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  1. He’s a dog that used both Britney and Janet and the black community to further his career!! Has always striked me as a d-bag! The way people and the media overrate him and his music still to this day confuses me! He’s a fake *** ***** that is all about himself! And his music is rubbish!
  2. In the zone walked so Blackout could run!! ITZ will always and forever be my fave Britney album.. Such a defining album when I was 13/14 .. Love it so much
  3. I’m shook seeing in chart in australia as well... TBF I have listened to it 1045 times already so I’m helping 😅
  4. Even in Australia BSB were much bigger than Nsync.. Nsync only had a few songs but I remember BSB being EVERYWHERE!! SMH Americans think that because someone was big in America then it translates to worldwide 😂
  5. I wonder if this will be out tonight in Australia!!! Ooooh excited much!!! Fingers crossed we get it tonight!!
  6. This is such a crock of ****!!! Backstreet Boys were and always will be better than nsync!! BSB have the hits to prove it... And they continuously sell out arena tours unlike nsync who literally only relied on two people, the other 3 were **** and flops and the lead singer is problematic!!! **** like this really ****s me, if anything, nsync are on 98degrees level!!! Nsync weren’t popular worldwide like bsb were, but keep reaching sis!
  7. 1. MJ 2. Madonna 3. Britney 4. Prince 5. Whitney 6. Janet 7. Mariah 8. Celine 9. Kylie Minogue (I’m Aussie) 10. Rihanna What’s very clear to me though is the top 3 should mostly consist of MJ, Madonna and Britney.. Those 3 have had the biggest influence in pop music regardless if you like them or not! I put my bias towards Britney aside (I was tempted to put her at number 2) but that being said she’s literally a pop music legend and that top 3 is pretty iconic!!
  8. FF is her 7th best album, out of 9!! I love the videos and the concept is amazing.. She has some real standout moments from HIAM, TTWE, Inside our, How I roll, TTYH and HATLM. But let’s be real, trouble for me, gasoline, DDB, seal it with a kiss and criminal are so generic!! If it wasn’t Britney I wouldn’t listen to them tbh! Too much filler. They sound dated AF and you can tell she didn’t really care!! To rate FF over ITZ, Blackout or Glory is a crime and you should have your stan card revoked!
  9. Lol, honestly Christina fans love to reach and grasp at straws.. I remember when BOMT came out, it felt as if the world had stopped! When genie came out it was meh.. I couldn’t even tell you the other two #1 songs from that album tbh! grammys have always looked down on Britney so I’m not taking their opinion on!! It’s very clear who had the cultural impact and who has opted to sell Oreos!
  10. - Femme Fatale is her second worst album, although apart from the first two singles How I Roll is the best song on the album - Love me down is the worst song on Glory - In the Zone is her best album - Toxic (although the straights love it) isn’t even in my top 20 all time fave Britney songs - Sometimes is in my top 5 all time fave Britney songs - Apart from the singles, these are the best non singles from the albums: 1. Thinking about you 2. One Kiss from you 3. That’s where you take me 4. Don’t hang up 5. Get Naked 6. Trouble (does it count?) otherwise Shattered Glay-a$ $ 7. How I roll 8. Passenger 9. Better
  11. See, I’m a ******* my mum must’ve dropped me on my head when i was a youngin 😂😂 Nah I seen your reply after I had responded so it’s all good, no hurt feelings here
  12. I had it it in my head that Lou was this bald white guy!! I seen someone of that description in her doco and I assumed it was Lou!!
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