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  1. I wonder if this means we will be getting a “deluxe edition” soon. Still waiting for the “Haus of labs” version of “Babylon”
  2. Yes! I honestly can’t get enough. This is the next sound I need from Britney. Her breathy vocals over a dark house beat like this would slap
  3. I may be reaching, but does anyone think this documentary might have anything to do with the “project rose” hashtags she was hinting at on her Instagram? The amount of rose imagery as well as all her rose Instagram footage that was used throughout, really stood out to me, and I immediately thought of #projectrose. Did we ever find out what project rose was?
  4. He’s been releasing music since like 2009. “Mind in the Gutter” is a bop tho
  5. “Strawberry Pound Cake” shower gel by bath and body works is DIVINE
  6. It’s still on Spotify, but who knows for how long
  7. Oh and wait till you hear what “funny business” my coworker was up too that caused the outbreak at my job
  8. I work in a restaurant and during the summer we had to shut down because 4 of my coworkers got it all at the same time, I was at some point exposed to all of them including my manager who I was literally sharing space, phone/objects with the day before he called in. As far as I’m aware I didn’t catch it, so I’m not sure if it was just dumb luck or my immune system + mask and washing hands did the trick. Neither of his roommates caught it either as far as I’m aware, unless they were asymptomatic, which could have been the case with me too so I’ll probably be looking into an antibody test as well.
  9. Was honestly hoping for a lap dance in the video/performance. Can you imagine her crawling and flipping her hair on him to that electric guitar beat
  10. Could I get a DM plz? and if anyone has the HQ version of matches, that one too?
  11. Hmm...Maybe her vocals are more present on “Britney Jean” than we thought... the vocal delivery is very similar especially on the “swimmin” and “ars”, and this is clearly her. Could be wrong but just a thought...
  12. I think it’s just filtering and multiple layers. MOTM sounds like 3 different Britney’s in one song and it’s supposedly the same producer so
  13. It’s one of many scare tactics used by these right wing conspiracy theory groups
  14. I think it’s just a mixture of everything, I feel like politics have really affected how they are having to handle this pandemic as well. We are at a point here in America where everything is drowned out with politics and any minor “inconvenience” is considered a violation of rights and a push for “communism”.
  15. I’ve actually run into this issue lately with family members making transphobic remarks, not directly at me but insensitive jokes. It does hurt and make me angry but honestly I’m just at a point in my life where I’m done trying to convince people to understand/accept me and unfortunately I’m just going to have to distance myself from those individuals. It does suck but I just don’t have any place for that kind of negativity in my life anymore and It’s not even so much whether they accept me or not, it’s the lack of respect that I won’t tolerate any longer.
  16. I remember playing glory for these country guys I was hanging out with after the bar one night and one of the guys was OBSESSED. He was like “this is Britney?! This sounds like The Weeknd!”. The whole night he was just like “I can’t believe this is Britney!”. He was definitely a stan after that night
  17. I take a lot of these “conspiracies” with a grain of salt most of the time and rolled my eyes when I read the list, however, looking back now, it’s very odd that a lot of those celebs listed are now going off the grid, like it mentioned they would when it came out a while back. I don’t know if I’m completely sold on the whole “pizzagate” thing, but something odd is definitely going on in Hollywood right now.
  18. I need an interlude of Britney on a throne with his version of “personal Jesus” playing while she whips her hair
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