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  1. honestly i love it, i think it's her most expensive video? and it shows, I wish she had more videos like that after WB. Her videos after that look so cheap honestly, yes specially slumber party, it looks so cheap it hurts. also guys idk i feel like britney maybe likes the song and don't forget that even if today it could mean something completely different it can easily be seen as some motivation souless song that maybe britney didn't even sing to begin with so maybe she doesn't care lol
  2. can't believe I missed this! this does put her on the prioritized list of people to get vaccinated for sure. Crazy that she does all that dancing too. I still find it really controlling that they tested everyone that met with her and that must've isolated her so much more, these people can even make the pandemic work for them
  3. did you read what I said at the end of the thread? her conservator's lawyer is saying this which no one else did before and I'm saying she shouldn't have said it so openly, showing how little they care about her
  4. I hadn't thought of that! could be, altho that doesn't exacly qualifies someone to be predisposed to COVID at least not in my country unless you acually suffer from some illness related to it
  5. The pandemic was hard for everyone. The conservatee had a preexisting condition that made her predisposed to COVID and that's why it was difficult to get her out. And the conservatee didn't get COVID, so the quarantine was successful. Jodi’s lawyer said Britney Spears’ is mentally ill, which made her susceptible to COVID, and because she never contracted the virus, they called her isolation during the pandemic “successful - Source For the record this isn't exactly what/how it was said. Wright said that 1) we are talking about someone with a mental illness and separately said that 2) Britney has an underlying condition which meant that everyone had to be tested for COVID before interacting with her. What do you guys think about this? I think she should't have exposed britney like this even if we don't know what's the underlying condition
  6. Not excited. Coming from her, I expected her to say something on video (while doing an interview, like mariah) or at least something more thoughtful like christina. This feels like some celebrity that had nothing to with britney. Guess that's how madonna feels
  7. Jordan my notifications say I had 19 people reacting to this post yet I only see 1 like here, where are my reactions jordan did you take them for yourself? #FreeRichie #EndExhaleAbuse #InvestigateJordanMiller
  8. We'll see who dares to call britney a liar in court, TMZ. They're in a battle they can't win. They need britney "to be ok" for them to keep using her for money. They won't make her look like a brat or a liar in the eyes of literally the whole world now, and they can't say she's telling the truth because that would make them guilty, which they are. It's over for them and they know it, it's just a matter of time before they starting blaming on each others, and watch the rich hollywood executives leave innocent and Jamie's alchoholic r3d n3ck 4ss take all the blame. Not that he's good, he's the worst, but there are many others that will end up free just because they were smarter and had the sistem protecting them.
  9. This is so cute. Iggy is a good person, she said it long ago she considers britney her friend and she has rightfully proved to be one for her. MAD respect for her!
  10. i like that you're all very supportive of her that gives me the chance to be selfish af and say that this makes me wanna kms
  11. Britney was making more sense in that interview than what we've seen her saying the last 10 years. I don't know why you guys say that it was bad? i get that people were on her neck and would attack her for anything she'd said at the time, but really, watch the interview, she's handling it way better than most of us could considering everything we kwow now. I respect britney for doing it, when she's asked about her child she says let's make this interview about what it is, the paparazzi. 15 years later we need a documentary to say it for her because she no longer can! all my love and respect to this woman.
  12. it was succesfull but it underperformed for a britney spears album. yet, when you think about it, the impact it had is more important than the sales. Everybody knows "it's britney *****" and piece of me was the most watched music video on youtube that year
  13. not that i don't appreciate your help, pokemon, this thread is amazing. But honestly I think that it would be a much bigger challenge to get britney's instagram looks while being NOT on a budget.
  14. Love her. I knew "Nothing Compares 2 U" but i didn't know she was this wise. Let's give her compliments on social media lmao
  15. This. Also their choreographer and producer lol, everything they do fits britney so much you have no idea. Have you seen all of their music videos? DDU DU DDU DU is a masterpiece.
  16. Blackpink. We were close, they were featured on Kiss and Make Up which was originally Britney's. Imagine the streams and the music video, BP has excelent visuals and also their voices fit so well.
  17. we probably have like 3/4 of Glory's song tho, the lastest version has 20 tracks lol
  18. Rebellion was probably recorded way later, it's closer to Blackout than to Mona Lisa (Britney was listening to it on her car along with other Blackout tracks)
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