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  1. It dosnt matter if “he didn’t die” that’s still her fmaily ! For ONCE in her life she’s doig what SHE wants. She’s being there for her loved ones !
  2. Right ! Not even Britney related lol but I just went on this huge rant about killing of animals 2 days ago. If you cook it and eat fine whatever but killing for sport yuck ?????
  3. That’s what I been thinking ! I’m not gonna read 52 pages but the few i see ! My goodness it makes me mad. She’s been doing this since she was a teenager ! She’s taken breaks and stuff but over all she’s NEVER STOPPED! She’s finally doing WHAT SHE WANTS. Just wants down time wants to be with family wants to finally not have stress.
  4. Nope never ! I loved her since i was 9 and I’m 29 now and i never gave up on her. When she had her break down I knew she would come Out better in the end. She’s always been my #1. There have been times where i listened to her less but as soon as I hear her music I knew why I loved her. Maybe I get butt hurt a lot lol but so many comments on this site can be so hurtful when it comes to how some speak of Britney.
  5. I don’t think she would use her sick dad to cover that. Plus it’s Vegas people buy stuff last minute
  6. Súper sad as I had my trip all planned but it’s ok! Good for her better then her to play and have another break down.
  7. I didn’t see the movie lol but it’s not the actress fault she was casted ??
  8. 1 why the hell have i never seen that LOL and 2 the music industry is sooo shady who knows why she dosnt sing live. It’s something us fans will never truly know. In my opinion I bet she would sing with her real voice live , her true talent BUT possibly her contact says “voice change” they want her to sound more dance , more fun more what her auto tuned mix album sound like.
  9. Reading all the comments I think it seems fun ! I say got for it :D
  10. It looks comfortable well the men’s one does .. i hate cropped sweaters but I hate that it says ***** on it. I have a kid who I’m always with and i rather not walk around with the word ***** on me lol.
  11. Oh i seen her 10 times before lmao I gave up on photos ??
  12. I think everyone here convinced me I’ll get pit ! I’ll watch videos to see where I want to be and be 100 % sure.
  13. I think my husband is getting it for me after I couldn’t shut up about it for 2 days ??I’m not a pop collector but need this so bad
  14. That’s what I’m hoping for lol. Im deff going to wait for videos before I buy anything to be sure and i still have time so I’m not to worried my biggest worry is being pushed ? we planned on staying at MGM hotel so I’m not super worried about going early. I do hope to meet people . I hate having to go alone ? but I have a 2 year old so my husband has to stay with her plus the show Is WAYYY later then when my kid goes to bed lol .
  15. I’m trying to decide what to get for her show in May. I want to be as close as possible but seeing prices I guess I need to sell my left leg to sit as close as I want lol. I was thinking pit but what’s pit even like for her ? I only ever done pit for Taylor Swift and it was fine but they really limited who went in and I had enough room to move is it like this for Britney ? Can you see well ? Are people pushing ? I normally try to avoid GA shows because I panic in crowds. I’ll sadly be alone so it makes me even more nervous
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