most music critics in 1989. Still, Like a Prayer deserved even more than bewildering critical acclaim. If Madonna and misogyny weren’t practically synonyms, Like a Prayer would have not only won several Grammys in 1990 (it didn’t even earn any major nominations), but it would be widely praised for its songwriting and production 28 years later. If a man delivered the same type of vocals Madonna did on Like a Prayer, critics would note that his voice isn’t technically perfect, but distinct, melodic, and full of emotion. When it comes to Madonna, who certainly could never hit the notes of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, it’s just easier for people to say that she “can’t sing.” For people (especially millennials) to understand how important Like a Prayer is to culture and music, they have to comprehend the repressive environment Madonna’s album arrived to in March of 1989. The late 1980s was ruled by the religious right, who believed AIDS was a curse God gave to the gay community. Women who were outspoken or wore revealing clothes were referred to as *****, ******, *****es, etc. Police brutality among African Americans was still widely accepted without much of a backlash. And interracial dating was still considered a taboo. The pamphlet on AIDS Madonna included with each copy of Like a Prayer alone proves that the notion of Madonna being a bad role model and having a bad influence on Generation X (especially women and teenagers) just isn’t true. Madonna educated many about AIDS and safe *** at a time when schools, the media, and religious institutions stayed away from the topic. A move like this in 1989 could have hurt a showbiz career, but Madonna survived and thrived by doing the right thing and, possibly, helping to save lives at the same time. Like a Prayer is The first of two lyrical standpoints, the other Being 1998's Ray of Light for Madonna. Happy 32nd anniversary of Like a Prayer.
  17. Before she became the biggest selling female pop star of all time, the highest grossing female touring artist of all time.. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, was just a student at the university of Michigan In the fall of 1976.. Technically Madonna wasn't supposed to graduate high school til 1977, but due to her being very studious and dedicated, Madonna graduated early by January of 1976, at only 17 years old, even before the class of 76 was supposed to graduate, she was already done in high school by new years of 1976.. So it was no surprise that she went to the university of Michigan, under a full tuition She was the only Ciccone kid to actually go to a university and by 1977, thanks to the encouragement of Christopher Flynn, an openly gay man, who was more of a father to her, than her own father, encouraged her to go to New York city, where all her dreams did come true, even with only 35 dollars to her name on her first day in new York. According to her family, her fame has brought out the worst in her brothers as they really went through their own addiction problems to numb their minds and to escape reality. Where in the real world, the sister they teased, hated, bullied and despised actually made a name for herself, and they felt like a failure to her standards of achievement. Christopher Flynn talks about Madonna arriving in New york city, along with her ex Brother. Christopher ciccone has been basically since his tell all book in 2008, ex communicated from his sister, Chris himself said, he had to leave LA, cos 200 clients, became only 4 as an interior designer, I can't live off of 4, so Madonna made sure That it was going to be known, I'm no longer welcome here anymore. He moved back to Michigan to start a brand new life, and he does regret the book now.
  18. Today Rolling stone magazin (german edition), picks the top 5 ***iest female music videos, And number one is rightfully so, Madonna with her 1990 controversial Video "Justify My Love". Directed By French Photographer Jean Baptiste-Mondino, The video sees Madonna longing for a fun weekend (No sleep, just all 24 hours body party), starring her boy friend at the time 25 year old Tony Ward, The video sees Madonna exploring all her forbidden fantasies, from men kissing (when MTV banned the video she pointed this out, that people would rather see people getting murdered on tv, then two guys kissing, which is natural and beautiful). From her own girl on girl kiss, a blurred female breast which was a split second, probably accidental cos she vastly picked it up, video ends with Madonna leaving Tony confused and wanting more, while she's leaving smiling, relaxed and happy (that's your average one night stand man, people. Love the reversal role played out). #2 is Britney spears I'm a slave 4 U #3 Janet with Anytime, Anyplace #4 Fiona Apple with Criminal #5 Rihanna with S&M.. Do you agree with what they picked as #1. Mind you the other 4, plays upon what the guy, wants, while Madonna flipped ot around, and gave it the female take as most of her career is basically proving If a man can do it, so can a woman. Her videos for Express yourself and thus video as well as With Erotica, made men feel the gaze and attention just like the way they always represented women through their eyes.
  19. I really understand why celebrities close to Britney did not speak before, because they did not know the facts, and it looked like a conspiracy. But now with the documentary and how mainstream all this is, its weird that Christina Aguilera and Madonna are silent on this! How can someone as big as Ariana Grande support Free Britney, while celebrities close to Britney are silent or against her?
  20. In an exclusive interview with Frequent collaborator Patrick Leonard (word is Patrick and Madonna are working on new Music for her upcoming authorized biopic), they discuss how one song and album made Madonna go from pop star to serious artist, and how she traded her commercial success for serious cred with the critics and earned the respect she so wanted. Critics are mostly dismissive to pop stars and pop Music in general, but as the Professor and Patrick explained once a pop star does a serious album, the respect and notoriety comes. They even touch the Pepsi commercial controversy and how Outside the kendall Jenner ad, which Madonna dragged them back in 2015 holding a can of Coke, explains how Pepsi went to basic lengths to stay safe with their ads, and to avoid pissing People off.
  21. According to Variety, Jay-Z sold Tidal. Due to Jay-Z’s recent Ace of Spades deal with LVMH, all Tidal co-owners including Nicki Minaj have made a $8.9m cash out. ✈️ When we get fly, we take flight ✈️
  22. Happy international women's day. Madonna shared her universally acclaimed speech from her Billboard 2016 woman of the year award where she was the woman of the year for her Contributions to Malawi.. And like Rita ora said asking me to describe Madonna is basically asking me to describe God.. Madonna reminds everyone she's hated cos the most controversial thing she did was stick around and not fade off like the rest of the females did during her day. Most didn't have her drive and ambition to be success, even Cyndi Lauper and Cher admits any of us could have had her success, but we lacked what she had and that was the drive and she understood the industry and the media better than anybody did at the time.. Happy international women's day..
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