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  1. I love JOJO, stan for live.. I love both her first 2 albums, but I love Clovers on Mad love, I absolutely love every song on her Tringle she released and my favorite on Mad Love is Man, and Think about you..
  2. He's amazing, beautiful, the GOAT. If it wasn't for MJ, music would not be where it is today!! He's broken so many barriers and so many records!! Thriller still enters the billboard top 200 every year!! That album released in 1983!! I believe he's completely innocent of any wrong doing, just had a big heart!! Met really bad ppl. Michael was surrounded by hundreds of adults and kids, and ur going to tell me that 5 ppl have come forward in 30yrs? All proven frauds and perjurers, based on court documents.... No... Just no I urge you to watch #SquareOne on Prime and you'll see how adults see MJ and think $$$ Michael imo, is extremely well known celeb, worldwide by people of all ages, races and background. He's been gone for 11yrs and still has impact. He transcends time and music. King of Pop forever!!
  3. I loved Full Moon and Aphrodisiac. Human and Two Eleven were ok, I'm hoping I enjoy this album!! She's an R/B queen !!!
  4. My favorite kpop group is old school: S. E. S. My favorite female solo right now is Jessi!! Because she American, sassy and not ur typical k-pop, hip-hop singer!!
  5. My favorite BOMT track!!! I love her voice on it.. I hope she brings her deeper, growling voice back. Totally agree!!
  6. This is so amazing!! Way to #BritneyNumberOne #BritneyArmy
  7. I'll pick 2 per album: BOMT: Thinking About You, I Will Be There OIDIA: What You See Is What You Get, Don't Go Knockin' On My Door Britney: Before The Goodbye, What Its Like to be Me ITZ: Breathe On Me, Boom Boom Blackout: Get Naked, Freak Show Circus: Kill The Lights, Unusual You FF: Inside Out, He About To Lose Me BJ: Til' Its Gone, Body Ache Glory: Love Me Down, Change Your Mind ( Europe) Do You Wanna Come Over (US)
  8. This was the first performance of hers that I watched! Wow, I really had to think.. Making me feel old..lol Stan before this but its the one I remember.
  9. I love them so much!! Go to see them for the 3rd time, during DNA world tour!! I can't believe its been 20 years!! Gosh my days then were filled with high school, shopping, Britney and BSB.. that's it!! Oh I miss those days!!
  10. She look so happy!! Good for her! I think they have a great relationship!! If she's happy, I'm happy!!
  11. Michael is amazing!! My ultimate, I miss him so much!! There will be no one like him! He's a diamond in the rough, and influenced almost every artist today!! His singing, dancing, and stage presence is just staggering!! He's the GOAT!! King of Pop!! Always and forever!! Michael, I miss you!! It's awesome that Thriller 35+ yrs later is still kicking ***!! He's been gone for 10 yrs and still killing it!! #MichaelJackson #MJFam #MJInnocent https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.51e5bbc800c6a2c800fa0f6a380295ae&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fPAbxvhItXDcPu%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=PSceZwq71fmXuUYYtyoUgPNTan4U7ahi1oE6jZk8tME%3d 
  12. I cannot wait for her new album to drop!! She's incredible and deserves so much recognition!! She's a bad ***, hot MF!!
  13. I love Tinashe!! I love that she stans Britney hard!! Queens only!!
  14. Yes, I remember it was last quarter in 8th grade, I was 14, crazy how old I feel, but I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!!
  15. I love Jojo, I can't wait for the new album!! Jojo and Tinashe in a video together is everything!!
  16. Britney isn't going to be 16 forever, I unfortunately think her procedures, airbrushing, corrections in photos, tanning, haven't helped. We live in such a fake world now. I'm proud of her for showing off the real unedited her. She's 38. People age differently. I'm sure she could do things differently but that's her choice . I'm very close to her in age and I would be upset if I was told my face is old. Unfortunately, it's inevitable and she's beautiful to me no matter what..
  17. I <3 BoA and Amuro Namie!! My fav j-pop artist is Utada Hikaru.. She's basically the Japanese Britney Spears. I've also discovered Jessi!! She's from New Jersey Singer turned rapper in South Korea.. Kpop taking over the world!!
  18. Agreed, I remember the releases and seeing the commercials on TV, my favorite is Midnight Fantasy, 2nd would be curious
  19. I was 14, I was so blessed to be able to witness Britney from infancy of BOMT to now!! Britney mania was amazing and I have so many great memories!!
  20. She looks amazing and beautiful!! I'm glad she's enjoying herself, and I'm not here to judge I sure as hell don't look like that in a bikini.. Lol
  21. I don't necessary trust TMZ unless another credible source or news outlet reports the same thing. I'm happy this is happening and I hope Britney gets out and gets what she wants!! Her freedom!!! She's absolutely deserving of a happy, healthy, and uncontrolled life!!
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