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  1. did someone download this video before it was deleted, i want to see it
  2. Just watched the documentary and i must admit i cried at times. Britney Spears has really touched me with her genunie personality, that's what i love the most about her. The fact that she is an absolute tier 1 superstar and she's as humble and down to earth as they come, truly admirable. It hurts me to see how badly everyone treated her over the years, the tabloids, the establishment, the media, what ****ery, i wish them all to get ****ed over in their lives for what they did to her, what pieces of human trash. To think that Britney Spears isn't capable for doing her own finances is ******* laughable, the girl is as competent as they come, but as anyone who has ever born a child you know that kids mean everything to you and if they pressure you into signing a conversatorship in exchange for being able to see your precious kids that isn't even a consideration, these papers gets signed instantly, and that's exactly what they did! They used her kids as leverage to get her into signing the conversatorship and all of these ******* human trash leeches that moneterily benefit from Britney Spears conversatorship wants it to remain status queue so they can continue to provide nothing of value to the world while they suck Britney Spears dry of her hard earned money. I hope all the ****s that framed Britney Spears gets whats coming to them, these ****s needs to be legally procecuted! **** this world if she doesn't get free'd, i can't ******* believe this is happening in plain sight. Great documentary but it put me in really really bad mood, i feel like ****. EDIT: If you haven't seen the documentary this link still works as of right now: https://cloud.strongervision.co/index.php/s/F7iGFWwkANPBCX5
  3. hell no, i want britney to be britney, i feel like most celebrities that spew **** about politics just parrot whatever they think people wants to hear
  4. Reading about the latex and the dominatrix theme makes me wonder if i was the one writing this entire tour? Jus tthinking of britney in a skimpy latex catsuit makes me go nuts, and to think this entire tour was to be such outfits Someone please tell me this is just the perverted fantasies of someone like myself and not the actual tour that was cancelled...
  5. That is awful but great that you fond a new place to host it, xray gallery is the best britney gallery!
  6. she's still so damn fine, she must be working hard to keep that beautiful body of hers!
  7. I find her very attractive, her face looked bad when she was too low fat, she looks amazing right now.
  8. Britney strikes me as a good genuine and kind hearted person in her personal life, Madonna strikes me as a narcissist psychopath that cannot leave the limelight, just my opinion though but i've been pretty good at reading people even though i barely know them.
  9. oh yeah you're right! hmmm, what about the iconic pink princess bubblegum outfit she rocked in 1998 on the BOMT tour? see my avatar for outfit inspiration
  10. a modified version of the classic red jumpsuit from oops music video perhaps? would love to see
  11. Don't dislike any of them but love the Pretty Girls one and i'm a sucker for Britney in anything shiny so the last S&M outfit is a killer to me Please do more!
  12. wow you're talented! Love some of these outfits, great work super cute stuff :D
  13. anyone else note that in the beginning of the video it isn't britney, it's some other hoe with a bigger ***? then they switch to britney and she doesn't have the same exposed ***. Why? It's too obvious... seems dumb to me
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