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  1. I think they are. There's a group of people on here who always drag Work ***** as being "trash" and her worst single ever. And Get Naked has a loyal group who just hate it for some reason.
  2. Work *****, Perfume, CLUMSY And don't even get me started on Get Back, Get Naked, and Perfect Lover.
  3. My Prerogative, for sure. Otherwise, def the return of HIAM. Left field choices would be Get Back, Everybody, and Telephone. Oh, and Glory promo with If I'm Dancing.
  4. The revised version with the higher vocals in the chorus pushed further to the back is basically exactly what they did on FFT. It's the version I always listen to.
  5. I was legit curious! Naw, I'm 27...so while I'm of the generation that grew up with her in the spotlight, I really didn't become a fan until 2007, because Blackout was a total revelation for me. Before that I mostly just got a guilty/nostalgic pleasure from her hits - with the music video for My Prerogative being the thing that really made me start paying attention of my own accord. Then all the craziness of 2007 had me so excited for the VMAs. It's still an iconic cultural milestone, regardless of whether people perceive it as good or bad. Gimme More is such a good song, and had me downloading the leaked album before official release. So by the time Womanizer dropped, I could barely contain myself - she and her music had completely won me over. And it's been that way ever since - with my love and appreciation for her work growing more every year. Plus I'm obsessed with her 'no-*****-to-give' way of presenting herself for the last decade. I found Primeney pretty annoying, tbh, and absolutely adore all her current quirks instead.
  6. Yaaas teenaged Britney fan. Did a certain album/era get you interested, or was it like a Madonna thing where her music was just always around?
  7. I think there would be the same amount riding as already is. Most GP don't really realize Britney Jean exists. BJ turned off a lot of the fanbase, but not regular people - they were already bored with her by the time Femme Fatale era ended (which probably had a lot to do with FFT). Obviously everyone thought S&S was cool - but that has more to do with lucky timing in terms of trendy music (Britney really doesn't do all that much on the actual song, tbh). Work ***** was polarizing, but still decently successful in that most people at least know it. Pretty Girls obviously didn't make any waves...and #justicefortom'sdiner. But yeah, BJ basically didn't happen anyways. If there wasn't the bad press for Alien recording session off-pitch vocals, GP literally wouldn't have known Britney even had an album out. All anyone talks about now is how they still think she's stiff/doing armography (BBMA could have had much better POM choreo sections to showcase the *power* of 2016ney) and that she doesn't look like herself anymore since Women's Health cover. Honestly, she's never going to win the GP over again, and that's okay. As long as she's happy and still making stuff for us!!!
  8. PS: I made a thread about this before, but I made my own nerdy Pokemon/Britney comparison a bit ago too... I'm sure you know INFINITELY more about the Eevee evolutions than I do, but curious as to your opinion of this:
  9. This is so awesome. I love nerd stuff and theories of parallels. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Fucking finally won 2048 Britney Spears Edition!

  11. I have no fucking clue how to do this...

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