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  1. At the moment, probably Baby One More Time because I sing little bits of it to myself all the time, and it’s energizing and danceable while also having ballad-quality vocals. Most times though it would be Breathe On Me because I enjoy the act of purely listening to it better. And I am always here for s3xy, moody, electronic, dance music. On other days, the other most likely candidate would be Hold It Against Me, but it HAS to be the FFT mix with the prerecorded vocals.
  2. If she returns to the stage post-conservatorship, I do imagine her mic being turned on against the track, so we’ll mostly just hear tidbits of live vocals but especially there will be little ad-libs and runs I think. I also imagine in her set list she’ll give one slow song and one cover completely live.
  3. Omfg Work ***** is almost a decade old Thank god for Apple Music Fest audio so that we have a version with her vocals more clearly. Wish there was one without crowd cheering. Work ***** is iconic though. I thought the song was a little weird at first and definitely felt something was off about the voice, but very soon became obsessed.
  4. And like others have already said, the tour remixes for SURE. My faves: CIRCUS: Circus, Get Naked, Mannequin FFT: HIAM, Up N’ Down, 3, HATLM, Gimme More POM: Work *****, Womanizer (2.0), Gimme More, Breathe On Me
  5. Somebody bumped this thread and I don’t think I responded when you initially posted it. But now I want to give feedback to help you improve your design work, since you’re already off to a good start! I’m letting you know up front that my notes are focused on the negative/criticism, so don’t be offended because (as a designer myself) my intention is only to help you! BOMT: -illegible text -her name is too small -the blossoms in the front, despite being blurred, fight the eye for focus on her figure -entire image feels off-genre, like acoustic/alternative pop versus the bubblegum pop it actually is -back cover feel disjointed from front because the branch is in sharp focus, whereas all the nature is out of focus on the front cover -track list text is too small, further emphasizing all the empty/dead space in the lower right OOPS: -again, her name is wayyy too small. At this scale you shouldn’t have even bothered including it. She is the headliner, not the album name. Try putting her name just as big but at the top of the image -remove her hand in the upper right. It is attached to nothing and is distracting -(Personally, I think this back cover objectifies her too much.) -track list is illegible where the crystals are behind it. Darken those crystals so they aren’t bright white. -I don’t think you need the gradient on the track list. There is less contrast between the background and later tracks, making them look unimportant/illegible. OTHERWISE, try flipping the gradient so that the darker color is on top (and then you can keep the background crystals bright white so they contrast more). And then flip the gradient too on the spine so it matches (you’ll also have to switch the white and brown text to accompany this). BRITNEY: I actually really love this. It’s a perfect balance of minimalist imagery with elaborate filters/effects. It may not be the right styling for 2001, but it feels very modern and current for now. -on the front cover, shift her figure over to the left so it is centered with her name -shift the track list up a bit so that the top margin is the same width as the left margin ITZ: -again, text is far too small. Shift her down just a little bit as you increase the scale of the text. -increase the contrast of the front image to match the contrast of the back image. The darkest values of black should be the same. Right now the front cover is too washed out. -make sure your blues match. Right now the front cover is toned more red, making the blue skew purple, whereas the back cover is more yellow toned. -again, check your margins. The margin beneath In The Zone is much wider than the margin above Britney Spears; these should be equal. Likewise, shift the track list down so that the top margin is the same width as the left margin. Ideally for this design, these margins on front and back covers will all be the same width. BLACKOUT: -again, her name is too small -I don’t think you need the gradient effects on the C-K-O -the squares are too dull: either make them a little more opaque or don’t use them at all -is there a way to bring the floral from the back cover onto the front as well? Or otherwise to put the squares on the back cover too. Front and back covers currently feel disconnected with their imagery. CIRCUS: I’m sorry, I do not like this front cover. The picture is too literal for me and everything is way too dark. It looks like there’s about to be a major thunderstorm. Use a different sky, or at least give it stars for nighttime. Remove the black shadow around the whole border of the image. Her name shouldn’t have black shadow gradient on it either. I think you should also increase the saturation of the colors. However, I actually quite like your back cover image. Just increase the color saturation to make it more vibrant and less dreary/serious. Also, remove the effects from the track list. Again, the tracks at the bottom end up looking faded and unimportant. FEMME FATALE: -title is slightly illegible. Looks like “Femme Atale” -both F letters should be the same size and on the same alignment to the rest of the text. I think the second F is the better scale, but should follow the alignment of the first F (where the cross bar merges into the E, likewise that same cross bar should merge into the A) -increase the size of her name a bit -try shifting the title down over her crotch area where there is already a bunch of black in the background. This might fix the illegibility if the text and also give credit to the 7 in the F -I do not like this back cover. The way you’ve shaded out her arm is just weird and does strange things to her body -why is the back cover in greyscale when the front cover has color? At least give the track list the same golden gradient as the title. BJ: (Like the only good thing about this album irl is the cover art we got.) -her skin needs to be airbrushed on the cover photo you chose - particularly her forehead and bottom right of her chin. -the title feels flat and does not catch the eye. However, I think you should make the background black and that will likely fix this, because then the white will pop. -I do not like this back cover because it looks exactly like what it is, a magazine photo shoot used for fan album art. Try zooming in on her so you lose the bikini bottoms, having the image cut off right where they begin. Then make the background black and the text white. GLORY I love this. It is heavenly. Back cover is okay, but doesn’t pack the same punch… -I don’t think the scale of her legs matches the scale of the ocean. To me it looks like if you took a photo of a doll at the beach. -try adding more blue/color to the ocean so the track list has something more to contrast against, most especially for the topmost portion of the track list - - - Anyways, I hope you appreciate my comments…Keep at it and keep up the good work. I really do love the Britney album front & back cover and the Glory front cover!
  6. This is good. Both her apology and Sam’s response. I’m glad she is owning up to how tone deaf what she said was. It wasn’t a joke; she was being snarky.
  7. Also, pretty fantastic that her last post before going off the grid specifically shouted out to #FreeBritney and how much she appreciates our support.
  8. I can definitely see her wanting to totally clean slate it, which requires distance, as she begins this new phase of her life. Besides, she said weeks ago that she was going to take a break and be posting less…and then didn’t. So maybe now she’s just going through with it.
  9. Side note…at the end of her video when it cuts off, is Sam saying “you have to be ha[ppier]” ? I know he’s art directed her in their Instagram posts before.
  10. Side note…at the end of her video when it cuts off, is Sam saying “you have to be ha[ppier]” ? I know he’s art directed her in their Instagram posts before.
  11. Agreed. It’s the same as the condescension within the fandom about not trusting Sam. People assuming that Sam is a snake and that they know better and are OnLy TrYiNg to LooK oUt FoR Britney is NO DIFFERENT than daddy Spears’s argument. Yet they clamor for Britney’s freedom and agency in getting to make her own decisions. Well, guess what? She chose Sam. Besides, Britney and Sam been together for almost FIVE YEARS now. I feel pretty confident they’ve waded through some very difficult waters and have still maintained their relationship. Like, how much more time do the naysayers expect needs to pass in order for them to feel okay about it? It really is so rude.
  12. Okay, for some reason the videos keep getting flipped, but the ring IS on her correct (left hand) ring finger because the triangle tattoo is on her right hand and it is not visible. Just needed to be sure, because neither of them are actually using the words “engaged” or “engagement” and we know not to trust anything. I still would not be surprised if they come out saying they’re not engaged and that this was just a very special gift to show her love during this difficult time. Hahaha. (My god how broken we have all become in this fandom.) Happy for her no matter what!!
  13. Just watched ponytail dress rehearsal, hat rehearsal, and final performance vids again. This dress rehearsal really is noticeably better than the final performance. Seems pretty obvious she was always going to be giving low energy, but there’s still a cleanliness to her movements and personality in her execution that she did not tap into on show night. (Not to mention the remarkably better camera angles.) VMA 2007 remains iconic for various reasons, but I appreciate how this dress rehearsal video feels removed from that - as if this was how the performance went down in a slightly different alternate universe, away from the negative stigma around the one we know.
  14. Confused why these songs being registered mean that they are related to either Britney or Glory.
  15. Btw, does anybody know who the tall blonde backup dancer is??? He’s wearing an orange muscle tank and navy pants and is the guy who touches her waist and talks about the “v lines.” He’s too muscular to be Wade. But he’s hot as hell.
  16. Watched the whole thing. So fascinating to see candid behind the scenes like that - literally just a camera rolling while they’re all having a regular day at work. I feel so dumb, I had NO idea that they got to rehearse this much on stage for VMA performances. But it makes sense considering how many elements need to be coordinated. My dumb *** thought they did a couple run throughs on stage, one dress rehearsal, and then final performance! The various effortless live vocals for Satisfaction were sooo satisfying! Especially the “I can’t get noOoO” at 1:50 that she only did the one time. I definitely appreciate this Oops remix way more now than I ever did before! I used to think it was kind of lame that all the electric guitars and rock elements were added as if that made it better/more “real” than pure pop music. I also thought it was interesting hearing her talk about how the bra was going to be more padded to make her ***** bigger! Hahah Really paying attention to the set/lighting and backup dancers’ street clothes brought me back sooo hard to millennium aesthetic and being in early middle school thinking that’s what cool and modern was. The set is like Crash Bandicoot brought to life.
  17. Same. I feel very numb. I’m so happy for Britney, and while she already has more money than she’ll ever need….she deserves true JUSTICE. Misappropriated funds need to be found; abuses need to be investigated; culprits need to be held fully responsible and righteously punished. The corruption needs to be torn down, not allowed to sneak back into the shadows behind legal loopholes. But at the end of the day, it’s up to what Britney wants and I support her decision with how to eventually move forward. I would just be devastated if she still got taken advantage yet again despite regaining/in order to regain her freedom.
  18. I mean, they have full ownership if they’re independent. But, to my knowledge, a record label financially backs the production of an artist’s records, hence the trade off for a level of master ownership/executive input because they’re the ones paying for it to exist in the first place (not the artist).
  19. The black costume for sure! Its not even close.
  20. I really appreciate how matter of fact his delivery is and how he’s just recounting the story as he saw it. No dramatics, no playing a victim. Just announcing: this happened, it was confusing and hurtful.
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