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  1. Are we sure? The DVD still credits HBO as well as Jive and Zomba. So maybe it was a joint ownership deal?
  2. Wait but this quiz was made of recognizable lyrics from her biggest singles, are you sure you linked the right quiz?
  3. I even googled them to see if there was like a local restaurant with the same name in New York to no avail.
  4. Is she talking about Schlotzskys as in the sandwich chain? Don’t they have those everywhere in America, including California?
  5. Well I’m not sure if Bombastic Love was meant to be a single, but I remember hearing about Britney expressing her disdain for the song, and getting it pulled from being used in Crossroads. There’s also that remix that was featured on Britney the videos, that people believe was the single mix. As for before the goodbye I also remember hearing it was gonna be the lead single, which will surprises me as it’s so different from anything that was out at the time.
  6. NGL as much as I think DWAD Is her best tour, the HBO special is definitely its definitive show. because it was gonna be broadcast nationally but Britney and the production team really pull out all the stops for those shows, and while the Walmart recording is still iconic, I always just go back to the HBO special. I was never that big of a fan of mystic man anyways ngl I’ll take the lip synced performance of not a girl
  7. The fact bombastic love was almost the lead single of Britney though
  8. Yea what was up with the puppets dressed as Britney and the owl recreating her most iconic moments I was like omg what
  9. I’m surprised this didn’t cause more of a scandal back then considering how highly scrutinized her actions were at this point in her career.
  10. I mean I can see where this argument is coming from because her Instagram is well for lack of a better word bizarre. Idk how people try to spin it, it’s just not a very normal celebrity Instagram. However even if she has no control on what goes on there she’s still taking all those spinning videos with the unkept hair and crazy faces and makeup.and I don’t see why they would obligate her to film those videos at all in the first place?
  11. unfortunately human rights have been treated as a politics issue since America was founded. Is it wrong, absolutely, but it has to do with this country’s roots.
  12. Yea I was really surprised too ngl. I feel like that crowd was always the first to demonize Britney and her ***uality in her early career so it surprised me that they even followed her account now lol
  13. Well from my limited musical understanding, it isn’t that Britney is singing in a higher pitch when she tries to make her voice sound like that. In fact most of her songs tend to be in relatively low keys for female singers. Britney is purposefully changing where she supports her vocals, opting for an airy more nasal tone which makes her achieve the iconic baby voice. Singing like this is really damaging for her vocal chords, because it is unnnatural. It isn’t so much that Britney is straining to go outside her natural range, she’s just singing in a way that isn’t healthy.
  14. Wait where did you hear this? I had never heard of this omg. The official track list is already so well sequenced as it is, and it was made up of a bunch of random songs Britney recorded? That’s the vibe I got with circus ngl. I do remember her wanting to add outta this world last minute which is why they released that target version a few months down the line
  15. Okay radar may be a bit of a meme cause of the circus situation but it is definitely a 100% a certified bop.
  16. Lost In space, if you aren’t related to team Britney or Britney herself in any way way then why are you being so mysterious. Like no hate here, but we already know so little about what’s going on around her and this mysteriousness is only stirring the pot. I know for a fact most of us want what’s best for her and those who genuinely care about her, and I’m sure you do to.
  17. Is the picture bizarrely edited, well yes. But those are both Britney and Sean Preston in it, so whoever this person in had to have gotten the picture from somewhere.
  18. Oh wow sorry didn’t mean to drag you or anything, just every single version of this MV that I had seen was pink tinted so I just assumed that was done on purpose. Also I always thought Britney’s team didn’t have the rights to this video due to a lawsuit but If it was on tidal and it’s on her Spotify that means they do and they just never put it on her YouTube Wtf. Also I’m not really educated on composite masters and what not so if you could explain that to me it would be great :-)
  19. What is up with Britneys Instagram's current obsession with Noah Cyrus? I know Larry used to manage Miley, but I thought they parted on bad terms. Is she under the same team as Britney?
  20. Well I think that the Pink Tint was done on purpose, just like Stronger has a blue filter, and what not. It was a choice by the director, probably to make the costumes pop as there is a lot of pink in the video. I did like your remaster don't get me wrong, but I don't think you should have tried to get rid of the tint, as it made the video look a bit oversaturated, and the tint was intended to be there by the director, and the editor.
  21. well she did mention it might leave some damage
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