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  1. OMG..this woman!! Girl, I can't take it! I love her so much!!! Just reading this reinforces even more that she does not need this conservatorship!! #freebritney
  2. Loved it! Project rose!!! #FreeBritney I'm disappointed they didn't include Lou, but this is for the GP so can't get to involved, just show the straight facts and ppl will be like wtf??
  3. These are just my tidbits... very sporadic stuff lol I remember whatever Britney was photographed in was the next "it" outfit. She did so many magazine covers it bananas. Her TRL visits and how she was so sociable and answered any questions and she spit fire if needed!! She made Starbucks famous!! Also I remember the Britney alter ego who would talk in a British accent in the notorious pink wig! Not the best of her, and I'm definitely not making fun of her. Looking back on it, she was screaming for help. I feel terrible in my early 20s not realizing how harassing the paps were and what was really going on. Everyone just wanted a piece of her...
  4. There is some amazing music on this list!!! My man the #GOAT #MichaelJackson taking it home!!! I didn't even realize Thriller sold that many, I thought it was somewhere in the 65 million range!! Incredible from the King of Pop!!
  5. IMO, Michael Jackson, and Britney are the pop/superstars that we'll never see the likes of again. I think all aspects of their careers is what became such a phenomenon. Iconic music videos, fashion, choreo that's iconic, paprazzi, mobs of ppl following them everywhere. I feel both MJ and Britney were a movement. Definitely them being pre-social media and the infancy of internet made them what they are today ICONS.. I also feel that Britney had the "it" factor like Michael, something about their stage presence that just made them the whole package, influential on so many levels!! Also as a whole I think the world, and world media was obsessed with them good or bad. There are others I feel that have a touch of WOW: Beyonce, Janet, Whitney, Princess Diana, Gaga,Adele, BSB,Prince I could go on and on.. But for me MJ and Britney are all encompassing! I
  6. I was vegetarian for 10 years, and I've been vegan for the last 5. Best decision of my life!!! I do it for the animals, and the planet. I've always had a connection to all animals but always was blinded by the disassociation of "companion" animal vs. "food" One of my best friends since high-school became vegetarian in high-school and he inspired me; we went to community college together and his words and my research made me a veg head!!! The horror and atrocities committed everyday against animals in this world is appalling!! I cannot and will not support that!! I struggle with fibromyalgia and have really bad days quite often, but I still stick my values. I take a daily Omega vitamin/b-12 just as a precautionary and try to live as vegan as possible. Obviously some things are unavoidable, it's about doing your best and doing you!! Any decrease in animal agriculture in any form is better for them and for the planet.
  7. Just saw this thread from the Demi debacle.. I'm vegan as well, I was vegetarian for 10, been vegan for almost 5 years. It'll be 5 on the start of 2021. I suffer from fibromyalgia, so some days are extremely difficult but I do this for the animals. 🙏😍❤️💋
  8. I love BSB, they were my last concert before the pandemic too!! Kisses for Kevin!! 💋😘 🔥 I was a teenager during Britney and BSB prime. It would be cool if it were true. Only one way to find out, wait and see.. I'm just excited for new tracks!!
  9. Ya, agreed. I'd like to know too!! I'm an old fart and want to re-purchase the CD, or just have a clue what's going on? I wish her team would get something right. Who knows....
  10. OMG!! She did the right thing, unfortunately this reeks of conflict of interest since its her sister. It should be assigned to someone not familial, or an entity, end of story.
  11. Ya'll make me feel old.. lol My teenage years were summed up by: Britney: Baby One More Time, Oops I did it Again, Britney Backstreet Boys: Backstreet Boys(self titled),Millennium, Black and Blue Savage Garden: both self titled and Affirmation Alanis Morrissette - Jagged Little Pill Aaliyah- One in a Million, Aaliyah Hanson- Middle of Nowhere Matchbox Twenty- Yourself or Someone Like You, Mad Season Spice Girls - Spice, Spice World Brandy- Never Say Never I'm all over, I know..
  12. COMPLETELY AGREE. I stan Ciara all day, everyday, she's so awesome and underrated!! Beyonce who?? I pay no attention to Beyonce because I love Ciara, have all her albums too!!! Love her too!!
  13. Kid: The Hollies, Savage Garden, Spice Girls, Matchbox 20, R. E. M, Bwitched, Hanson, Michael Jackson Teen: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, TLC, Backstreet Boys, Brandy, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, LFO, Tatu, Crazy Town, Matchbox 20, Googoo dolls, Nirvana, 90's kid for sure!! I really enjoyed Robin Williams, and watching Rosie O'Donnell on TV I still Stan Michael Jackson and Britney hard.. Saw the Backstreet Boys last year!! 😘😍 I'm so glad I grew up when I did! I wouldn't change it, prime of Pop music, prime Britney.. I relish it all, y'all make me feel old though.. Lol
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