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  1. Im sorry billy but this literally could be anyone singing over that song lol.
  2. The worst part is a native widescreen version of it exists too. The Oops performance on youtube from some fox rebroadcast is in native HD and has the missing parts of the image from the 4:3 crop of the DVD. However I have not seen this version circulating online.
  3. Considering LVMH also owns 'Fendi' another luxury brand for clothes and accessories, it makes sense to me they'd wanna make Rihannas Fenty line more about makeup and cosmetics rather than apparel to differentiate between the two, for people who aren't exactly in the know about all things fashion that could be potential consumers.
  4. I mean to be honest had Myah refused to record the songs, they probably would have found someone else. I mean Britney clearly didn't record all the songs for reasons we still don't really know about, and her team was really pushing to have that album out.
  5. Unfortunately D. Luke was able to bounce back from his allegations, as he produced Doja Cat's Say So one of the biggest hits of 2020.
  6. I don't think it was on purpose, outside of Twitter no one really uses fandom names, and its not really common knowledge that Army is Britney Spears's fandom name, outside of Stan Twitter. Like the GP probably doesn't even know Rihanna's fandom name was navy either for example. So no I don't think they copied Britney for attention, as they probably didn't even know Britney's fandom name. At the end of the day a fandom name is just an endearing name for your fans, not some creative art form. Also just to be clear I do not stan BTS at all, I've known about them for a long time and respect their achievements, just because a group or an artist is newer doesn't inherently make them bad or worse to an older more established artist. My point being, that BTS and Britney Stans rarely interact with each other as it is, so we can both be the Army and be done with it. BTS loves their fans so does Britney. I truthfully don't think its that big of a deal.
  7. BTS debuted in 2013, and they're fan name has been Army since then. Besides I thought we were the B-Army there's no reason both times can't coexist. And considering BTS was fairly unpopular in Korea at their debut they probably didn't expect to blow up so Army as a fandom name inside of Korea was fine cause it wasn't like they were expecting to be in the same Music environment as Britney. Also BTS originally stood for Bangtan Sonyeondan which means bulletproof boyscouts In Korean not Behind The Scenes, but like IDK if that's much better, but its a very Common Kpop style name.
  8. I feel like half of the instrumentation in this is missing, it has no drums and just some really low volume synths, almost like this was a track someone was working just for the vocal mixing, and some of the higher frequency synths. Someone could make this into a killer track with a properly mixed and produced instrumental.
  9. I think this song is being mainly carried by Tik Tok and Gen Z., definitely not Payola. The song has been unescapable on Tik Tok since its release also her show on Disney + was very big with the young generation. Additionally to that there's all the drama surrounding the song, and it involving Sabrina Carpenter and her co-star. It all has been building to the hype getting this big. After all young people are the ones who decides what new music becomes popular or not.
  10. I'm not sure a random Spanish Selena gomez song has the potential to go #1 lol
  11. Dua is on her second album, Rihanna has 8 of them, maybe that's why you see them that way. They're on very different points of their career.
  12. I may not have the perspective as my case happened in Texas, but I was put in an involuntary hold at a Psychiatric Facility, when I was 18, after attempting to commit suicide. This hold in California is known as a 5150. Here you can only be committed if you actively endanger yourself or someone else, so it is likely something of the sort happened, but at the end of the day it was 13 years ago and Britneys situation is very unique.
  13. I just don't think this seems plausible with the timeline. There is essentially no proof it was filmed, and Britney was already filming crossroads weeks after wrapping up the oops tour. I don't think they would have kept promoting the album.
  14. When The Sun Goes Down, to be quite honest with you.
  15. I mean i feel like here in the US Toxic never really left, i still hear it at parties and what not fairly often. Its like the one britney song that is always there
  16. I mean there’s a difference between being aware of your actions, and being aware of the consequences that can come with them, which is something young teens have often yet to learn. So yes it makes sense for people to be more protective of him since he is still 13. We all did and said things at that age we wouldn’t do now.
  17. I mean, regardless of the way britneys conservatorship is being handled, there is an amount of child support they are legally required to send Kevin. Its not like they can just threaten to take that away when he legally has custody of the kids. I really think he did this more to protect him than anything
  18. I agree that Til Its gone is all Myah, I think that one often gets overlooked for the likes of Passenger despite Passenger actually having Britney sing the verses. Also most the voice in Hold on Tight verses sounds like the same person to me, the remembering part sounds like Britney to me, however the chorus is however made up of so many different takes its so messy. Even the parts where its not Myah you can tell they are splicing together different takes of Britney's vocals in a bad way.
  19. I dont think thats true, they still couldve used her eyebrows or eyelashes to test for drugs
  20. ITZ entered the album sales chart at 37 which doesn’t count streaming just pure sales not the BB 200 albums chart which is the official chart
  21. Someone uploaded an old unreleased Britney demo onto streaming under this fake name probably so it doesn't get flagged and they can listen to it is my best guess.
  22. They might re-release clear ones and sell those in stores, especially for ITZ since it sold so well, but anything anyone is saying at this point is speculation.
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