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  1. I- I mean, I do like Arrasando, but it's mostly the singles (except for Reencarnación ) and songs such as Tumba la Casa and Menta y Canela. Other than that, I guess I could say I like En Éxtasis, Amor a la Mexicana, but again, it's mostly the singles. I tend to forget about the album tracks It's not like Fey albums, that I like every single song, and I know them by heart. Or even Gloria Trevi's albums from the 90's. Even Paulina (2000) I think I like it better. But don't get me wrong, I do like most of Thalia's singles Speaking of albums, I'm creating the Wikipedia pages for her latest albums, for some reason they're not on the Spanish wikipedia
  2. well, tbh I've never been a huge fan of her albums, like, as I love Britney albums with all of their tracks, so as long as it has a few bops here and there, I'm pleased
  3. I mean, it's still too short I hope she has something more uptempo, sadly I can almost guarantee that "uptempo" it's gonna be the Banda song featuring Banda MS The video looks great, reminds me of that other video she did it also gives me kind of Katy Perry vibes, but I mean, Thalia has been doing beach themed videos since the 90's there were some scenes where her face looks weird, I don't know if it's the lighting, the makeup, or too much editing, but she looks beautiful in the scenes with the foliage behind her
  4. I waited more than what the video lasted I kept laughing because I look at her and all I see is Marimar
  5. oops yeah I like them too, but I don't know how it's gonna sound, when performed by people such as JNS and Magneto without OV7, Caló, Fey, Litzy, Mercurio they're removing all of the most danceable songs. And with Benny and Erik, they'll most likely bring some Timbiriche songs into the mix, so with that and Mecano it's gonna feel more like the 80's Pop Tour the tour, at least in its original run, used to last between 3 and 4 hrs, but when it's just ballads and mid-tempo's, it may feel a bit more tiring
  6. Ari is very considerate, he knows we need our bathroom breaks She's still an amazing singer, so it will be interesting to see her perform the songs of the other artists, maybe even a duet with Lynda could end up in something beautiful. When will Fey?
  7. It's really hard to say. OV7 started before Kabah, when they were kids, but Kabah lasted a bit longer than OV7. But then Kabah took longer to come back than OV7, and I think they still haven't got their stamina back, so performance wise OV7 is now above them (even more considering they don't have María Jose anymore). I think in terms of sales, OV7 has the best sellers when it comes to albums, but many people consider Kabah as the edgier ones. They always took more risks when it comes to fashion and also their sound, even their lyrics were more unusual. When OV7 were banned from Televisa, they lost a bit of popularity, while Kabah were present in the soundtrack of many Big Brother editions, thus making them a bit more popular in the early 00's, but as I said, OV7 eventually came back, even though Kalimba wasn't there, and they rapidly gained their popularity back while Kabah remained forgotten for many years, and even after their comeback, they haven't really done barely anything on their own besides the joint tours and a couple of singles.
  8. literally, that's the only thing I'm looking forward to Kabah, I like it too, but without Josa, it's not the same. Hopefully Alessandra sings the high notes
  9. oh I get it they finally bring Lynda back, but they remove the best of the tour, it's like we can't never have good things at least Lynda ft. Sentidos Opuestos sounds promising, but other than that, it's gonna be a snoozefest with Benny, Erik, Magneto, Ana Torroja. I mean, Ana most likely will bring Mecano songs, but those are from the 80's, so I bet she'll want to incorporate her solo songs from the 90's, which, I can't even remember one Also, it's so unfair, because Fey loves Mecano/Ana Torroja, and she would've loved to be able to perform along with her.
  10. Scream & Shout Remix, Ooh La La, Work *****, Desert Performance, Britney Jean, POM
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