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  1. I think the drawing is really interesting tbh. The eyes especially, and the unusual color order of the rainbow. The small nose and mouth against those big eyes is curious too...but knowing that she and the boys watch plenty of anime, it’s not impossible that she’s just mimicking those proportions.
  2. Her live vocals sound just like that mic feed! Only, this includes the backing track which blends with her live voice the way it’s supposed to - and that’s the only reason it sounds “better.” I personally believe that isolated mic feed is real. But it doesn’t bother me because her choreography is intense like a workout and not reasonable to sing through with quality vocals. She isn’t trained to do both well together - it’s nail the choreography live and nail the vocals when everything is calm in the studio. She certainly can sing well live, just not during/after that kind of dancing & movement.
  3. I just don’t understand why media publications are not going with this story! Like, the research has already been complied - all they have to do is go fact check it themselves. The obvious information that has been circulating is SO far past “Britney deserves to be treated better and has possibly earned more independence” and is legitimately about whether her conservatorship is even legal in the first place and if the people in charge of her are breaking laws with the management of her money!
  4. To be fair...the jukebox musical has been around for decades, and pop queens Donna Summer, Cher, and even the Spice Girls have already had musicals using their catalogues. The Britney musical is just jumping on a long-standing trend...so other modern pop girls doing the same thing wouldn’t really be stealing credit from her.
  5. Better that than any violence against her. We definitely do not need a literal martyr. I hope she’s okay and can at least give word that she’s overwhelmed and perhaps stuck under rules of the legal game but not any imminent danger.
  6. Weird! Don’t care for this song. Really don’t care for that Soundcloud breakdown.
  7. Honestly, it’s one of Randee’s better photos tho.
  8. Was not familiar with this one. Kinda has a taste of My Prerogative to it, but too repetitive.
  9. Ugh, I’ve anyways wondered where babies come from. Now I know! Thank you bb.
  10. This is the Outrageous mix I bop to: Before that, it was always a meh track for me...but I was into Junkie XL remix for a spell.
  11. Wow, even if the energy is somewhat low, she still hits every move on time and in synch. Plus, no frantic gestures or dropped moves. This makes me realize how long it’s been since we’ve seen her perform as cleanly. Also...I was in 9th grade during ITZ/Onyx Hotel era! I’m always so interested in knowing how younger generations - like you - got into Britney, since it’s not like she had as much exposure anymore. Plus, what did your classmates think of her??
  12. Didn’t Courtney Love go into detail about how her own social media accounts had been co-opted by her team, posting all kinds of $h!t as if it were her words. In general, I don’t necessarily believe Billy B, and think he is likely being catfished by somebody who is definitely going to Hell haha. I don’t think Billy is delusional and making stuff up...I think he’s honestly convinced he’s been talking to Britney and doing the right thing. I pity him because I believe somebody is preying on his own vulnerability. However, I also really have a hard time believing Britney wrote the captions about Sam Lutfi, Billy B, etc. particularly because of how intrinsically PR damage-control they are, and the repeated fact that these juicy captions are always paired with the most unrelated videos. The cognitive disconnect between what’s in the post and what’s in the caption is always just too extreme. Besides, we’ve seen firsthand how Britney will post a video & caption addressing her annoyance with paparazzi portrayals of her when she wants to speak out.
  13. Voted Glory in the end, but went in expecting to vote for Blackout (I’m a Get Back stan). Always forget how good the FF bonus tracks are too.
  14. Similarly, I see it more as the first song of the encore. Like, you’ve just been on the journey of the concert and are beginning to come down but are still hyped. Tom’s Diner serves as a nice bridge to get you feeling it with something familiar and easy to sing along to, before exploding into something huge & high energy for the real finale. (Like how Spice Girls used If You Can’t Dance as the start of the encore for ROTSG world tour.)
  15. No exactly. But if definitely induced cravings, so I got some ciabatta bread (possibly of the artishen kind har har) next time I went shopping and made my own delicacy sandwich with chicken, Swiss, arugula, tomato & olive oil. I’ve had sandwiches like hers before though. They good.
  16. Oh wow...it really is. Production & lyrics. Damn, I can hear her so vividly. Hasn’t Finneas been adamant about wanting to work with Britney? I can get behind that.
  17. I really like the remix. I still think Domination was going to be very cool and faded. But I do agree that the Britney moves for all the choreography are very lackluster, although the dancer action around her role is super cool and creative. If they were still going to use album vocals for all these low demand dances for her though...that would be very no bueno. We’ll never know though.
  18. 34/35 I slipped up on the I Will Always Love You lyric...correct answer was my second choice. I don’t care for/know most of the first two album deep cuts. Thanks for sharing.
  19. I can’t stop watching. So many iconic quotes. Britney Jean era could nevah. “delicacy sandwich” ”artishin ciabatta” ”almonds”
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