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  1. This is also kind of the point for how terrible her legal representation has been. A lawyer actually supporting her would have guided her to produce a more eloquent testimony that most effectively highlighted her injustices in an organized fashion. It would all be so tactical. But because she is NOT supported by her court-appointed attorney, she was left to her own devices to share her words in a passionate, harrowing cascade that just sort of spilled forth. While not tactical, it was still effective, however, in its overall humanity. The whole thing is just so fû¢ked up, and my heart bleeds for her. But I am so proud of her courage and determination to finally be publicly heard on her own terms. PRAYING that moving forward she IS properly supported with tactical arrangements to best argue her case and grant her her FREEDOM.
  2. @ bemore.britney on Instagram made this edit of a blonde Blackoutney/ITZ hybrid and it’s such a trip: This account is great btw. Very cool and faded.
  3. It just shows how underground and insidious all this evil that’s trapping Britney is. Very rich and powerful people like Cher have been clearly exposed to the obviousness of the injustices Britney faces, and yet they feel just as helpless as we unconnected, not wealthy, common folk do.
  4. Tetris


    Please delete/close thread. How many times do we have to ask each other to leave her kids out of it. Even seemingly harmless conversation about how they MIGHT be feeling still feels inappropriate.
  5. Ugggg I don’t know what to believe. That account is a mess, but I’ll continue to follow... Once again with an Albert Einstein thing! Either he really does fascinate Britney or he’s just an easy inspirational reference and Cassie just posts about him and roses etc. because they are pleasant and not controversial... I thought I was so clever when I met her in Vegas with a little drawing of her & Einstein together in a lanyard around my neck (because I really wanted to share my art with her directly while still following the m&g rules of no gifts) but her reaction when I showed it was just “Oh! Great!” like it threw her for a loop. So right now I’m feeling insecure about whether Einstein does mean a lot to the real Britney... And this was after she answered my question about her favorite unreleased song and said it was “Freedom” and it did not dawn on me then that she was not talking about a real song but actual freedom. So I still just feel somewhat guilty now, like how she said in FTR that people hear her but the don’t really listen to what she’s saying. I wish I could have acknowledged that to her then. But instead I just went “Oh!” because I was shocked to hear something that wasn’t vague/canned (because at first she said the “I recorded like 40 songs” thing from the Glory interviews) and in the moment I was too focused on being polite and remembering what I wanted to say to actually react like a normal conversation. Blah, anyway... I am a strong empath so my brain is really going through it right now trying to identify with her situation - something that I don’t know firsthand.
  6. Isn’t it the trading fans that leak old songs like this, not her team? Anyway, the song is kind of one note but still goes with the ITZ vibe. I could see it as a come down from The Hook Up and then leading into Everytime to close out the album. I have always had a problem with her albums’s official track orders - they jump around too much instead of telling a story or riding a wave.
  7. I’m still shook from her snap before the speech even happened: “They’ve done a good job at exploiting my life, so I feel like it should be an open court hearing and they should listen to what I have to say.” It sent my heart racing. I also really felt when she said her dad & management should be in jail.
  8. Thank you for being receptive I’m still too riled up to sleep but definitely emotionally frazzled as well.
  9. Leave Hesam alone. Like can we not repeat the past. Even if K-Fed was a piece of sh;t, it certainly didn’t help Britney’s situation at the time that the entire world was ganging up and dragging the person she chose to love and have in her life. It’s hurtful and belittling. The whole point of this is that she should have the right to live her own experiences and make her own mistakes. Adding to the noise with negative speculation about Hesam is just hypocritical if you support Britney.
  10. Judge said the motions for Britney’s requests have to be filed before she can rule on anything. She can’t just make decisions from a testimony - there are rules to court proceedings. So until Britney’s representation officially files the petition to terminate, it appears that everybody will be having a pow-wow about how to revise Britney’s treatment plan to something she agrees with (and then filing that stuff so it becomes the new rules) and then also the process for if Britney does seek to hire her own attorney to replace Ingham.
  11. You guys it’s a slow legal process. They can’t just show up tomorrow with a wrapped up case for requesting termination, regardless of Britney’s testimony. There’s a whole slew of things that have to be sorted out because of how tangled up this thing is and with the number of people involved. So while they (hopefully) flesh out that case, they are allegedly at least going to prioritize Britney’s comfort so she won’t have to continuing suffering to the extent she has been for the interim. Besides, she has to have her health plan things sorted out already in order to prove to the courts she has found a productive pathway for her well-being. I pray Britney is supported and able to organize the help and health resources she finds suitable, actively hires representation she is comfortable with, and then files the petition to terminate with an ironclad case. Her voice today was an incredible first step and I wish she continues to harness that strength and not fall prey to scheming influence that keeps her passively trapped.
  12. I at least took comfort in the fact that Lynne’s lawyer spoke up very passionately that the immediate priorities should be revising Britney’s health treatment arrangements to something she is comfortable with and organizing for her to choose her own representation. Likewise, Ingham at least acknowledged that if Britney advises him to file the petition for termination he will, as well as be cooperative in the event she seeks new representation. And at least Judge Penny made it clear that what Britney had to say was explicitly heard and that the next moves just can’t be made until the motions are filed. She can’t just terminate on the spot like that. But at least now Britney KNOWS all this. Plus, I think Vivian’s wimpy response from Jamie reinforces that he knows he’s in hot oil as opposed to if they became super defensive like they have been historically because they thought they can still get away with looking like they’re in the right. But, I still agree that my fear is that even though all these injustices have been heard by the courts yet again, they will continue to enforce rocupcakess upon her to keep her imprisoned.
  13. She speaks in hyperbole. “8 gallons” is an exaggeration to show how invasive her “treatment” has been and the lack of body autonomy she had because they were constantly drawing blood from her for tests.
  14. I like how she always calls him by his full name.
  15. I think she said she was a minnow (type of fish) if he was a shark. It sounded like Sam misheard her and made it about Nemo.
  16. This is an old fan remaster. I’ve had this for years and years (it’s actually the version of Rebellion I listen to). https://m.soundcloud.com/originalpuppet/britney-spears-rebellion
  17. Huh. Was not anticipating, like, PR/marketing dynamics alongside her return. I remain interested in what she has to say...but I’m not a fan of the dramatics behind this basically branded logo and trailer.
  18. I like your interpretation. It acknowledges reality while still optimistically giving her agency.
  19. Oof no thank you. She’s already so heavily marketed as a nostalgia act...I definitely would not want being sold literally the same old songs we already have.
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