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  1. Agreed!! I just hope she's OK and that a good outcome comes of this and she can get rid of the C-ship and be Britney!! ****, I don't even brush my hair some mornings but I know there isn't paps outside my window showing the world.. lol
  2. This.. It's definitely Britney but a bit over ******.. which = tacky.. She does look hot though.
  3. So awesome!! Love BSB.. #DNAWorldTour August can't come soon enough!!
  4. I remember tuning in when she was about to come on I was in college at the time. thinking OMG this will be interesting. (once I saw her) She looked so blah.. Stoned, out of it and her hair!! Ugh. I loved her outfit and the blue contacts, but I'm sure that was to hid her stoned eyes.. ? I was so embarrassed for her and just sad!! ? I remember saying to my mom what happened to her, I'm scared!! My mom knows how much I love Britney and didn't really have words. At that time mental health and awareness was always taboo to talk about or made fun of. It wasn't taken seriously. You just didn't talk about it, and unfortunately Britney was used as the punching bag for ridicule and that's not what was needed at the time. Her downward spiral became the platform in the millennium of what mental illness is. Looking back on it I can't believe her team allowed so much seeing her unravel..
  5. I was the opposite, I stanned for Britney day 1 in 1998 and I fell in love with Michael after Britney and I just adore them both!! These are all great stories of the fans that weren't around in her prime. But it was amazing to witness!! Just like Michael at his prime which I was too young for.
  6. I think it's a culmination of her shitty worth ethic and a shitty label. I could see if she's not happy, or doesn't like how they promote stuff and becoming slack. She could work harder and get a better label that helps.. Not hurt. Bottom line.
  7. I do too!! The only song I despise is It Should be Easy, I hate the robot voice that Will I **** thought would be cool for her to do. I would listen to it more without that **** on it.. I actually hate that song more than Chillin'
  8. She's probably in bed right now.. Reading this thread!! In all fairness I hope she's OK... I have a weird feeling...
  9. I can't believe this!! My sophomore self is melting!! I feel so old!! I remember watching this video on MTV.. She looked so beautiful!! This is a great song and what a great era for her!!
  10. Honestly her postponing Domination is the best thing that could have happened. It was too soon and we're all expecting more than Piece of Me and I don't think she was ready. This will give her time to be with her dad, and recollect herself. She'll have time to work on B10 and the residency, coincide that with B10 album release. All we can be is hopeful that her and her team can get it together this time!! I just want a successful era for her on all levels.. Stop dropping the ball!!
  11. Overpopulation of ? or ? isn't the problem.. It's human population... And the need to feel superior to any other life form. Not anyone specifically JS..
  12. The ***** who stole is was like.. I'm sure they got home and were like.. But I hope she comes back! Its iconicny 2019
  13. I mean 2009 Britney did this so. I don't understand how its so wrong? I'm sure she was doing both FF and driving around before today. The latest news is what has them following her around. Honestly doesn't look the best if her dad is in Louisiana.. Let's hope they spot her at the airport the next few days or her intentions may be complicated IMO
  14. If they do anything I'll be surprised!! They really should though; regardless of the situation unfolding because its a huge Millestone!! To pass on any type of opportunity with it is just stupid and ridiculous!!
  15. Ya'll are so harsh!! If that was me I'd be doing what she is doing by helping, caring and being there for my dad!! This is for the best if this was going on behind closed doors and she was performing whilst this going on she would be a mess and terrible for obvious reasons. I'm glad she's taking time do what's important to her. I'm sure she's excited about Domination and her fans but honestly you've only got one dad so.. She'll be back in Vegas soon and hopefully we'll see further promotion and maybe a single or 2. I personally wouldn't want to see her perform knowing all this sadness and grief is going on within her, that's unfair of us to ask her to do it! I wish her the best and Papa spears to be healthy
  16. Bahahha.. This thread is great, and my answer is today!!! Lol for real
  17. She is totes adorable!! Very cute dress and she looks good. Hopeful for something new along with Domination.
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