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  1. Did it make it onto the full album chart? Billboard has so many charts I get confused what the main album one is
  2. I think they're right on here. Everyone is scared of controversy. Even Shawn and Camilla couldn't bring themselves to kiss. https://poptvfilm.com/vmas-2019-most-controversial-and-shocking-moments/
  3. I don’t think it’s a case of singing live I think it’s a case of her team allowing her mic volume to be turned up. I honestly believe she is singing a lot of the show but her team refuse to let us hear it. When she was pissed saying she always sings live and isn’t appreciated for it, I think she genuinely believes she does and maybe isn’t allowed to see playback from her shows so doesn’t actually know we can’t hear it.
  4. I saw POM in Vegas & at the O2 and loved both. The tour was obviously basic compared to some of the tours others have compared it with as it was Vegas on the road. The purpose built theatre obviously couldn’t travel. Vegas was amazing to watch but the SOLD OUT audience energy at the O2 really showed that she can carry a show without the flashy spectacles. I’d love for her to do another album tour built to tour..., but I’m also looking forward to heading back to Vegas when Domination is back. Can everyone please stop posting pics & videos to compare as it is so easy to pick best & worst bits from Britneys shows but it’s just as easy to do the same to the other artists shows... surprised that considering this is a Britney fan site people are doing the opposite to what I’d expect a fan site to do. Also thanks to whoever made this video. Loved watching it on the big screen at home this evening. Must have taken so much time & effort. Thank you
  5. One of my favourite unreleased tracks. I need her to do more personal songs for B10 with deep lyrics like this. Hopefully the potential end to the conservership will give us more like this p.s loving these b-side articles
  6. I want to hear what Baby One More Time means to you; Whenever someone asks why I’m such a fan it’s because every song has a memory for me. With BOMT I always remember it coming out not long after my parents separated. I was only 11 and it was all really confusing. I lived with my mum and could only see my dad at weekends. Whenever we saw him he would treat me & my siblings to a CD single. This weekend my choice was Britney and even though it only had 2 tracks on it I remember sitting in the front putting it on repeat and my Dad let me. He didn’t judge my music choice or complain. His normal music selection would’ve been Oasis or Blur or some old Rolling Stone stuff. When I look back to it it just makes me appreciate how much he would do just to keep us happy at a time when as a child I had to put up with questions in my head asking why he didn’t want to see us every day. He mocks me (jokingly) now I’m older but I’ll always remember that moment. I secretly hope that when he hears it now he has similar memory’s
  7. I’ve literally fallen in love with it again after hearing it in public & seeing friends reactions. It could’ve been so much bigger if released with the leak and Twitter trend. Such a missed opportunity... but what’s new
  8. I’m at Aquatica in Orlando today and was shook that they had Tom’s Diner playing. I told my friends it’s Britney as they were loving it and started adding it to their playlists... Employ me Team Brit lol
  9. It’s three people. Britney on the left, Pitbull in the middle & Marc Anthony on the right!
  10. Thought we’d better get a thread up for tonight’s show. Get your pics & vids in here. Apparently she was ? last night. Hope I get the same tonight. I’m off to the sky backstage bar too so will keep my eyes out for Rylan
  11. Spotify link the In The Zone bonus tracks are on a separate eps in her singles section
  12. https://twitter.com/poptvfilm/status/1026041134282407936?s=21 look at the crowd! The energy & atmosphere was amazing
  13. I think the only people allowed an opinion on this are people who have been. You can’t compare fan filmed smartphone footage to directed dvd footage of old tours. I’ve seen POM & loved it even after seeing the videos prior & being a bit anxious but in Vegas with the whole stage and everything it was great. She didn’t sing live but the audio was a lot better than you hear on the videos. The only thing that really disappointed me was no live vocals on her ballads. I saw Onyx live and enjoyed it on the same level as POM but hearing Everytime live was an absolute moment and I pray one day we’ll get that again one day. Circus was great but I think that was because those songs were fresh then and having a center stage was amazing! FF was ok but my least fave of the 4 tours I’ve been to. Can’t wait for Pride tomorrow and O2 end of the month. Will def go Vegas to see a new show if she launches one next year and it’s a completely fresh format. For her to make it all perfect again; live ballads, get sexier on BOM & TOMH ala Onyx tour and give it a theme like all previous tours. Aside from that I still think POM is a great celebration of her career and she performs it well and I enjoy it just as much as all her other tours
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