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  1. Lady Gaga will play the role of an assassin in a new movie titled "Bullet Train," directed by David Leitch and co-starring alongside Brad Pitt, Collider.com reports. She already slayed me this year, so it appears she'll bring me back to life and kill me again. Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
  2. A new tweet praises Kylie Minogue for doing great promo for her #1 album in the UK, Scotland and her native Australia with DISCO. At the same time, it seems throughout the thread they are really upset with Gaga for letting Chromatica die fast. I kinda see the shade aimed at Gaga. They are saying that it's like her comeback to the dance floor, but she let it fade out too fast after "Rain On Me." The promo just stopped for Chromatica. Most people believe Ariana is the reason why "Rain On Me" was Chromatica's biggest hit. Thoughts. Do you agree with the anger and the frustration at Gaga???
  3. Lady Gaga released an alternate "911" music video. It's a collaboration with LG Electronics USA. The LG has no reference to Lady Gaga, though that's convenient. It'll appear on the FOMO channel, which stands for “Fear of Missing OLED.” OLED is one of their new televisions. Gaga gave a statement: “I’m so thrilled to see how everyone has responded to our short film,” said Lady Gaga. “For 911, Tarsem and I worked together to create an exclusive visual experience which will air only on LG’s FOMO Channel. This version of the film will push the boundaries of the visuals and truly deliver the vibrant colors, dramatic blacks, and infinite contrast the way we envisioned them. We hope you enjoy this special version of our film which will air exclusively on LG OLED TVs, allowing you to see the details unlike anywhere else!” Expect to enjoy bonus footage, behind-the-scenes commentary with director Tarsem Singh & more. Content is king! Are you ready for more Gaga goodness, Exhale? Related:
  4. Lady Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta, showed his support for the Republican Party amidst the Presidential election. He posted a screen cap of a map of the electoral college and wrote "Red kingdom." He also Tweeted "@realDonaldTrump 2020" and "You may have noticed my political and spiritual beliefs are different. liberty and freedom of choice would not be political." Gaga just performed for Joe Biden and pleaded with people to vote for him because Trump is, well, a monster (my opinion). I wonder how she feels about this Do any of you have parents who share entirely different political views from you? How do you deal? Related:
  5. Update: Trump threatens to expose Lady Gaga. "I can tell you stories about Lady Gaga." Earlier: Trump is FUMING that Lady Gaga is performing at Joe Biden's final rally before the election. Related:
  6. Lady Gaga threw her super stardom being Joe Biden, and also dragged President Trump in the process. Gaga also performed "Shallow" and "You And I." Watch her entire speech and the performance below:
  7. Lady Gaga revisited some of her iconic looks in a new video encouraging Americans to vote. “I believe no matter how you feel right now about the election, you are still accountable.” “Maybe you’re sick of all the fighting or you’re frustrated by [COVID-19] and don’t want to deal with it. Or maybe you dislike all the candidates. Or maybe you feel so discouraged by the state of our nation that you’ve decided you don’t believe in voting because you feel it’s better not to be a part of the system.” “If you want to change this system, if you want this country to be different than it is right now, you have got to participate in this election,” she said. “When they announce who has won the election, it will be very clear what this country has become,” We don't deserve her
  8. Dua Lipa and Sir Elton John, have a nice chat. While praising the Blessed Madonna remix of Levitating. I'm sure it's a mistake, But he begins to Call Madonna, Lady Gaga.. My reaction to this big mishap. Is in this Golden girls clip.
  9. Lady Gaga landed a new leading role. After the immense success from A Star Is Born, all eyes are in Lady Gaga’s next acting performance. A new report from Deadline confirms Mother Monster will star in a new Ridley Scott film about the chaotic Gucci family and the murder of the grandson of founder Guccio Gucci. Gaga will play Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, who was tried and then convicted for masterminding the plan to kill her ex-husband on the steps of his office in 1995. She served 18 years in jail before being released in 2016. The Gucci murder story is written by Roberto Bentivegna, based on the Sara Gay Forden book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed. Filming begins in March, Deadline reports. The movie also stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Adam Driver and Jared Leto. Exhale, thoughts on Gaga's role? Related:
  10. Lady Gaga posted a video encouraging people to vote. Interestingly, she wants to go by her real name Stefani Germanotta instead of Lady Gaga for the next several weeks until after the election. It caught the attention of Katy Perry and JLo, both of whom left comments. Katy left a heart (they always unite around election season and we love to see it). JLo spelt Gaga's name wrong but her heart was in the right place: When some of our faves unite Related:
  11. This is so cheesy and cute At their wedding, a man busts out choreography to Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love." And I can't even get a text back Exhale, would you die of happiness if ya mans did this? Or is it too cringe? Personally, I'm #living for it. Via Gaga Daily
  12. Lady Gaga's team reportedly submitted Chromatica track "Alice" to the GRAMMYs in the "Best Dance Recording" category. There's also a few other nominations Little Monsters are speculating about: Chromatica Album of the Year Best Pop Vocal Album Best Engineered Album (non classical) "Rain On Me" Record of the Year Song of the Year Best Pop Duo / Group Performance Best Music Video "Stupid Love" Best Pop Solo Performance "Alice" Best Dance Recording Thoughts, Exhale?!
  13. Lady Gaga just released a short film for her next Chromatica single, "911." There's SO much symbolism in it. LadyGagaNow put together a thread explaining all of the imagery and what it means. See that below the video. Thoughts, Exhale?!
  14. So I recently came across a video from Mojo.com called Greatest Defining Acts of the 00s, and here is the ranking Eminem Radiohead Beyonce Jay-Z Coldplay Britney Spears Linkin Park Lady Gaga Green Day Justin Timberlake I was really suprised, with the list. Britney was below the top 5? Also didnt mojo have a video called best female artist of the 00s where the ranked Britney above Beyonce? So does that mean Bey should be at #6 and Britney at #3. Top 3 is such a reach for Beyonce. Quite dissapointed with the flop list. What do you guys think? I think Britney deserved top 3, i meant she was the best-selling female artist of the 00s selling 83 million records WW, had the greatest hit of the 00s, had the most iconic performance of the 00s, was the most searched celebrity from 2000-2008, had the highest grossing tour of 2009, achieved a Lifetime award, had 2 diamond albums before reaching 20 and being the best-selling act of the year 2000. Whats not there to put her in top 3? SMH? People even want to take away the acheivement of her even owning a decade
  15. Hey B-army, so i was wondering if both 911 songs from Godney and Gaga would match.. Well, this is the result though Hope u like it
  16. While Charlie Hide appeared on a season of Drag Race (I said it's not going to work) it didn't work cos he didn't create a character. He's mostly known for his celebrity impressions, he nails them down mannerisms and all. His most famous ones are Madonna and Lady Gaga, particularly at the height of the infamous Fued. And as you can see he always gets the instant jealous and hate of Madonna when her enemy appears, as well as Lady Gaga poking the bear cos she knows how much she gets to Madonna. But always Madonna ends up winning when Gaga gets stumped, so Gaga retorts to the whole copying rumors and that's where all hilarious ensues. Especially referencing a T Shirt Madonna wore during a performance of "Music" at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards. While we all seen Madonna wore a Britney Spears T Shirt after a huge New York club performance. The Shirt with the Name Kylie Minogue worn by Madonna is one of her most iconic, as Kylie said she just sealed her musical comeback with the Disco themed album "Light Years" and a universal acclaimed performance at the closing ceremony of The 2000 Sydney Summer games, to now the more global recognition of Madonna wearing a Tank top with your name. Thus really was my comeback and actually sealed of pop culture status. Enjoy the skit, for the record, he's never done Kylie, like this cos he can't find the flaw that is something that needs to be made fun of..
  17. I was watching pop music performances and stumbled across Rihanna and Britney Spears performing "S&M" live and totally loved it. Then I thought of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande recently performing at the VMAs. Britney was the veteran, now Gaga is...Rihanna was running pop then, now Ariana is. So who do you think had the better duet performance? (To be clear I LOVE all four women. I'm not trying to start drama, and not talking about credentials, just strictly the performance in any capacity you see fit to critique, NO SHAMING ANY OF THESE WOMEN!)
  18. The video seemed to have some references to "Poker Face." Kinda a throwback, so I did this:
  19. Christina Aguilera shared a post with a quote by Sara Sütterlin: "I believe in the importance of women creating space for other women. A continuous sharing of all things, a transference of power." Along with the quote, she shared two collages of pictures of herself with other female artists, including one with Britney and Madonna from their VMA's 2003 performance.
  20. Lady Gaga opens up about the dark state she was in while recording Chromatica and how she's had a difficult time coping with her superstardom. "I mean, honestly, Lee, I just totally gave up on myself," she said. "I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up." "This ruined my life," she said. "Look what you did. You can't go to the grocery store now. Look what you did. If you go to dinner with your family, somebody comes to the table. You can't have dinner with your family without it being about you. It's always about you. All the time it's about you." Combined with the PTSD from her fame and ****** assault at 19-years-old, Gaga lost hope. "I really didn't understand why I should live other than to be there for my family," she said. "That was an actual real thought and feeling." "Did you think about suicide?" Cowan asked. "Oh yeah, every day," Gaga replied. "Yeah, I lived in this house while people watched me for a couple years, to make sure I was safe." Gaga turned things around, saying she won't give in. "No, I'm right here," she said. "I don't hate Lady Gaga anymore. I found a way to love myself again, even when I thought that was never gonna happen." Watch the full interview above.
  21. Now that I've had a week to sink my teeth into Chromatica, I'm beginning to uncover meaning behind this string of super sonic somber songs. I'd like to unpack the symbology in "Replay," the album's disco-tinged dance floor banger. At first glance, I thought "Replay" detailed one of Gaga's harrowing relationships between herself and a toxic former flame. But there's something I thought of that shifted my entire perception of the song, and now I can't see it any other way. Gaga's repeated use of the word "monster" in the track feels deliberate and intentional. She could've used any word in the world, why "monster?" First, let's take a glance at the history of the word in the Gaga universe. You may recall Gaga featured a song titled "Monster" on The Fame Monster. In the intro of the song, Gaga says "don't call me Gaga." She sings about a boy who "ate her heart," and recklessly consumed her emotions. The Fame Monster coined the term Gaga fans go by: Little Monsters. In the past, Gaga has described death, alcohol and drugs as monsters. In other words, Gaga has a complicated love-hate relationship with monsters. In her new song, "Replay," Gaga sings about trauma, and I can't help but think she's subtly singing about her super stardom. In her new interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Gaga said being so famous gives her a little anxiety about the public. "Replay" also details her experience with PTSD. Can you imagine everyone in the world knowing who you are? And wanting something from you? How guilty are most of us chanting WHERE IS LG6? WE WANT LG6. WE DON'T WANT JOANNE WE WANT DANCE FLOOR BANGERS. Gaga came through with Chromatica, but at a cost? Check out some of the lyrics from "Replay." View them through the lens as if she is undoubtedly taking about her fame and the demands fans place upon her. It's wild. I want to preface this by saying that I don't think Gaga is saying she hates her fans, her career or her stardom. She obviously LOVES and adores her fans. There is no denying that. However, we just can't understand what it's like to be so famous. That fame is energized and expanded through her loyal supporters. I imagine it's a bit of a double-edged sword. This is not exclusive to Gaga, rather all hyper-famous people. I also want to say this is my own perspective on the song. Music takes all sorts of shapes, so while I may see this as a stance on the dark sides of fame and fans, others may see "Replay" as Gaga's response to a bad romance. After I had my own revelation about "Replay," I grew to love the song so much more. I can't imagine being Gaga-level famous, nor having that amount of fans. While she is so blessed and fortunate, that amount of celebrity could feel like a mental prison. What do you think about "Replay?"
  22. Lady Gaga covers Billboard magazine. There's also an in-depth interview in which she opens up about the creation of Chromatica. It also features an interview with her manager, Bobby Campbell. These pictures are gorgeous! Thoughts, Exhale?
  23. Lady Gaga's new commercial for Valentino’s perfume Voce Viva is out, and it's stunning. Some press release jargon for ya: “Lady Gaga means freedom, self-consciousness, pure heart,” said Valentino fashion house’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. “Her participation in this campaign elevates the symbolic power of the project to the highest level. “She is the icon of a generation. Her message of freedom, passion for art, self-consciousness and equality is the same [as what] our Valentino community stands for.” Gaga had this to say: “Be yourself, love who you are and never give up on your dreams.” Are YOU buying it? Regardless of what it smells like? Cause... take all my money queen. Related:
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