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  1. Is this real? The choreography does not match the beats of the music at all. It totally looks like this was dubbed over. There’s no cohesion/synchronicity.
  2. Of course it is. GP is all about POM. They literally named her Vegas show after it.
  3. She would have been dragged even more. I quite like the Make Me performance, but it inspired an onslaught of thinkpieces about Britney being stuck in another time. Private Show would have been so much more of that, not to mention how divisive the song is because it’s weird and has so much chipmunkney. I’ll at least agree that if the performance was anything like the commercial she’d have looked amazing and may have had some good choreography. But the lipsynching while writhing in stilettos as a literal s-e-xpot for a full performance would have been too on-the-nose for her. Although, perhaps in another universe she would have maintained the image of s-e-xiness AND athleticism that J. Lo was able to combine through the stripper pole after Hustlers.
  4. It should have gone #0 and not exist.
  5. Ah this video was so calming! She often references “the real deal” and this is definitely it for her, just being chill and normal and herself.
  6. I’m basically into every version that adds a beat. It’s so catchy. The lyrics are cringe but I stopped caring preeeeetty quickly and now just bop to it the same as the classics. Her vocals are great on it.
  7. What the fü¢k is this disgusting article. DISGUSTING. It just rambles about nothing and then ends. Not to mention it can’t get simple things like the TV SHOW or YEAR correct. I literally cannot at the “overweight” utter falsehoods. Vile, misogynistic scum. Garbage garbage garbage.
  8. It shook me immediately. My heart definitely started beating faster hearing that pure, honest frustration vocalized. It’s a reminder that she is a PERSON. (even it she is also literal god)
  9. Britney herself has stated that while she hasn’t been thrilled with all of Jodi’s management…she still wants Jodi around, on the case, and that she clearly sees Jodi more as a helpful asset (like for “regaining confidence to get back into the real world”) than as posing any imminent threat. Clearly there is corruption throughout the entire system, and the legal procedures for undoing all of this are tedious, but that doesn’t mean literally every single person around Britney is a monster. This is not in defense of Jodi. This is in defense of Britney’s own vocalized wishes.
  10. Bumping this because @Slayer locked the new thread specifically about the mysterious repost. 🙄 The new photo is definitely a screenshot that then got random additional FaceTune blurring. Another day, another drama.
  11. It does break my heart that she clearly (seemingly) isn’t a fan of HIAM because I love it so much. Nappytabs or someone confirmed it was slated for Domination and Britney replaced it with Work *****.
  12. I couldn’t find either of my comments on the last two topless photos (basically saying “slay queen”) shortly after I posted them. BUT I think it’s just IG in general burying comments, especially when there are tens of thousands. Today I also commented an emoji on a web comic I follow; there are only 41 comments, but I have to go into the comments and scroll to find mine. It doesn’t show for me under the post or even at the top when I click on the post. I WOULD NOT BE CONCERNED.
  13. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’m going with that these photos are being intentionally shared by Britney as a reclamation of her body. While a bit shocking and obviously risqué, they are still peaceful and serene photos - very Mother Natureney and a different kind of holy spiritualney. As others have pointed out, from professional photo shoots (which were significantly more S-E-X focused), as well as music videos (Gimme More, Make Me), her generally not wearing a bra, and definitely that topless flowers photo from in the yard, Britney really isn’t uptight about her b00bs. And there has a been an incredible movement in recent pop culture of female celebrities embracing toplessness as dominion over their own bodies and specifically not something to be shamed for or only to be made available through the predatory lens of the male gaze. And in regards to her testimony, she said it was demoralizing having to strip in front of unfamiliar nurses like she was in prison, which is a very different thing than all this. I really think if she didn’t want these photos online they would have been taken down by now, and not added to. Not to mention Sam liking/commenting on them. He would definitely be protective of her body if somebody else was posting it without her consent. I know some of y’all hate Sam - and have even gone far enough to hypothesize that these were personal photos meant for him that he passed on to the team to share (uhhhhhh) - but I do not find him to be a malicious person. Besides, she’s the one who took these photos. I think Britney is feeling empowered about not having a strict filter anymore and is engaging in new ways to express herself. But that’s just me. There’s always the possibility that these are private photos being posted because they have access to her phone, without her consent, and intend to make her look irresponsible and weaponize her body against her. But that makes me ill and I’d rather be able to sleep at night. I also think the nefarious deeds that have been going on to control her are a lot more pedestrian, greedy, and threat-based…not this kind of calculated, publicly-dehumanizing evil. Time will tell…
  15. The beat is cute and the melody is fine. I could imagine Britney’s voice on it. The lyrics are so embarrassing though!! I cannot believe “take the bait” was a literal fishing metaphor. And all the accompany lyrics to support that metaphor are pure cringe.
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