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  1. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/03/03/chris-moore-gut-feelings-gay-s**-top-bottom-versatile-familial-adenomatous-polyposis/ In an interview an openly gay man who identifies as verse, basically explains due to having warts inside his colon, he had to have surgery as teen to remove them, by 17 he had further surgery which removed half his colon, and it's stapled to his rectum cos it's really short, but he came out to his mum, and the nurse told him if was to put anything in there.. He could bleed out to the point he could die. He feels this is a burden to him as he's missing out fully exploring his full likes and interests, despite all that he totally understands and won't even risk it.
  2. Mark Wahlberg stars in a new film titled 'Joe Bell.' The film is based on the true story of Joe Bell, who walked across the US in honor of his son who committed suicide due to bullying for being gay. In this preview, they sing a bit of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Super touching.
  3. Personally I hate it. Two straight actors playing gay characters in movies. It happens too often. Like in these movies I've never seen ''Love, Victor'' and ''Call Me by Your Name'' or something like that In my opinion it's a queer baiting. Don't get be wrong, I love seeing hot guys together being into each other no matter their ***uality in real life BUT tons of gay actors aren't cast in movies, TV series cause they are gay and people instead of helping them getting a job decide to cast straight people And there's no representation Gays playing straight characters isn't the same And there's one more thing. Tons of books, these movies are written by straight females Like what the **** do you know about gay life and even gay s**? Seems like queer baiting and fetishizing, at least in my opinion. EDIT: You have to know that Hollywood still discriminates LGBT people and they don't wanna cast em in straight roles, there're tons of actors that are scared of coming out because of this, according to Kate Winslet. They don't have a problem with castings heteros in gay roles tho I wanna hear your thoughts tho
  4. The King of Latin Pop graces the cover of People's second annual Pride Issue. He speaks about the things going on in his life, his new single dropping on June 10, his married life and his upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias. He also opened up about an interview he did for Barbara Walter back in 2000. The interview as many may recall where she questioned him about his s***** orientation. The event still haunts Ricky as he states. "Still, rumors persisted about his ***uality. Like a lot of LGBTQ people, an unspoken question — "Are you…?" — hovered in the air all the time, in every interaction. Sometimes anticipated, sometimes inferred, sometimes imagined, sometimes self-interrogated, it was just there — an invisible cinderblock teetering on the edge, ready to fall. Martin lived with the question until he was 29. Then, in 2000, Barbara Walters asked it on national television. This was a year after the radio dominance of "Livin' La Vida Loca" and 10 years before he came out publicly on his website. "You could stop these rumors," Walters implored. "You could say, 'Yes I am gay or no I'm not.'" Martin was visibly stunned. He finally retreated, answering with "I just don't feel like it." He says the moment still haunts him. "When she dropped the question, I felt violated because I was just not ready to come out. I was very afraid." Martin's entire body shifts. He clears his throat and takes a deep breath. "There's a little PTSD with that." What are your thoughts on this guys? I find this story to be very important especially since it is Pride Month. How was your experience growing up LGBTQ? Did you experience things like this?
  5. Internet star Tyler Oakley shared photos for a campaign he participated in for Saxx Underwear. The Internet was like He definitely put his health first this year. He looks great. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  6. Hey everyone, As it is Pride month I thought i'd make a thread for people discuss their experiences 'coming out'! I also thought it may help people others who have not came out yet. So if you're comfortable feel free to share your coming out experience. Are you comfortable with your ***uality now?
  7. Former American idol alum David archuleta came out as gay in 2014, but in this public post he changes it To ****ual (Ace) stating he has no ***ual desires or urges, cos he's saving himself for marriage a promise he made as a kid.. But scientists and doctors have come out and said, eventually this has serious consequences and damages that can basically kill your drive and for men kill it from getting hard. But congrats David on being your true you, though like Toni Braxton said in her autobiography, you can still have premarital s** and be a child of god, cos the days of jesus Marriage didn't exist.
  8. So a conservative trans gay who feels veterans should have a month and pride should be a day, gets schooled by someone who actually went through a horrible time to be gay. Like he told the kid.. Either you're to young to know your history or to damn ignorant to not even care, why we celebrate pride, I'm gonna school you you're history lesson, now.
  9. Is bdsm community and even understanding by s** therapists about bdsm why is that? both are minorities (even more so one could argue that many people love light bdsm in bedroom) but there is no march or attention in marches for the sado*******ic community and while gays and lesbians are more widely accepted and even if bdsm community is doing all for safe sane and consensual, i encountered a s** therapist who seemed to look down upon bdsm i am even opinonated that most governemntal structure funded s** therapists are not really knowing what they are doing and also i could say that bdsm kind of behavior is similarly encountered by animals isn't it? some animals love violent s**? isn't it so? again, human mind and body are complex and there are people who love violent s** too and people who practice it like a #therapy and are very happy about it in life, doesn't even science hold opinion that if its done healthily everybody should be happy, but then i met s** therapist who very first leads me to info paper that seems to be shared with me as she sees my ***ual orientation unhealthy, even if she doesn't say it it shows yet i have no encounter that people who practice it are ill, i have met the very most heartwarming and not disfunctional people who practice it s** education is so hardly accessible even these days i feel with all its very nuanced titles i could say (lol "nyanced") and i feel for me who likes bdsm there is no direction or proper advice. and even a lot of misunderstanding even in official level. sometimes it feels as nobody around me engages in s** and i don't even think its right to not talk about one's ***ual experiences. i mean we should talk about these things, even if leave names anonymous for example. idk, i just feel like talking about these things is necessary, we should for example have many trained officials to talk to and as s** is important they should be totally governement funded. but i have no access to any normal for me therapy since my country is small i guess and not even one of these official workers have any knowledge in bdsm i feel. ughh and then you'll say - but yes you indeed aghhrrreee in very small minority. and oh boy in bdsm arent there a lot of things to mis or disunderstand. i just warn ya
  10. Is monogamy the way to go? What’s your stance on non-tradional relationships like poly couples, open marriages, swinging, etc? Do these practices vibe with your moral compass? Have you or would you give one a try? Share your story fam.
  11. It's no secret, Chick Fil-A hates the gays, and most of us have successfully boycotted their expensive unseasoned Bible verses full of hate, Chicken.. Well, Burger King the first day of Pride went in on them and shaded them with lip bombs and glitter bombs on twitter.. If that's not enough, they basically created a Pride friendly menu to basically annihilate chick Fil A during Pride.. Stick with Popeyes. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/06/07/chick-fil-a-burger-king-twitter-lgbt-pride-month/
  12. She streamed this video of a sales guy coming to her house today lol
  13. To celebrate Born This Way's 10th anniversary today (May 23rd), the Mayor of West Hollywood handed Lady Gaga a key to the city and declared the day Born This Way Day from here on out. A street was also painted with rainbow colors and the words Born This Way (see below). Gaga appeared in-person to celebrate! She looks amazing! Happy for her. BTW is iconic. Related:
  14. The voice of a generation announced the new collection via her insta. Will you guys be picking up some stuff?
  15. Once again I realize my anger is at the community, but more in line I hate the US gay community, I probably would have loved it if I was born in the 60s and experienced it when it was campy and not so much of what it is today. The truth is they have said it, you probably be happier in Europe where you're accepted for being campy, discoy and rainbows and glitter, the problem isn't you, it's the fact the American gay culture wants to erase you cos you're viewed as a harmful stereotype when you're not. In Europe you are more celebrated and preferred , and you would find a guy faster than the average American gay would.. You appreciate our culture and our music better than most Americans, you understand pop Music is supposed to be campy and fun. And full of images aimed for gay men. You understand dance music better than average American gay. Move to London or somewhere in Europe (not Russia of course) and watch you're anger go away and permanent bliss will forever be yours. I did say if this happens, I would gladly say "**** America, I was never accepted anyway". That's not my home.
  16. Gay men are truly the most phobic of the community especially towards men who are bi.. And honestly they will date a guy who identifies as pan. The main reason is gay men don't date like normal people, it's a competition between other gays, hottest guy, big down there, huge ego and always wanting action even in public. But they treat bi men like crap, and it's all because gay dating is competition add women, and that adds trust issues and insecurities, and they truly believe a guy will cheat on them with a girl to get both at the same time.. But I feel they will date a pan, as they aren't into labels or gender, but the heart. I feel gay men can be at times they're own worst enemy, and everybody wonders why lesbians have life partners by 25 way before any other orientation and gays don't settle down mostly til they're 50, unless they still love being single. Several gays choose to be single as they don't like dealing with exes as friends (the classic saying is they're an ex for a reason, no need to be friends) and emotional baggage to where I feel gays are better at closing themselves emotionally and letting their hearts go mostly black cos they dwell on their past instead of the future.
  17. if you could make a sincere straightforward commercial about LGBTQ+ movement and your benefit you reaped from it what would you say? Cause' we obviously have to always accentuate the positives of the movement so it would stay alive and get more and more momentum, duh... #shakingmyheadatthemovementsgeniosityandeverlastingmoremomentum
  18. After 19 years, I love them both and I’m so upset tonight. The worst ******* years i guess nothing works
  19. The petition reads. "Today it was announced that Colton Underwood would be the focus of a Netflix documentary about being an out gay man. On Good Morning America, he came out as gay, and held an interview regarding his ***uality. Colton is a former bachelor lead who stalked his final pick, Cassie Randolph. He placed a tracker on her car, sent her and her friends anonymous threatening texts, and was even seen standing outside her window extremely late in the night, resulting in her brother attempting to de-escalate the situation. Cassie is a victim of Colton’s abuse, and he does not deserve a platform in any way. Regardless of his ***uality, Colton should not be given a platform as a result of his abusive, manipulative, and dangerous behavior." The petiton has already reached 28,494 signatures. These are some of the comments from people who signed the petition. Abusers do not get a sympathy tour, and women aren’t just tertiary characters in a male’s story arch in becoming his true self. Of literally all the interesting people in the whole wide world....netflix really went for the grossest. I’m disgusted that Netflix thought this was a good idea. Not one single person at the Netflix drawing board saw that Colton Underwood has a restraining order against him for literally putting a tracking device on his ex’s car and stalking her and thought “HEY MAYBE WE SHOULDN’T GIVE THIS TRASH MAN A BIGGER PLATFORM.” It sucks to know that as a woman, society will view me as collateral damage for a somewhat good looking white man’s journey. So tired of the glamorization of the coming out experience by white gays and the over-saturation of white gays as if they are the only ones who deserve to have their stories told. Thoughts exhale? Will you be signing the petition?
  20. "Pretends to be gay shocked".. In all seriousness comments are saying I'm sure he's literally not the only that is actually gay or bi, and needs to be their true selves. But a lot of the comments are saying the whole virginity thing makes actual sense now. He didn't know who he was at the time.
  21. I feel like we should talk about it. The truth is that there's too many TV shows where gay and bi guys are so feminine. And it's honestly annoying, dangerous and toxic as it puts whole community in that light. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being a guy and being a feminine, it's just people that because of this think every gay, bi guy is like this. Also nothing wrong with having characters like that in a TV show but it's not okay when it's that one stereotypical type of gays in every show. We all know that there're gay, bi guys that are feminine but for sure there's much more guys that act, look ''straight'', ''masculine'' all the time. They just don't belong to that specific ''gay culture'' in some type of way. Because of that feminine stereotypical gay guy, it's harder for not-straight guys to come out, toxic masculinity is becoming stronger because of this. So, put more masculine gay and bi guys in your TV shows. Btw the stereotype that in a gay relationship there have to be ''more masculine guy'' and ''more feminine guy'' is wrong and toxic as well.
  22. I’ve wrote a new song called Give It To Me Like You Mean It and it’s the first time I’ve sang about having attraction for a guy. I think it’s time to normalise guys singing about guys in pop music and I’d love be a part of that movement. Please check out my demo song. If you like my song please check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7p_OSUKse6G97DgTsDvwg because I have 8 original songs.
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