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  1. Girl tell me about it. Beyoncé sold like 15 million solo albums in USA. Baby one more time did that. Britney really did outsell Beyoncé’s whole career with just one album.
  2. UK has the worst tabloids. Those people have no soul. I usually hate on Mariah but the British press could all die. Leave Mariah alone.
  3. Yeah but Rihanna already cleaned up. Who’s left to compete agains her? Britney, Adele & Beyoncé?
  4. Midnight I’m disappointed in you. You really trying to pit Nicki against Rihanna? Mariah, Madonna, Whitney, Janet, Celine or Toni next please. One of them will make her lose.
  5. That’s a massive cameltoe she’s presenting us in one of the pix.
  6. There’s literally no competition right now. And also no quality music. Anyway, you don’t send the song up the charts anymore. You send it down the charts. Meaning, if it does not debut at #1, it never will, it’s just gonna fall of the chart. The longer it stays on the chart, the bigger the hit.
  7. He has a better voice then JT. But I never liked his looks. also I remember when his album cover leaked, it looked so cheap. 😂
  8. He’s one of those guys I’d **** in a heartbeat but secretly am hoping his straight. Otherwise it would not be hot anymore. Stay the way you are. #gayproblems
  9. It’s funny Drivers Licences is #3. Nowadays songs don’t have a bridge because they have to be short, but I feel whoever wrote this article just recently discovered what a bridge is then proceeded to throw in random songs on the list. I always thought, back in the day, Toni Braxton had best bridges in her songs, especially on her first 2 album. Always loved her songs Love Should Have Brought You Home and You Mean The World To Me because of the bridge.
  10. I prefer Rihanna’s music, but I think Miley is a better musician.
  11. Looking at the picture and it’s amazing to see her growth. Get it all honey. The music world is yours!
  12. I don’t think Michelle is not famous anymore because the industry/fans rejected her. I think she just didn’t want to be famous anymore. she kind of just disappeared at the top of her career. her first album was a smash, full of hit after hit.
  13. Was watching this last night and also the whole BOMT tour that’s available on YouTube and it just hit me that when she posts videos of herself dancing on Instagram nowadays, she’s doing the exact same moves she was doing back in 1999. But people call her crazy now. anyways, I really like the costumes she wore during this tour. I hope she brings that style back to a section of her next tour. Baggy pants, tube tank tops, boots ets … it looked really good. Nowadays, she’s just wearing those stupid leotards that every female performer is wearing.
  14. So what do they call a “comeback” then? Resurrection?
  15. I invested some money last week and I’m down. But I’m optimistic about the long run. Hope it pays off. I started with a small amount until I figure out what the hell i’m doing. What is GPU mining? So many new terms to learn this week, I feel like I’m back in high school. anyways, wishing you all the luck.
  16. Same with my country. But it was not a genocide because not enough people died. Also they were not the right religion to be classified as a genocide.
  17. If you go to somebody’s house and kill most of their family and steal their house you’re not really innocent. You’re part of the problem. Karma is gonna get you. Im so proud of Palestinians standing up for themselves all these decades. It’s just sucks that nobody is willing to help them.
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