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  1. Love when she mentions JT... which she has done like quite often, doesnt she? WE SEE YOU BRIT! Dreams aside... i really hope she could WORK with him again... it would be MINDBLOWING! Full circle!
  2. I hope NOT. Her story can advocate for her. I hope she gets her career back. Back to the studio, to the stages... as long as shes happy.
  3. Congrats! LOVED bomt! Really completely different and still fits the era! you could just fix the bigger space in the tracklist: 10. email my heart 11. the beat goes on
  4. artist of the year - JB? FOR REAL??? its getting too hard to defend you, vmas! The vmas are all about the perfomances and "the moments" coz their lack of credibility is screaming (and shouting) Im just gonna say it... of course kanye was a huge ***h*** interrupting TS back in 2009... BUT... he kinda had a point, didnt he? How can TS win BEST FEMALE VIDEO and then Beyonce win VIDEO OF THE YEAR. U know what I mean? Beyonce didnt have the BEST FEMALE VIDEO but DID have the VIDEO OF THE YEAR (the most important award of the night).
  5. being a fan doesnt make me brainless. sorry (not sorry) to disappoint you!
  6. nice but... she mention the fast and furious franchise was.... just... embarassing :s
  7. Yes. Its her lowest point, but it is STILL a point IMO.
  8. "See, this is what happens when you buy into your own hype" somebody said this before, right? But you know... she IS talented and she KNOW its. and the part that she says "i look back to those great performances and that im capable of" i do believe her, I DO think she would deliver a GREAT performance. Shes just honest with no "false modesty" you know??? But that can come out "wrongly". I didn like her last realease... neither the song, nor the video. so... maybe thats it too... she needs to HIT. Im actually curious/hopefull about what Olivia will do!! Hope she does a very VMA performance... its been a while...
  9. Ariana took this (which was already a huge) hit ANOTHER LEVEEEEEEEEL!!!
  10. my mean self would answer: nope, shes prob too busy working on her mental health (read: solo carreer). my official answer is: I dont know... she should tho! (coz this is a topic about LOOOOOVE!) Congrats to the girls!
  11. I truly became a fan right after watching BOMT mv on mtv for the very first time. I AM DEAD SERIOUS! I got mesmerized by it. I'm from Brazil and I remember going to every cd store and asking "do you guys have Britney Spears?"And they all looked at me with that face... WHO????? (one guy said "I dont have britTNEY... i do have whiTNEY. Really! lol) There was this guy in a big store who sometimes manage to bring some import spice girls singles (very hard to find here back in the day) and I reached for him... "oh there this new singer... britney spears... can you try to get her cd?". And after some time (I think maybe couple of months actually) he called. I remember CLEARLY... me at age 15, having lunch after school... phone ring... "hey, that cd you wanted, britney, its here". I literally RAN to the mall! (funny fact, I entered the store and started looking for the pink/salmon album cover.. and gosh WHERE IS IT????? OH,,, WAIT... THE COVER IS DIFFERENT!!! here in Brazil we got the white cover, which NOW I prefer! gosh im so (old and) nostalgic!
  12. My favorite album is MAD LOVE. but I guess shes more into rnb now. Id love to have the first 2 rerecorded albums on vinyl as well... saw that blackground records is realesing both original albums on vinyl, but i feel weird buying them... only supporting the label and not jojo
  13. LOL and I forgot "me, myself and I"... thats a good tune too!
  14. WOW Vitamin C! Smile is a HIT and ITCH was a true bop. but thats it for me. The design of her firt album is amazing, so beautiful! Still got my cd. So many albuns have disappointed me... but well... lets focus on royalty. Britney Jean is a very low point in Brits discography. :(
  15. never heard that??? google it, you'll see! wade could be on top of the world by now, but after that he got left behind... jt must have suffered a lot coz wade was REALLY close to him by that time... producing songs for the celerity album, wade is actually IN the (dirty) pop music video (coz joey was injured and couldnt dance!) I think he felt like a double betrayl.
  16. i thought it was a mistake, but was hoping I was guessing wrong.
  17. sorry, but your guess was terrible. and im from Brazil, we got THE BEST soap opera in the world! You can keep "Sen Çal Kapimi"
  18. you mean the one who made britney and justin breakup? who purposely left a love note in her hotel room, knowing Justin was going there. who, after that, was banned from both of their lives (brit's and jt's). and wade was working HEAVILY with brit and nsync by that time, and SUDDENLY he vanished. They were NEVER seen together since then... NEVER! My perception: wade is a snake, he took advantage of brit in a moment of weakness, and made sure jt would find out. he got what he wanted BUT lost his career in the middle. So, imo, he is DAMN SURE not the secret friend helping brit all these years. ACTUALLY, if u think about it... maybe he is the one who started ALL the mess in the first place.
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