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  1. Years ago, I heard an incredible mashup between Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Again and Madonna’s Celebration! I loved it so much, I downloaded it and saved it in my laptop. Many moves, hard drives, and new laptop later (I had a old HP Pavilion g6 from 2011 in Apple Red and I now have a MacBook Pro (insert Britney raving about an iPad here)) and the file is gone! I tried looking it up on YouTube, Google. I think the remixer was DJ Craig Vanity? Any help would be appreciated or if they can find it! I’ll love you forever!
  2. Source: MixMag I feel it would be Kylie but it would be beyond cool if it was Britney.
  3. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of her debut, Madonna and Warner Music Group announced a massive partnership today that includes a new agreement for her entire recorded music catalog. With the new deal, Warner, whom she launched with at the start of her career, now represents her entire catalog. The press release says: "all in all, the new pact includes 17 studio albums plus singles, soundtrack recordings, live albums, and compilations." The partnership reportedly does not address new recordings (her deal with Interscope ended last year). Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide, won seven Grammys and dozens of other major awards, including 24 ASCAP Pop Music awards, MTV VMAs, Brits, Ivor Novellos, Junos and more, and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. We can expect a LOT of never-before-seen Madonna content. The press release says she will "personally curate expansive deluxe editions for many of her landmark albums, as well as introduce unique releases for special events, and much more." It adds the deal “heralds the launch next year of an extensive, multi-year series of catalog releases that will revisit the groundbreaking music that made her an international icon.” Madonna commented on the milestone partnership, saying "Since the very beginning, Warner Music Group has helped bring my music and vision to all my fans around the world with the utmost care and consideration. They have been amazing partners, and I am delighted to be embarking on this next chapter with them to celebrate my catalogue from the last 40 years.” Press release from Madonna.com: Happy birthday queen, take a bow indeed. @I Always Sing Live @Style. @Slayer @Jordan Miller @Midnight @Blackout2006
  4. The cake is decked out in gems made out of Candy, but it's shaped like the cross, it's everything that Made Madonna, Madonna.. Scandal and controversy. I look forward to hearing she was ex communicated a 4th time.. Hope you're having a great birthday week in Italy, where your father's side of the family came from.. Ciccone forever.
  5. Actress debra Winger was cast in A league of their own, she left the film after Penny Marshall casted Madonna, for Debra who trained with the MLB, this was a big mistake. The role was recasted to Geena Davis, A league of their own is about the short lived all women's baseball league that happened during World War 2, Madonna was casted as Mae "All the Way Mae" and gave us a ballad that remains one of her most universal acclaimed singles "This used to be my playground". The filming proved to a be a positive experience for Madonna as well, as she was also critically acclaimed for her role, which oddly when ever she's a supporting character, she gets praise compared to the main roles. She also struck a life long friendship with Rosie O' Donnell as well, one of her few more loyal friendships, she's defended rosie when Donald Trump went after her in the mid 00s https://youtu.be/xvC-epkhtno https://youtu.be/XrXvN2FWqvE
  6. While Gangsta rap, and Heavy metal dominate this countdown.. One pop album and female artist made the cut... none other than Madonna herself with 1984's Like a Virgin which mojo states until Madonna teen girls never dressed like their idols (referencing the iconic Madonna wannabe era where girls dressed like her in her early days). Mojo also noted if everybody thought she would calm down after this, she only pushed it further with Like a Prayer and Erotica which pushed The envelope even further even making her boy toy era looks tame compared to what was to come later on in her career especially if you consider erotica had a soft core nudity book to accompany her album of ***ually explicit material, the first from a female act to exist.
  7. August 16 is Next Monday, which means The girl who came from Michigan to New york with only 35 dollars to her name, Madonna arrived. And she turns 63 years old next Monday. This post is dedicated to a single that is Madonna's Favorite Track from "Music". "Impressive Instant" The track that follows Music, is one of her most critically acclaimed tracks to date, considered the single that got away, Madonna being on her own label sent The track to be remixed by Peter Rauhoufer, Tracy Young and Victor Calderone.. However, Warner Bros wanted the more radio friendly Amazing as a single, as they sent Radio promo singles to radio stations, Madonna had Amazing as part of the set list, to the drowned world tour, but when word got to her Warner was gonna film the video from a performance of the tour, the song was dropped and the 4th single to a hugely successful era was dismissed as they didn't see eye to eye to a 4th single. Critics to this day still applaud the track for its edginess, ironically Amazing was dismissed as nothing but a beautiful stranger rip off by critics.. If you read the reviews to this album, while praised, William Orbit was hugely dismissed by critics (despite being a producer, Madonna was not criticized, just William) for not offering anything in his two tracks Runaway lover and Amazing.. Mirwais and what it feels like for a girl was universally acclaimed on Her 8th studio album, ironically that's why Madame X was praised, her and Mirwais has a magic touch that no one can deny.
  8. With Ed Sheeran racking up his 29th UK top ten hit, OCC looks back at the artists with the Most top ten hits.. Top Male is the King of Rock N Roll and the best selling solo male artist of all time, The late Elvis Presley with over 70 uk top ten hits, compared to His 36 us Top ten hits that number is impressive.. Top female is none other than The queen of pop and the world's best selling female herself with 63 UK top tens, no other female racked up an impressive record like Madonna did with 40 consecutive top tens beginning back in 1984 to 1994.. Compared to her 38 US top tens, it would be extremely difficult to take Madonna's UK record from her.. Michael Jackson has 44 UK top tens. The top 5 respectively are #1 Elvis Presley (Top male, Top artist overall) #2 Cliff Richard #3 Madonna (Top female) #4 Michael Jackson #5 Kylie Minogue
  9. So in what can be described if glee did Cinderella and Rachel Barry was Cinderella.. The soundtrack to Amazon movie, has a cover of Material girl by Idina Menzel.. Madonna isn't a fan of Camila Cabello.. When presenting at the VMAS in 2018, with the controversial Aretha Franklin tribute that the MTV CEO said she only asked Madonna cos both are from Detroit. Well she presented Video of the year, everybody including Madonna was expecting Ariana grande to take it but Havana by Camila Cabello did.. Well, Camila Cabello is praising Madonna, but as you can see, the girl is not amuse, and she's very offended that a person she doesn't like has the audacity to praise her.. Poor Camila has no idea Madonna Is not a fan of her..at all.
  10. August 1st, 1981, MTV launched, many people called it a joke, but it's a huge part of 1980s pop culture, and shifted the Music industry big time, certain stars are the pioneers of this Network, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Madonna are considered the 4 biggest acts that understood MTV, the best. Here's the first interview Madonna had with MTV, just months before the first VMAS ever happened which Madonna would cement her status as the empress of MTV. The ultimate video star for females in MTV peak prime.. Viceland is devoting a special to each pioneer of MTV from the days of its huge popularity. They plan on 2023 doing a trl era doc when that hits 25 years, Britney would be covered there on a special that's called TRL, the last decade that MTV had relevancy. What killed trl, was the rise of the mp3, as many would go to the Virgin megastore to buy the latest cd for whoever was promoting when iTunes happened the crowds outside kept getting less and less and Trl was struggling sadly even with the rise of MySpace. Here's a clip from viceland MTV special devoted to Madonna. Seymour Stein said I heard one song, I had to sign her, I knew she was gonna be the biggest female out there, I was right she's the best selling female artist of all time, nobody can snatch that title away from her, Mimi can have the US, but Madonna has the title for the entire world, she can't be replaced, neither can her crown.
  11. In April 2003, Madonna released her 9th studio album "American Life" while the album and its singles was actually successful from Canada and Europe, the album like 1992's Erotica underperformed in her Home country the US, and just like Erotica it was initially mixed to negative reviews, but retrospectively the album had become praised, as it stands out against the R&B and hip hop landscape in mainstream top 40 Music in the US, but as this video states Die another day did go top ten in the US. So what was the problem and the disconnect between this album and The general public at the time, well it's simple, the album only bombed in America cos they supported the Iraq war and fighting back against what happened to them, however Canada, Mexico and Europe where the album saw huge commercial success and it's singles going top ten or number 1 depending on the country, actually disagreed with America and didn't support the Iraq war or war In general, Madonna said in 2005, we had no right invading their country, We retaliated what they did was wrong and our response was also wrong, So nobody wins at all. You can't right a right with a wrong like going into a country and declaring war. Billboard declared in 2018, on the album's 15th Anniversary that American life ended her trilogy of albums where Madonna was at her most David Bowiest in ber career. It was her last time seen as vulnerable and personal until 2015's Rebel Heart which explored both of her personalities the rebel who is on a mission to fight oppression and ageism, and her romantic side which is the heart. As well as 2019's Madame X which reunited Madonna with Mirwais Ahmadzaï as her main collaborator, which ironically saw Madonna get some of her best reviews on both albums after the reception of both Hard Candy and MDNA was her worst critical reception to date. Enjoy the deep dive on this amazing album, but as she states Misunderstood is a definite yes, but it's a personal favorite among her fan base cos of how personal the lyrics actually are. @I Always Sing Live @Jordan Miller @Blackout2006
  12. In,1986, Madonna dropped her 3rd Studio album "True Blue", an album which All Music guide in their review declared that if 1984's Like a Virgin made Madonna a household name, then True Blue is the album that made her a superstar and the top female artist of that decade. Her first album to include Madonna as a producer. She Produced the album By Just Patrick Leonard (Open your heart, White Heat, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita, and Love makes the world go round), Stephen Bray (papa don't preach, True Blue, Jimmy Jimmy) and the 3 of them produced Where's the party.. Many fans actually declare Madonna's best Music came from this team, and beg for her to go to them.. Unfortunately Patrick Leonard shot all Hope's saying, Madonna isn't a band, and we're just producers, plus I can never see her being Janet Jackson to us being Jimmy Jam and Terry lewis (a dig and very snarky comment as everybody knows every album outside Damita Jo, 20 Y.O. and Discipline the credits of Janet's major Music success was Jimmy jam and Terry lewis). True Blue 35th anniversary edition comes with a new Remaster edition plus all the extended mixes (that was the remix an extended 12" version), and radio edits and instrumental versions. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @I Always Sing Live
  13. Madonna called out Dababy for homophobic and s**ist degratory remarks towards women, had no idea he said he only sleeps with women who smells like water down there, and the fact she tagged him, means one thing, Mama loves a good fight with a man who doesn't have the balls to say it in person unless it's on stage.. @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live She didn't come to play. Go after the gays, feel my wrath. Love her.
  14. 35 years ago, Madonna released her 3rd studio album True Blue. While Like a Virgin had turned Madonna into a worldwide phenomenon, it's True Blue that cemented Madonna's status as a force to be reckoned with and pop music icon that was here to stay. Also, it's worth mentioning that the album actually came out on June 30, not July 30. At it's core, True Blue is totally a dance record, but it also marked a change. You could tell that her sound was maturing and that she was more willing to experiment. The album was obviously a smash hit and peaked at #1 in many countries including the US and UK. It actually debuted at #29, but quickly reached the #1 spot, staying there for five consecutive weeks. The album also spawned 5 legendary singles: All five of the singles peaked within the top 5, and three of them peaked at #1. Need I say more? To celebrate the 35th anniversary of True Blue, Madonna has released a special edition of the album: Unfortunately, the reissue features no b-sides, unlike the anniversary edition of Like a Prayer which at least features Supernatural (a fabulous, albeit weird, track about having intercourse with a ghost). In total, it has 18 tracks: the original tracklist and 9 alternate versions. I have no interest in remixes, but at least I get to listen to the album while looking at the new cover. I expected the new cover to be a boring rehash of the original one, but it's not. Stream:
  15. I wasn’t alive during Madonna’s prime in the 80s and early 90s, nor do I remember much of her early eras up until COADF, but for those who know their pop culture history and/or witnessed both of their peaks, who was bigger? Just looking at the stats — Britney garners in more monthly listeners on Spotify and songs/videos (pre-VEVO/YouTube) like BOMT, Toxic and Womanizer have more views than any Madonna song/video. Sad to say but I feel like a lot of Madonna’s legacy has either been swept under the rug and/or didn’t really stand the test of time. I feel like even Mariah, who was considered more local, is more remembered nowadays than Madge. However one thing I believe — no other female artist since Britney’s debut had the explosion, universal appeal, long-term worldwide effect and controversy on not only music but pop culture the way she did, so that leaves me thinking — is she the greatest female pop star of all time? If not, then who?
  16. I know this isn’t a major revelation, but I just learned that the friend Britney and Paris Hilton had multiple dinners last summer (2020) was Cade Hudson… …who is friends with Sean Penn, whose lawyer is Mathew “Matt” Rosengart, who has also worked with Madonna, Sean Penn’s ex. It looks like at some point Cade was Penn’s agent at CAA, but I couldn’t confirm that. Cade is one of Paris’s best friends and Britney’s only friend who has been spotted with her in the past couple of years. Madonna and Sean Penn are still friends. Sean Penn gave a statement about Rosengart after it came out that he was going to be Britney’s lawyer (“he is tough as nails street fighter”). So it was probably thanks to Cade and Sean Penn why both Madonna and Paris knew that “we’re coming to get Britney out of the prison” a couple of days before the news about Rosengart came out. I imagine some fans are now going to freak out and come up with another conspiracy theory because Cade is/was Jason Trawick’s best friend – that’s how Cade and Britney met. It doesn’t take a way the fact that Rosengart is highly regarded attorney who has made it clear that he is going to take down the conservatorship and everyone Britney wants to sue. And like all the legal experts I’ve heard, that’s what he’ll also do. Today (Monday) is the first day he is supposed represent Britney in court as her legal representative about Jodi’s additional security fees. I’m curious to see if he’ll file the petitions to remove Jamie and end the conservatorship today too. I’m secretly hoping that he has convinced Jamie over the weekend to resign as Britney’s conservator. Fingers crossed!
  17. Soccer legend Cristino Ronaldo is a huge Madonna fan, loves everything about her and admires her as a businesswoman, stating nobody in Music today, can get the kind of business deals whether it's the highest paid female recording contract, her 120 Million contract with Live nation still stands as the highest female recording contract, no other contract by a female act has broken Madonna's 3 album deal with Live nation, which was completed in 2019 with Madame X. He also talks about how no female puts the one of a kind stage shows with groundbreaking technology, stating The MDNA screens are still the biggest as her stages are designed for stadiums with one of a kind sound systems that's copyrighted to just Madonna herself. Cristiano recommended Lisbon, as a good education for her sons Soccer skills, she did move there for the best Soccer education, but also left The US during the Trump years of his rule as president, this wasn't the first time, David Letterman addressed to her you lived in London for 8 years, while she didn't mention her marriage or family reasons, she said Iived in London during the Bush years, which was the best decision I've ever made. At least I can always move when I don't like the person who's president, I can always move back when a President is in the White House that I respect, love and admire.
  18. Madonna in 2005 released the follow up to 1991's Truth or dare with the heavy spiritual and very politically charged. "I'm going to tell you a secret. One scene her and Musical director Stuart Price talks about how he doesn't believe in God, like he said why does it offend people if they don't have a faith or spiritual beliefs. He believes in reincarnation and energy, but when Madonna brought up the Light (Kabbalah's God, since light was the first thing created in the tree of life). He gets offended and says Energy is high as it gets. She laughs anyway knowing he's not gonna change his mind. She even tells her dancers she doesn't condone them smoking grass, but as long as their her employees don't do it on her time and for the next 6 months, as she wants the best out of them. She even says during rehearsals nobody cam **** up, during a live show, as it sets her mood off and it cuts to a dancer being fired cos he missed his cue. Then she being only spiritual not religious tells her dancers, that religion breeds separation and in fragmentation, the idea to become one unit, is to take the thing that separates you from being a whole team, the religion outfit during the American life performance. It's actually fascinating and her intelligence in religion is mind blowing. Catch her shading the catholic religion with the whole most priests are gay gag. @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live @Blackout2006
  19. Madonna is finally releasing a Madame X Tour special. It's available to stream October 8th on Paramount+. Exhale, are you watching?
  20. Smoking a Joint, Madonna shares part of her script and she went there, talking about her first mastaurbation experience. Cant wait for Live To Tell: The official Madonna Authorized movie.
  21. Madonna has finally commented on Britney's situation. "Give this woman her life back. Slavery was abolished so long ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that has been doing this to women for centuries. This is a violation of human rights! Britney we coming to get you out of jail!"
  22. For those who are wondering why Madonna remains silent about Britney's case, the reason is simple : She indirectly benefits from it through her management company Maverick and therefore has an huge conflict of interest. Established originally in 1992, today the rebranded Maverick was co-founded by partners: Guy Oseary, Clarence Spalding, Larry Rudolph, Gee Roberson, Scott Rodger, Cortez Bryant and Adam Leber. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6289050/maverick-movement-meet-the-oseary-bryant-laffitte-rodgers-roberson-rudolph-spalding-veazy-leber Guy Oseary has stepped down from Maverick's day-to-day operations last year. "My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship, including my management … they should be in jail." She is simply protecting Maverick, Guy Oseary, Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber. Cher, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and other major artists have spoken out... Madonna, it's time, *****.
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