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  1. Someone uploaded an old unreleased Britney demo onto streaming under this fake name probably so it doesn't get flagged and they can listen to it is my best guess.
  2. They might re-release clear ones and sell those in stores, especially for ITZ since it sold so well, but anything anyone is saying at this point is speculation.
  3. I feel like we still don't have 2000 Vma in HD but I could be wrong? all the ones I've seen are potato quality.
  4. Pushing the remix Jive's idea. They went with not a girl as the second single where the rest of the world got overprotected. When the US was nearing the 3rd single they wanted to release overprotected but wanted it to be more urban as the song's teen pop sound was dying in the charts so they had Darkchild re-do the song and they re did the whole video for its promotion in the USA.
  5. With all the info that has come out yall know what shes been through for 12 years, so while Britney might be a little bit hyper here I don't think shes coming off as insane as some of yall think. Shes just having fun and recoriding an instagram video yall wanted her to have freedom so what are yall doing
  6. Why are yall being so dramatic about her socials. People like Miley Cyrus post a lot more intense stuff than shes done the last few weeks and no one calls her insane and helpless like yall do
  7. this is what britney looked like before those feigns photoshopped her https://images.app.goo.gl/41CYspxzuEEUzMLU9
  8. I feel like it has to be more than that. Throughout 2007 before the cship Britney had access to the internet and tabloids she saw the unflaterring candids going around and she never seemed as bothered about these candids that weren't even that bad. I feel like something else is going on behind the scenes and shes channeling her frustration in this? if it makes any sense?
  9. its just that when you have overprotected (which was bigger) snubbed on every tour and compilation since 2004 and you have boys performed instead it sours your opinion of the song
  10. the sound mixing in this is so much nicer than in the Showtime Special. Whoever did the sound for that made it sound not only dead and lifeless, but made the backing vocalists so much louder than Britney you couldn't even hear her.
  11. In her defense my favorite songs fluctuate a lot depending on my mood,
  12. This is a complex question. While the breakdown happened in 2006-8 there was already signs of Britney crumbling under the stress when ITZ was being promoted. The Miami special was good, but by the end of the tour Britney wasn't even trying, and having spent 5 years consistently on top people were getting tired of her. I truthfully think Britney needed a break then, and her breakdown ended up putting her in the public's good graces for the first time since like 2001.
  13. her hair in 3 lowkey looks like a nest tho...
  14. The remix just kinda kills the hype the song gains in the bridge and last chorus imo, and there's a little too much going on in the instrumental especially with the annoying high pitched noise in the verses. However I do feel like it sounds a little less dated, and it adds a certain groove to it that makes the song pop a little more, so imo they both have strengths and weaknesses
  15. BOMT - Flower Petals OIDIA - Innocence Britney - Britney 3.0 ITZ - In My Area Blackout - The Calm Before The Storm Circus - Media Frenzy FF - Till The World Ends BJ - Britney Tape #01 - 2013 Glory - Midnight
  16. it's been 4 years let it go. We will never get the proof y'all want, Britney won't come out and say 'I didn't sing on my album'
  17. Boom Boom was meant to be the second single which is why mot early performances were Boom Boom, and MATM. Britney really wanted Toxic though and she pushed through releasing it even if her label wanted something more urban as the second single.
  18. I wouldn't call Onyx trash. The TOMH-BOM segment was definitely a bit much but I enjoy quite a few of the performances. I think what makes me dislike the tour is the production. They were trying to go for a small theater broadway show vibe but to me it just came of as cheap. The dancing and costumes were amazing but the stage would look too small, too crowded or even too empty at times, the only time I felt there was a balance was the opening segment with Toxic. Also who's idea was it to have britney's male backup singer to be so much louder than her lip synced vocals it made her lip syncing even more obvious. I don't hate the tour though, her energy, costumes, and passion are some of the best she's ever had. Britney herself as a performer was really good during OHT.
  19. I thought the whole point of this meme was armography and bad dancing but like all Kpop groups dance well I was still slayed by the BP one speeding it up worked
  20. My old name was just too long :crying2:

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