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  1. Darn...he’s not wearing grey shorts this time 😒 *sigh* But I feel he’s also saying, “Happy Pride!” 😅
  2. Are you just looking for attention? I see this is the second time you’ve voiced your opinion regarding your displeasure with the album cover, and now, the entire album shoot. I’m glad I don’t have your eyes because I feel the complete opposite. This was always my favorite because of its edginess and the color scheme was amazing. And I’m obviously just messing and mean no disrespect. But...I am curious as to why you don’t like this photo shoot at all? I have to know. Also...they ruined a perfectly amazing album cover by adding that hideous font to the shirt....
  3. I have the 2021 calendar and it’s quite disappointing to see pictures repeated from that in the 2022 one. But that picture of her in the one piece with a denim jacket has me saying, “take all my money!” Nothing will ever compare to Britney’s 2001 calendar 😍😍😍 that’s a masterpiece!
  4. So crazy...I legit just brought this song up in a conversation today. I was starting to think it wasn’t happening. When’s the release date though?!? Sad there isn’t an Apple Music pre-save option.
  5. I still have this game and a PS2...I think I will play today to celebrate its release date 19 years ago! Even though I played it probably 2 weeks ago 😂
  6. Yasss!!! Exactly where I went when I saw the journalist’s name was Alexis 😂😂😂 and that song is totally an homage to Work *****. Hilarious because I was just dancing to Work ***** last night and my straight brother says, “wait, I kind of feel like that ‘A Little Bit of Alexis’ song was trying to rip off Work *****” ...it was his first time hearing Work ***** since Schitt’s Creek...so I just had to remind him that’s the power of Britney...she inspires today’s pop culture all the time ❤️
  7. I don’t think it was meant as automatic booking in the sense of an automated system just scheduling court dates. More than likely, like others are saying, they are just looking that far ahead on the calendar because dates are already booking up. My hope is that it’s just a standard hearing part of the review or check-in of the conservatorship and only reserved on the calendar as a tentative date until we know what happens after June 23rd and beyond. It’s not the justice system, but I run my own nonprofit organization and we are always booking things on our calendar up to a year in advance but leave events as tentative, and dates end up changing all the time. Plus, for anyone to think this isn’t going to be a thing in a years time is a little worrisome. I know we want to see Britney out of this but this is going to take time and the first step is to take out the trash...Jamie that is. It probably won’t be for another couple of years before we see any real progress, sadly.
  8. I have never had respect for this woman and always viewed her as a loud-mouthed opinionated you know what. But daaaaamn!!! This was amazing! She put that journalist in her place while combating mental health stigma. Seriously awesome to see. Too bad it was an Alexis that wanted to be a Karen...la la la-la la la a little bit Alexis.
  9. Is it just me or does Britney seemed so uninterested or annoyed about something during her BOMT performance? Her live vocals slayed but I can’t help but notice the awkwardness and lack of interest in this performance. Like what goes on backstage...did someone piss her off? Did she think her hair and makeup looked bad? Was there a last minute change that threw her off? Or is it just me! 😂
  10. I can see where you’re coming from...it’s Britney effing Spears...the biggest pop star of all time. But, food, shelter, and love are only some of the human needs and just because it’s the biggest pop star of all time doesn’t mean she’s any less human. Where’s her autonomy? She has none. Without autonomy you will never reach self-actualization. What you’re referring to are the most basic needs of a human being. So you’re saying we should be happy because at least Britney’s most basic needs are being met?! Sorry, that’s just not good enough, whether it’s Britney Spears or any other human being. I would love to see how you’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot...tonight 😉 la la la.
  11. What a way for BH to return 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Living for these right now. I was always a huuuuge fan of Pull Out and totally loving the final version. Just wish they didn’t take out those “ohhh ohhh ohhh all I got” ...I at least think she says all I got. Thank you for this 🔥🔥🔥🔥 EDIT: oops listening to this again (because why not) and just heard the ohhh ohhh ohhh all I got...it’s just more in the background now. Really digging Rockstar though...those vocals and attitude on the track 😍
  12. I see this as a very good thing. It appears they did not provide sufficient documentation for them to approve the accounting records for the fiscal year they are reviewing. From experience running a nonprofit and dealing with accounting all the time, this means they haven’t closed the books for the fiscal year and more documentation is needed for them to say the books look good. To me, this is a red flag that the judge saw something she didn’t like or they couldn’t explain. I’ve considered this court proceeding to be like a financial audit and Jamie’s side hasn’t provided evidence to prove their books are good. As for making Jodi permanent conservator, this is just the first step in dissolving this conservatorship. This is preventing Jamie from ever reclaiming that role, which will distance family from the situation and essentially the conflict of interest that is clearly happening. There’s hope that there will be more support on Britney’s side in the future should she petition to terminate the conservatorship with Jodi as her conservator of the person. Jamie would never allow that. These are huge first steps in a long process. We live in a world of instant gratification, but unfortunately, this is something we can’t rush and should be happy with any little successes.
  13. It’s probably nothing at all....but I have been waiting for this to happen with everything she’s been doing during this pandemic. I can’t forget what Miley said in her Howard Stern interview regarding her method for choosing which promotions she does to avoid test hoarding and so forth. That really resonated with me because it’s true. Every single event (photo shoot, performance, award show, etc.) that she does won’t always have the same team working so she’s constantly utilizing Covid resources as it is, while participating in the potential spread of Covid. I love Dua and her music is seriously amazing but her behavior and lack of care for what’s happening in the world right now, all to make a buck (cue million versions of FN) just infuriates me and has made me lose so much respect for her. That’s just my personal opinion and understand people will feel differently, rightfully so.
  14. That was just low man. I made sure to subscribe then unsubscribe immediately for this atrocious sin. May Godney condemn you to hell for an eternity for pulling something like this. Honestly, sleazy just to get views and subscribers. Better ways to get a paycheck, honey, other than tormenting the Britney fan base after all the emotional crap we’ve been going though in the last week.
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