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  1. Hey all. Firstly, let me tell you why I decided to write a post about this. Professionally, I am a content writer, and I adore writing some good quality content but usually for work. However, every now and then, things happen in my life that shake me up to the core and force me to think - to think about life, about how one's life is supposed to look like, and how we take this gift we were given for granted because the society overwhelms us by making us focus on completely irrelevant things that pass quicker than a flash. So here's my story, and here's why it made me realize that gay culture (in my personal opinion), in its current state, is extremely damaging for most of the gays, and why we need to wake up because we don't even realize why it is we're often feeling so sad, incomplete, and alone. The Intruder in My Body By the end of November and the beginning of December, I started to feel quite nauseous. I completely lost my apetite and even the thought of food made me feel like I'm gonna puke. I thought it was depression or anxiety, even though I never quite felt like this before in my life, I thought that maybe everything we've been going through with the epidemic is finally getting to me. I thought if I started reading some good quality books to help me elevate myself, I could fight anxiety or depression, or whatever it was that was making me feel this way. But it didn't stop at all; days passed and I started to lose the will to live at all. I hated getting up early for work, I hated working out (although I would feel better afterwards), I hated doing most things that made me, ME. So I decided to go back home for a while (home office due to the COVID-19 epidemic) hoping being with my family and being in our country house every now and then would help me. And although it did help me feel better mentally, I was still sick to my stomach. Two days after coming back, my mother noticed my eyeballs were getting yellow-ish, and the following day I turned completely yellow. Doctor diagnosed me with jaundice, but they had to discover what was causing it. After examining my gallbladder and liver, they realized the probem wasn't there, which nearly automatically meant I had some sort of hepatitis; and my blood test showed it was Hepatitis B. The Consequences of My Acts Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no drama queen and Hepatitis B certainly isn't something one could die from. Overall, your body eliminates the virus after 3 months and you develop life-long antibodies, which is great. So obviously, it wasn't this that so mentally ****ed me up, it was the fact that someone whom I've slept with 2-3 months prior to me getting symptoms decided to sleep with me knowing very well I will get the virus. This person didn't care about me one bit. Naturally, Hepatitis B is in most case transmitted ***ually, especially in gay men - so doctors urgently had to test me for HIV too, just in case. Even though I ALWAYS use protection (*****s) when I sleep with other men, I was horrified that I might have HIV as well. After all, the chances were there. Again, I'm not being a drama queen, I know very well that people with HIV live happy, healthy, and long lives nowadays. Still, I was shocked that someone could actually be ready to transmit such a serious virus to a person, and so I kept thinking about my life, about everything right or wrong that I did. About all the silly, IRRELEVANT, things I spent both time and money on. Luckily, after double testing, I was HIV negative and I was jumping through the roof! But here's what I realized while waiting nearly 48 hours for double tests to show whether I will be obliged to drink anti-HIV medicine my whole life or if I will be able to continue with my life unscathed and one experience wealthier. The Horrible Realization I spent last 2-3 years being convinced that the better I looked, the better I will feel. I was convinced that no handsome guy would even look at me if I'm not muscular, successful, and handsome. So I worked hard at the gym, and I got the gym body I so badly wanted. I worked very hard too and I got that amazing salary and position, and I got many gay men to notice me. I shopped for all kinds of amazing, expensive clothes so I could look flawless and trendy at all times. So I had a lot of *** (always protected) with a lot of different, very hot guys - and I thought I was happy. I thought to myself "this is it, I'm living the gay dream, this is what I wanted the whole time as an overweight, loser teenager." And although I do firmly believe this is my fault, it's equally the fault of our culture. Our culture has become so toxic that it convinces us if we don't look like models, we are worthless. We can't get a proper *** partner that we find hot, we can't have a relationship with a guy we like if we're not up to his already insanely high standards, etc. I thought that I was doing exactly what our LGBTQI+ elders fought and died for, and me having *** without people telling me I can't and without any risk of being prosecuted for it meant celebrating my rights as a free gay man. But I was wrong...very wrong. I was so tunnelvisioned into what doesn't even matter. Yes I have a great gym body I invested hundreds of euros and so much time in, but for what? So I could turn heads and feel better? So I could sleep with anyone I found attractive? Not for myself? Not so I would feel good and healthy? I am successful so others could say I'm successful, so they could envy me and find me more desirable in every way. I am writing this because I want you to realize something that I realized only once I was afraid for my life - you are the owner of your mind and body, nobody else. Celebrating our rights by having meaningless *** is putting a stain on everything our elders fought for. Yet I see SO MANY gays doing just that, over and over again. It's easy to be alone while being young, it's easy being hot and desirable in your 20s, 30s, and even 40s. It's easy earning a lot when your whole life revolves around you and your needs only. But what happens after that? What happens once we're not at the height of our youth? Once our bodies stop being head-turners? Here's what I've Learned I am not telling you to run for it and let yourself go or just desperately try to find a man so you don't end up alone. I am telling you to focus your life on what truly matters. If you want to be good-looking, do it for yourself. If you want to be successful, do it because it makes YOU feel happy and safe. And most importantly, always strive to make others around you feel happy and loved. Love is what makes this world go round. One cannot find happiness untill one offers it to those around them first. So respect others, love them, help them whenever you can, make sure your family, friends, and partner know exactly how special they are to you. Focus your attention on what truly matters and makes you happy because this life is so short and valuable, and you're not getting any re-runs. Your happiness is your own, and it does not depend on anyone else! The Second Shot at Life The 48 hours passed, and as my doctor approached my hospital bed to give me the news, I thought to myself "ok, you screwed up, but let's make it worth with what time we have left." "Congratulations Felix, you're HIV negative and your Hepatitis B infection is accute, you should be fine in 2-3 months." As a huge, deep sigh, left my chest through my mouth, I nearly fainted - "I got a second chance at life," I thought to myself. I am at home-rest now, and I promised to myself that I will spend my life making myself and those dear to me happy. I will celebrate my gay rights by never hiding who I am and by finding (some day) a man who I will love, regardless if it is in public in front of everyone or in the privacy of our own home. I promised that whatever I do, it will be for the benefit of my health and happiness. And I beg of you to do the same. Don't ever get into a situation where you will regret wasting the amazing gift you were given. Love you all, and I hope you stay safe
  2. This is legit legendary. I'm happy for her
  3. Biden has selected Pennsylvania's leading health official and a proud transgender woman, Dr. Rachel Levine, for assistant health secretary She will be the first openly transgender federal official if confirmed by the U.S. Senate. She also serves as Professor of Pediatrics & Psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine. We love inclusivity!! Looking forward to the day this wouldn't even need to be a story. Related:
  4. Adult entertainer (please do not post his pix here) Matthew Camp was the subject of an apparent attempted murder. His house was set ablaze while he and his roommate were inside asleep. "January 14, 2021. An arsonist poured gasoline on the front porch of my home and set it on fire in an apparent hate crime," he wrote to Instagram. "I was asleep inside. I am alive to face this person one day but everything I have ever owned is gone." Camp posted surveillance footage of the arson pouring gasoline on his front porch of his Poughkeepsie home. It's disturbing. Camp set up a GoFundMe with a target goal of $60K as he has lost everything in the fire. I did some digging and some are suspicious of the story. Apparently this house is a "church of Satan?" I'm not even sure what that means. But if that's the case, it's not a hate crime for being gay, rather for religious reasons. Either way, it's unacceptable. "It went by many names to many people," Camp tells Out. Camp's bedroom was near the front porch. "To the outside world, maybe they reduced it to the 'Halloween House' but to my chosen family and myself it was much more than that." Camp alleged on social media that this was a hate crime as a result of his ***uality as well as his status as a *** worker. "Share this story because queer people are still under attack all over the world," he wrote. "Our voices will not be silenced." Super sad. Glad he and his roommate are physically ok.
  5. Biden is already planning to make America great again! https://www.cnsnews.com/article/washington/cnsnewscom-staff/bidennext-week-hell-give-transgenders-access-sports-locker
  6. The Tweet is still up. Obviously he's been hacked, but I'm surprised the Tweet is still online. Messsss.
  7. im 33 going to be 34 in march and i need advice on if ishould come out or not i want to but at the same time im scared my mom is religious not overly but she is and believes stuff in the bible im nervous about her reaction and would like advice here on if i should or not i kind of alluded to it about 4 years ago but she never said anything about it i need elp what shoud i do?
  8. Update: New York apologized. She says the woman in the clip isn't transgendered. NY also says people constantly mistake her for a man. Exhale, thoughts? Earlier: New York acted abhorrent to a trans woman in this new clip (it aired recently). I'm not sure what show this is or what she's up to in her career, but I am saddened. I love New York cause she's hilarious but this behavior is intolerable. Thoughts, Exhale?
  9. I wouldn't call it social experiment but I have an interestning question to ask that I was questioning myself as there was few hot news topics including subjects of they/them and other pronouns which makes a lot of confusion. For all CIS people... imagine if someome was talking about you as they/them would you be okay with it? Please try to be respectful.
  10. https://www.vice.com/en/article/xwjj5a/when-i-came-out-i-wasnt-ready-for-the-judgment-that-came-from-within-the-community We tend, to be our own worst enemy.. Not only we get judged by a society, but we judge each other as well. That many refuse to come out cos of these out dated rules. #1. The overtly over ***ualized our community has truly become, many gay men require a hook up just to test compatibility before a proper date happens.. When refused some get called prudes, but fail to realize they were raised to be conservative about their love and *** lives.. Best solution is to date, with people who believe in the same values as you.. Problem solved.. #2 Pop culture knowledge and love of pop music, Broadway and etc. This has been outdated as many gays like heavy metal, or thrash metal gays feel like they don't get represented. Bottom line, this one is hella outdated and needs to be thrown out. There are gays that like homophobic acts especially in reggae music like Beenie man, saying music is music, we should stop letting LGBT mags tell us who we should listen to. They don't represent everybody. #3. Body shaming. The gay community is notorious for this, not everybody wants the perfect body. Not everybody wants to live on a salad and gym diet. Have thay slice of cheese pizza and that xxl mountain dew. You're only hurting yourself by ignoring these cravings.. Bottom line, stop being shallow. We all have different body structures. Even my doctor said to me as a big boned person, the body mass index is actually outdated and needs to be thrown out..
  11. Brat

    Best Way to Prep

    Anybody have any suggestions on how to prep to bottom? DM me if it’s too much
  12. Update: Shawn apologized. Earlier: Shawn Mendes gave Sam Smith a shout-out in a new promo video which aired on television, but in doing so referred to Sam as him/he instead of Sam's pronouns of they/them. Twitter had a field day with this one. Exhale, thoughts? Related:
  13. I watched this beautiful movie last night. A story of self-acceptance and discovery that transcends its historical inaccuracies and allows it to ascend to a level of magnetic emotional resonance. Based on a true story. A must watch! ❤️ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0810819/
  14. https://www.si.com/college/2020/12/11/tulsi-gabbard-new-bill-title-ix-trans-athletes-rights This is simply outrageous! How dare Tulsi interfere in equality!!!
  15. this was around 4 years ago. my Ex girlfriend split up with me just because she found out i was bi. i felt hurt. betrayed and lost. she said that she felt weird that i had been with men and then women. she found it wrong. Actully what she said to me has still left a Emotional Scar even to this day.
  16. Juno and The umbrella academy and LGBTQ activist has announced he is a trans man, identifies He/Him Pronouns, and is Elliot Page from now on.
  17. Lil Nas X says he's constantly asked about whether he's a top or bottom He's apparently vers? This is v v important btw. Related:
  18. He's just dreamy. I sometimes flirt with him, but he doesn't care! Oh, and he's also married.
  19. i am well more than 75 well more than in my 3 hunderds and also , in "school", did you cheat?
  20. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8929745/Transgender-woman-26-crowned-Miss-New-Zealand-despite-disowned-family.html So a man won a women's competition? Men really are the dominant ***.
  21. you have it all in men's package: sweat tears blood nausea j*zz **it bee however women especially black woman have ti**ies and v*g* ** too in black woman's package: pink nature (Pink is a singer) milk blood from v*g* ** blood from inner world **it sweat nausea delicate essence of dames juice no tears (big girls don't cry) I especially like black women cause they literally don't cry their feet don't stink and they have dry skin which pacakge you prefer THE FUTURE IS FEMALE
  22. https://www.facebook.com/redtabletalkestefans/videos/807185940045400/?sfnsn=mo In a spin off Red table talk, The original Latin crossover queen Gloria Estefan sits down and Discusses her daughter's sexuality, Gloria accepts it, But also takes in consideration Gloria's own mother and health. Her daughter doesn't want to hear any of that, She really could care less about how Her Abuella could react to the truth, and feels she's being asked to lie about herself. Gloria and her Aunt keeps saying, we're not asking you to lie, but you have to consider that it's not all about you, you have to think about other's. We're accepting, but your grandmother came at a time where being gay wasn't accepting or normal. During the intense Moment, Emily throws it back at her mom "For a gay icon in the Latin community, you sure have a funny way to accepting me." That actually pissed Gloria off. Some of the blogs said Emily is just wanting to fight, it's not Like how Cher Reacted to her daughter Chastity (Now, Chaz) coming out as a lesbian in 1997. They are just telling Emily to think of her grandmother, that this revealtion could actually kill her, that's what they are addressing, she's in such poor health, that any news that could lead to serious stress could do serious Damages. Emily needs to think of the others, and less about herself. Oddly more people coming out needs to really do that. It's not really about you, but your whole family.
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