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  1. Nothing better in my book!! The King!! My man Michael and Britney..Iconic and amazing performance doesn't get enough recognition!! God I miss him!!
  2. YES!!! Absolutely!! I couldn't ask for anything better!! To be a teenager during Primeney was epicness!! It will never happen again..History will not repeat itself with that one!! It was such an amazing time when Britney literally ruled the world for almost a decade!!
  3. I was 13 finishing 8th grade. I vividly remember this song being blasted in our music class.. Someone had bought the single on CD and it was epic!! A great start entering my high school years.
  4. I think we all knew it was going to be a residency at another venue!! The question is how much will she change it!!?? It needs to be a complete revamp..choreo and all! Also will she release new music for her 20th anniversary to coincide with it! If she does neither... Epic fail!! The new album (if it exists) will probably release between December 2018 to Mid 2019 which makes sense.. Honestly we'll see how much of a fail her team is this time!! She can't keep rehashing her old hits!! It needs to be a re-invention and tag that on if necessary or bye-bye Britney.. Starting to become that..
  5. This is so fierce.. Britney needs to give herself more credit and do her own video editing from now on!!
  6. I thought she did an awesome job!! Wasn't a crazy full production since the venue was so small!! The band did an amazing job!! Minus her hair- tightening, and sometimes awkward hand motions she did great!! Her choreography was much more fluid that some of the videos I've seen from Vegas! I've actually haven't seen the whole Vegas show online; so not knowing what was really going to happen was surprising and fun!! I love Britney, always will!! Also minus the drunk ***** in front of me who kept leaving her flash on!! Punch her!! I lost my voice yelling at her!! lol
  7. She was so tiny!! and her body is fire!! I'm so jealous!!! But it was a great show! It was my first time to AC in long time! It was a great time!! She had good flow and good interaction!! It was awesome!!! I haven't seen her since FF Tour in Cleveland
  8. This could be very possible and seems plausible. Her 20th anniversary is January 2019 if you consider BOMT album release in January of 1999, were as the single was 1998. I don't care if she's in Vegas again gives me a reason and opportunity to go; her being there is just an added bonus for me. IF she does a new album for her 20th she needs to represent!! I mean all out promotion! TV perfomances, interviews, etc. Also the album next to have a full 4 singles and great videos!! I don't give a **** if she has to put out her own $$ for the videos! She could even do a visual album!! (that would be amazing) All we can do is hope and pray that Team B and Britney don't **** this up!! Be the Britney I know you can be!!!
  9. She looks beautiful is that picture!! OMG!! That was a really great interview, I'm so glad she opened up about her super-stardom and mental health. I appreciate that she's not admitting everything but recognizes bad things happened. (She has the right privacy) I totally understand that she had little control over a lot of aspects of her career. She was young, impressionable, and willing to please everyone. Yes some video ideas were hers but what about all other aspects of her "mega" pop star life?? I'm so glad she's found happiness and is still so grounded; what a bigger person for not dragging other artists through the mud... (take notes Katy Perry) I think it definitely signals she's ready to leave the industry!!! I mean she's being a bit lazy and I wish she wouldn't come off like that, I mean compared to what she did it makes sense. I really hope we get 1 more album and tour, but I don't blame her..
  10. I was the same age!! It was heaven!! It was like the Beatles invasion of the 60's, or like Michael in the 80's!! She was everywhere!! Doing everything!! I remember the Pepsi sponsorship and waiting for the release of the commercials during the superbowl!! Epic!! I remember wanting herbal essences shampoo because she was their campaign girl!! If they could..they did... She was everywhere!! The madness was incredible!! She was plastered all over my room!! (along with the BSB of course) Her performances were God sent, and she was the entire package!! Exactly what the industry needed and wanted!! She can still be that way!! There are successful female artists; but I don't believe anyone will touch what legacy and impression Britney Spears has left on the world!! She's like Michael just a bit smaller scale..!! My body is ready to be given to sacrifice!! I will always stan for her just like I did at age 14 when she blew up the planet!! We even have the same name, how can I not!! lol
  11. IMO I think this girl is just an attention seeking bimbo because her 15 minutes of fame ran out. Why would she post this now?? After there was photos of Britney and Sam posted online to both of their accounts!?? Then she has the nerve to tag Britney and her fans??!! Weird!! Trying to seek revenge on something that was clearly over.. If he was really two-timing her don't you think he would have called him out sooner?? Then deleting it?? If he's a cheater..leave it up.
  12. I think it could happen. They both seem good and they clearly have moved on with their lives! It would slay!! Can you imagine the video!! Of course the song would have to be about past loves, or a club banger I wouldn't have it any other way!! I grew up with them, I'm a Gen Y and only a few years younger than both of them, it would slay my years as a teenager and break the internet!!
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