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  1. Red (Taylor’s Versioj) has yet to leak unfortunately
  2. I will say that the video had a good concept, good costumes and a director that went out of his way to make the final product look polished and amazing. However, behind all of that you can see Britney is kind of out of it, which is why I think they don’t focus on the closeups for longer than 1-2 seconds. I still enjoy the video for what it is, and I think it’s one of her best post prime videos.
  3. So much stuff happened in that year and it really breaks my heart. I don’t think Sam was involved with Jamie, or Lou. I truly think he saw a vulnerable woman and chose to exploit her like everyone else in her life was doing, and that is just heartbreaking. I really hope that there is someone in Britney’s circle who truly cares for her because the more information that comes out the more I just feel sad for her.
  4. That Article was really insightful. I always thought that for a cute little BTS documentary to go with that photo book, that stages was a really in depth, somewhat sad film. I think this was the only documentary that really highlights how lonely touring was for a celebrity. It also shows all the stuff that went wrong on that final DWAD stint in Mexico, from canceling the show mid concert, to her being hounded by the paparazzi, and the press’s inappropriate questions to the point where she was just done. It makes sense to me she went on a long break right after this and you can see how her career was slowly starting to get to her. I feel like all these feelings Britney had at this point in her life really planted the seed for her life to go the way it did when the Onyx Hotel Tour was cancelled two years later after she broke her knee.
  5. This was truly Britney’s peak as a performer and as a celebrity. Britney’s face was everywhere in the world, and I think that ended up overshadowing the music itself. And of course there was the alleged clear channel radio ban, which destroyed any chances the singles had of impacting high on the hot 100. I understand Britney’s label dedicating to album sales, but it wouldn’t have hurt to print physical copies of the singles of this era to allow them to have more chart success. At the end of the day I always come back to this tour, and her performances of this time the most. She was truly at her peak as a performer.
  6. To be fair a big chunk of the unreleased songs from Blackout are more laid back and emotional, and they would clash with the *** club party vibes the album has, even in its more mellow moments. I think the songs she chose to be in it end up making a very cohesive record. But yea these are really songs that I wish got released in some capacity.
  7. what bothers me most about this is how lazy it was. Okay lets say for whatever reason the budget was cut and they can no longer use that prop she comes out of in Vegas. Lets say they can't get a lift installed for Britney to rise from under the stage, and that they can't make the LED screen behind her rise to reveal her. (All options that should've been considered as this was a superstar' show). The dancers could've huddled in the middle concealing Britney till the song started and then parted to each side to reveal her. Or the stage could've gone dark for a few seconds to allow her to appear in the middle of her dancers in a flash of light??? IDKn but anything that would be way more eye catching to the audience than her just suddenly appearing in the corner of a side of the stage. Anyways rant over.
  8. IDK I'd like to disagree, I don't think Britney's status put her in the position that she's in. Unfortunately the people in Britney's life just weren't looking out for her, especially her family who is the group of people that out of anyone should have had her best interests at heart. A lot of celebrities go through struggles, but they have strong support systems that prevent things from escalating, and keep their well being safe. Britney had her ex husband, her manager, her 'friends' all calling the Paps on her back in 2007 and orchestrating situations to make her look bad. Of course Britney's celebrity and the toxic paparazzi/tabloid culture of the time allowed the scope of this to be so much bigger than someone like Demi, but I think had Britney's family or direct team had her best interests at heart she wouldn't be in this situation, and it really breaks my heart. Her dad saw her situation and decided to financially benefit from it instead of protecting her from all these outside forces.
  9. Yeah this week has really been a roller coaster, I really hope that because Netflix is desperate to keep viewers the more competition there is every year, they show an unbiased picture on Britney's situation, and don't try to paint Jamie and Lou as good people. Sometimes I sit and I wonder if just believing all the information were being fed would be easier, but something is horribly wrong here, and I hope Netflix used their power platform to expose all the horrible stuff going on behind the scenes of Britney's case.
  10. Im hoping that since Netflix themselves often has little to no involvement in the content, they just approve it and hire separate teams to produce it, and that since this woman only works for their marketing team, and is therefore not someone who'd be approving content, but marketing it, that this has no effect on the biases shown in the documentary.
  11. aunque Britney de verdad estuviera muy enferma, yo no creo que ella debería estar metida en esta situación. Britney puede tener un problema psiquiátrico, pero claramente a estado a un nivel donde puede sacar música, y hacer giras por todo el mundo por mas de 10 años. Tener problemas mentales no implica que tienes que perder derechos de tu persona.
  12. I think Criminal had a small resurgence after its popularity on Tik Tok last year, and ever since them its been one of the higher streamed songs.
  13. I feel like I remember seeing a few of them, they seemed to use the same pool of dancers (mostly) from Circus to POM. It was probably easier to monitor Britney around people they were familiar with, and it probably also made her more comfortable.
  14. TBH the Jason Trawick situation sketches me out a bit. They got engaged, and he was getting ready to become Co-Conservator. Britney always seemed kinda miserable around him, and he was a lot more involved in the business side of things than Sam, David, or Charlie. Like there's something going on there that I can't quite put my finger on.
  15. Well I guess I just think it happened too early. The vaccine is rolling out but what’s a few more weeks, considering we still have to wait for a lot of young people to even get it, and for older people to get their second doses. Besides clubs and bars were already open due to soft capacity openings that already existed. People were separated into tables and sections but now it’s just a bunch of people all over each other like before the pandemic.
  16. maybe for some songs this is true, but her timbre and tone in these vocals sounds so different than their studio recordings like in BOMT theres an audible cut between the pre-recorded and 1998 studio vocals. The prerecorded vocals also feature adlibs not present in the og recordings, so im not sure it was just the studio acapellas somebody ran through a program.
  17. I don't think smoking made her lose her ability to sing, however I do think it lessened her stamina and lung capacity, so she would get out of breath faster, especially while dancing. So they started relying on lip syncing, especially as her on stage choreo was becoming more complicated.
  18. I mean this was her first time going over sees, and probably the very first time she performed the songs from her album for a crowd, I feel like that would be a more memorable trip just cause it was her first.
  19. Well most businesses and places are still requiring them, and cities have passed local mandates, but yea clubs have been reaping in the benefits of Abbott's lift of the statewide mandate unfortunately
  20. WDYM this sound is iconic. lets demand early 2000s 'Bow wow wow' sounding versions of all her post Britney album songs!
  21. Does anyone know when exactly this episode was shot? I was trying to match candids from around the time but in none of the ones I found she had this dirty blonde hair. I’m just wondering cause if it aired in March, I’m assuming it had to have been shot months in advance. However, Britney was released from the hospital in January and her hair was pretty dark at the time. So I’m just wondering how long she rested before they sent her back to work.
  22. Britney's natural hair has been fairly short since the Oops era. Even before she shaved it a big portion of her hair was extensions.
  23. What? Considering singles aren't released physically anymore (non pun intended), Physical was sent to the radio in America meaning that it 100% was released as a single there. Her label just kinda dropped it as DSN kept gaining momentum.
  24. I don't think the media ever ran a narrative for a specific disorder, they just said: Britneys crazy, which IMO is even worse cause it illegitimates and refused to understand her behavior, in 2007-8.
  25. Oh shoot you're right. Now that i think about it, i'm 99% sure this was originally broadcast live as the second show was happening on HBO so it makes sense the credits would have been made with footage from the previous night.
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